20+ Best Cuisines In The World: Country, Ingredients, Preparation, Toast and More.

Best cuisines in the world
Global cuisines

As a globetrotter, what do you say on having some basic information and knowledge about the best cuisines in the world? Sounds great, isn’t? Yeah. As a curious eater, you will definitely find this article interesting along the line.

Ideally, some people travel around the world basically for adventure, and others travel to know more about different culture. People like us travel for food. Although it is not the main reason but yet, one of the most influential “WHY?” we choose which country to visit.

We don’t go places where there’s no amazing bites. You can call us foodie but needless to say, cruising a new city in style is always thrilling and fun-filled most especially when it offers and fulfill the promise of good food and delicacies.

Burger dish

Hence, we’ve realised through our exploration that popular dishes are heavily represented. For the curious eaters, we have not been to some countries so this list of the best cuisines in the world is subjected to changes over time.

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But nevertheless, if you’re in need of world cuisine guide, inspiration and overview for your forthcoming food adventure, then below are what we believe to be the best food in the world.

The Best Food in the World and Their Location

Take notice that this list of the top cuisines in the world is written without any regards to hierarchy, form, rank or position. It’s purely written with the intention to expose our dear visitors to the best countries for food and their different cuisines.

So, bon appetit…

1. Sushi | Japan

Sushi is one of the best Japanese dish that is well-known across the Asia continent. This popular dishes is a representative of the magnificent Japanese cuisine as well as the first food to come to mind when one think of taking Japanese food.

20+ Best Cuisines In The World: Country, Ingredients, Preparation, Toast and More. 1

Sushi is made of vinegared rice popularly served with any seafood (although raw fish is most preferred), and it can be prepared with some other ingredients like raw vegetables.

Often, Sushi is served with pickled ginger (gari), soy sauce, wasabi and more. The dish can also comes in other forms like temaki, nigiri, maki, nare and chirashi.

2. Samosa | India, Nigeria, UAE

Samosa is one of the best snack or appetizer that can be found and enjoy in the domestic cuisines of most Asian, African, and Mediterranean countries. However, the Indian and Nigeria versions are perhaps the best.

20+ Best Cuisines In The World: Country, Ingredients, Preparation, Toast and More. 2

Nigerian samosas are baked with mashed potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrot, fish, lentils, pepper, and meat. While Indian samosas are majorly filled with a mixture of green peas, mashed boiled potatoes, lentils, paneer (fresh cheese), onions and spices. After which it’ll be deep-fried with vegetable oil.

Above all, if you want to have the best moment with samosa dish, then you can enjoy it with a tamarind, commonly mint, chutney or coriander. A chilled juice to gulp it down wouldn’t be so bad either.

3. Testi Kebap | Turkey

Testi kebap (or Pottery Kebap) is an Anatolian casserole-type of dish that is best prepared in a jug or clay pot. And that’s why it’s given such a name.

Turkish cuisine testi Kebap

Testi kebap as an amazing cuisine you need to taste is typically made with the mixture of lamb, tomato, onion, pepper, butter and garlic.

To prepare this, the ingredients will be placed inside a clay pot after which it’ll be sealed with dough prior to being cooked in a charcoal smoker or tandoor oven.

4. Philly Cheesesteak | USA

If you’ve ever been to America, then you’ll agree with me that philly cheesesteak is without doubt one of the most comfortable foods to eat with absolute pleasure.

While this sandwich can be best made in Philadelphia, you’ll need a thinly sliced beef as well as melted cheese to make this cuisine in a bit long hoagie roll. Philadelphia water is just too perfect for this bread-like sandwich.

5. Texas Barbecue | USA

Although barbecue is one of the most popular dishes in the world and you must have eaten the dishes on several occasions in your state but the Texas-style barbecue is no-brainer.

By Texas-style barbecue, we mean a method of preparing the magnificent barbecue that are common, known and unique to only Texas regional cuisine. In fact, one of the best cuisines in the world right now.

6. Paella Negra | Spain

One of the best and most celebrated dishes in the Spanish cuisine is Paella Negra. It’s originated from Valencia. This dish can be made using a round grain rice, olive oil, saffron and meat or seafood.

The Paella cuisine derives its name from the dish pan (a wide shallow pan). The Paella Valenciana as well as the paella de-marisco are both the most traditional kinds of this dish but my favorite is the super paella negra.

While this Spanish cuisine is made with rice and squid ink which turns both the rice and your teeth to black. So as much as you enjoy this dish, never forget to rinse your teeth with water before you smile.

7. Ramen | Japan

Like the sushi dish we mentioned earlier, ramen is another popular Japanese dishes I dare you to take if you ever visit Japan. It is a noodle soup cuisine that is made with four different elements such as noodles, broth, tare (seasoning) and toppings.

The tare is what is called seasoning in most English speaking countries. It’s a salty concentrated and often placed at every ramen bowl bottom. This, in conjunction with broth, are what use to determine the ramen style.

8. Pizza Napoletana | Italy

Pizza is said to be one of the best fast foods ever invented. This dish was originated from Naples in Italy before it evolved into several forms. Pizza has therefore grown to become one of the most recognized and celebrated foods in the world.

Other than the fact that the birthplace of pizza is Naples, it still remain the best place in the world that produces the perfect version of this cuisine.

9. Baguette | France

A baguette is a French bread that is made from an ordinary lean dough. To many explorers, Baguette is often said to be the best breads in the world. Usually, it’s renowned for its ringlets crust as well as a soft airy center.

If you’ve ever eaten “Banh mi” dish in Vietnam, then you’ll get to know how delicious the bread is. This is so because the dish was introduced to Vietnam by the French and it is what the French called Baguette in their own language.

10. Jollof Rice | Nigeria

There was a time that Chelsea FC youngster, Fikayo Tomori made a bold claim that one thing he still misses about Nigeria is Jollof Rice. Same was how Cardi B was longing for it when he visited Nigeria.

Jollof Rice is a common food in West Africa but the Nigerian Jollof is very unique, spicy and full of sauce. It is made with rice, tomato, oil, onions, goat meat, fish and chicken in a very different style and manner.

Nigerian Jollof Rice

While Nigeria is one of the best countries for food in Africa, their dishes is also enjoy throughout America, Asia, Europe and France.

11. Peking Duck | China

Peking duck is a popular dish in Beijing, China. This cuisine is characterized by its delicately thin and crisp skin. For show, the global dish is carved tableside, served in a wrapped small pancakes couple with cucumber, spring onion, and sweet bean sauce.

To be candid, the Chinese cuisine has numerous delicious dishes but Peking duck has been tipped to be the best of them all. In fact, this dish is one of the reasons why I’ll have to visit China someday.

12. Tacos al Pastor | Mexico

Although I haven’t taset tacos al pastor before but I’ve many good things about the Mexican dish and truth be told, I’m really obsessed with the dish after watching a Mexican restaurant preparing on YouTube.

Tacos al pastor is a taco dish prepared with pork grilled. Marinated pork is softly grilled on a rotisserie vertically and it’s called trompo in the native language.

In the course of cooking, the meat will be sliced off in pieces and then served on a corn tortilla with cilantro, onion, pineapple, and several other ingredients.

13. Fried Rice | China

Fried rice is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. It has a broad meaning that refers to a vast variety of dishes that are made with cooked rice.

History has it that Fried rice became a household food in China right from the Sui Dynasty. The dish had extended it wing to now become a part of numerous dishes and one of the best cuisines across the globe.

To prepare fried rice, you’ll need rice with other ingredients like green beans, meat, egg, seafood, and vegetables. Other variety of fried rice dishes are chachan (Japan), yang chow fried rice, sinangag (Philippines) salted fish fried rice, nasi goreng (Indonesia), green fried rice (Nigeria) etc.

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14. Tom Yum | Thailand

Tom yum is another popular dishe in the great Thai cuisine. Tom Yam refers to a class of soups that are made with galangal, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, fresh Thai chilis and fresh like juice.

Thai cuisine

This cuisine is very popular in most Thai restaurant and it can be made using different proteins such as chicken, fish or seafood, but the highly celebrated one is made using prawn (tom yum goong).

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15. Laksa | Singapore

Laksa is a popular dish in Singapore. It’s more like a Peranakan dish that can be made with rice vermicelli or wheat noodles in a rich savory coconut milk bouillon. Usually, it’s made with meat, chicken, prawn, fish and other kind of seafood.

Laksa is a known Malaysia cuisine too and it is considered as a national dish there. There is tart versions, too, that is made with sour asam (kokum, tamarind or gelugur) are available.

In Singapore, the highly consumed version is the one made with coconut-based curry. Such is the version that I prefer personally.

16. Biryani | India

Biryani is one of the favorite Indian dish and almost every restaurant, cafeteria and hotels in India sell this Indian cuisine. The dish can be made with long-grain rice ( basmati) and meat flavored with several spices like nutmeg, saffron, cloves, cardamom, garlic, and ghee.

To prepare this dish, you’ll have to prepare the rice and the meat separately after which they’ll be layered and recook together in the same pot.

17. Lahmacun | Turkey

This Turkish cuisine looks exactly like Turkish pizza. Lahmacun is a thin, round piece of dough that is topped with herbs, minced lamb and vegetables.

Lahmacun diah is baked just like pizza but more thinner and it doesn’t have any cheese or sauce in it. To eat Lahmacun, you will roll it up, wrap it around the pickles and fresh veggies like onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and parsley. This dish is as delicious as pizza.

18. Amala | Nigeria

While there are three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Amala is a popular Nigeria cuisine that belong to the Yoruba tribe. It is made with yam flour and it’s best enjoy when it is served hot.

Nigerian cuisine

To prepare Amala, you will put water of your desired quantity on fire and pour the yam flour in it immediately the water is boiled. Then, you have to keep stirring till it becomes solid.

To enjoy the meal, you will have to use “ewedu” and “gbegiri” soap served with assorted meat or any seafood.

19. Burger | U.S.A

Hamburger is without doubt one of the most consumed dish in the world, just like pizza. From langos burger in the beautiful city of Budapest to rice burgers in Japan, burger can virtually be found in many form in almost every major city in the world. There has been so much argument from food lovers as to whether hamburger was originated in America or in Hamburg, Germany.

But wherever its real origin lies, this particular comforting global dish is made in US because it’s associated with a patty of beef (grounded one) sandwiched in-between two buns. In reality, burger is the major dish that actually represents the great American cuisine.

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20. Pasta | Italy

Pasta is a broad term that can be used to describe endless number of dishes. Pasta is starchy in nature. It’s a noodle dish that is made from maize or wheat flour, dough, flattened and then cut into any desire shapes.

Like pizza dish, it’s an exceedingly famous dish that found its way into to several parts of the world. In Nigeria and most African countries, it’s often called spaghetti.

21. Tortilla de Patata | Spain

Any foodie in Spain will agree with us that tortilla de patata is one of the classic foods in Spanish cuisine. Very popular and highly patronised.
Tortilla patata is comforting to eat. It is more like omelette dish that is made with eggs, onions and potatoes.

20+ Best Cuisines In The World: Country, Ingredients, Preparation, Toast and More. 3

This Spanish dish is a proof that the best dishes are often simple to make. If you want to enjoy this delicious dish, just visit any restaurant at a mercado, Madrid.

22. Butter Chicken | India

The butter chicken dish and chicken tikka masala are what actually made me to fall in love with the Indian cuisine. They are the reason why I’ve been longing to visit India.

Butter chicken can be best describe as a curry dish that is made with a roasted chicken. This India cuisine is served together with a mildly-spiced tomato sauce plus butter.

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We are not unmindful that taste is quite subjective but the above listed is our own list of the amazing cuisines and best countries for food in the world.

While it’s glaring that not everyone that sees this list will agree with us on it, if you feel or think that this list of best cuisines in the world is missing a particular dish and you’ll like it to be included, endeavor to let us know via the comments box below.

Like you and other food lovers, we are always ready for the next food trip!

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