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Today. in our review category, we will be looking into the best Pokemon Toys review; their pros and cons, the Pokemon plush toys features, Pokemon Amazon, Pokemon Action Figures, and lots more. Hence, take your time to read to the end.

Without any doubt, one of the most popular and highly celebrated anime TV shows that has gained children’s attention with its enjoyable elements and as well swept teenagers off the floor amusingly is Pokèmon.

In fact, the franchise went as far as launching the Pokémon Go video games all in an attempt to bring Pokemon fanatics from across the globe, even, closer to each other.

Kids, children, and teenagers love the TV show so much that they can’t help but collect and play with folds of Pokémon toys and games as possible.

Historically, these Pokémon tiny pocket monsters were brought to the world for more than a decade now, showing off tons of adorable little toys that kids and the young alike have grown in love with.

While these Pokémon may have been introduced as a game, there are, however, a wide variety of them now built as toys in different shapes, designs, and functionality.

What are Pokemon Toys?

Pokemon Toys are a kind of children toys originated from the fictional animated series of phenomena Pokemon Go that features a posse of amazing, and powerful creatures in different types and versions such as fire, water, rock, etc. and evolutions such as the likes of My Partner Pikachu, Squirtle, as well as the Bulbasaur.

Luckily, there are folds of these fun toys available for you to choose from, and we have equally selected the best of them all for you together with their prospective, counter, features, and more.

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List of The Best Pokemon Toys and Games

Pokemon Go has taken over the nation, and soon enough, maybe the entire universe. The game and the toys are taking over the social feeds with memes, pictures, and their fanatics talking about their new catches.

So if you have not noticed the Pokemon games and toys till now, you are probably living under a rock, in the water, or above the airspace. Without dilly-dallying, below are the list of the best Pokemon Toys that have swept over the country:

  • My Friend Pikachu
  • Charmander Pokemon
  • Funko Bulbasaur Pokemon
  • Pokemon Nanoblocks
  • Eevee plush
  • Litten
  • Shine Itazura Electronic Piggyback
  • Rowlett
  • Wobbuffet
  • Pokemon Action Figure Mega
  • Throw ‘N Pop Pikachu Pokeball,
  • Squirtle
  • Trainers Guess
  • Pokemon bottle figure dragonist
  • Popplio
  • Cosmog
  •  Metang, etc.

What Is The Best Overall Pokemon Toys?

Choosing from every single toy available on the different online marketplaces and the ones available on the brick-and-mortar stores, My Friend Pikachu is, without doubt, the best Pokemon toy out there.

Pokemon Pikachu has a cuddly plush body with light-up cheeks that come with folds of different spoken words and phrases.

Where to get Pokemon Plush Toys

If you are a lover of the amazing Pokemon Go animated series and will like to get yourself or your kids some Pokemon Toys, below are the list of online marketplaces that you can visit to order for your ideal Pokémon. and more.

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Whether you are a newcomer or a die-hard Pokemon fan eager to learn more about the toys, there is a pool of cool Pokemon utilities available to choose from.

Hence, the below subheadings are the top 10 best Pokemon toys that have amusingly swept kids and teenagers off the floor.

The Overall Best Pokemon Toys For Kids

Best Pokemon Toy: My Friend Pikachu

Amount: $30 from Amazon

Out of the dozens of different Pokémon that were designed and released over the last two decades, the most popular of them all is the Pikachu.

It is a little electric mouse with a 10-inch plush that speaks phrases and move elegantly in such a way that it delights children.

Pikachu Pokemon toy

This cuddly and soft Pikachu Pokemon is not machine washable because of the mechanical bits inside it. But nonetheless, the plush yellow fabric wrapped around it could be easily spot cleaned.

This best Pokemon toy for kids has ten different word phrases and moving gestures that come alive whenever it speaks. Its ears move and the little red cheeks light up as well.

You can comfortably squeeze Pikachu Pokemon belly to see him elegantly come to life. Most importantly, it doesn’t take much, which makes it even easier for kids to trigged his word phrases, beautiful lights, and movement.


It has a soft body that can be cuddled;

It has light-up cheeks, and its ears move;

It speaks ten different word phrases


Pikachu is not a machine washable toy;

It requires batteries to function well;

What is the Best Value Pokemon Toys Amazon

Best Value Pokemon Toys: Pokemon Nanoblocks

Amount: $11 from Amazon

Discovering toys that are very affordable and allow children to use every bit of their creativity is not always easy. If your kid is silently obsessed with Pokemon and legos, then Pokémon Nanoblocks may be your best buy for him or her.

Pokémon Nanoblocks

These little building sets will enhance him to create 20 different Pokémon one after the other using small blocks. Each of these blocks looks like a pocket monster you are looking for, and it even fits right into the palm.


There 20 different Pokémon blocks to choose from;

A fun way to arrange Pokémon;

It boosts creativity.


It is tiny and can easily get lost piece by piece;

It can lead to choking hazards for young kids.

The Best Collectible Pokemon Toys Review

Best Collectible Pokemon: Funko Pops

Amount: $10 from Amazon

Funko Pops are, without doubt, one of the most famous collectible items that every household must get. From movies, TV shows down to video games, there are thousands of various vinyl figures that are all organized by different fandoms.

pokemon funko pops toys

As such, Pokémon is no different too, and you can now start to collect and gather your favorite pocket monsters as collectibles and display them on beautiful shelves in your home.


It is available in different pokemon designs;

You can get them in piecemeal;

Small and adorable.


Very tempting and insatiable.

The Best Pokemon Action Figures Review

Best Action Figure: Mega Pack

Amount: $30 from Amazon

The battling Pokémon is not a plaything in the real world because, with the Pokémon Action Figure like Mega Pack, you can imagine all the actions happening before you in the living room.

Pokemon Pack Mega Figure | Pokemon Charizard, Pokemon toy
Pokemon 1-Pack Mega Figure - Charizard X | Pokemon, Charizard, Pokemon toyPokemon 1-Pack Mega Figure - Charizard X | Pokemon, Charizard, Pokemon toyPokemon 1-Pack Mega Figure - Charizard X | Pokemon, Charizard, Pokemon toy

These 2 and 3-inch action figures are well and highly detailed and they are equally ready for anything your kid’s imagination can ever throw at them.

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It has 8 different Pokémon in a single pack;

There are 3 Pokémons with articulated limbs;

A well-detailed action figure.


These figures are choking hazard for the kids;

Very small and easy to lose.

The Best Pokemon Plush Toys On Amazon Review

Best Pokemon plush Toys: Eevee Plush

Amount: $18 from Amazon

There are folds of the Pokémon plush Toys out there but the most popular of them all is the Eevee plush, which is famously known for its various evolutions.

You wanna cuddle up with Eevee? No problem, this adorable eight-inch plush gets you covered.

giant pokemon Eevee plush on amazon

Eevee is made of huggable rather than stuff soft materials and this plushie is made purposely for it to be loved.


It is a cuddly plush poke,

Very easy to keep clean and maintain;

Made of soft fabric.


Fairly small; and

Not machine washable.

Best Building Kit Pokemon Games Review

Building Kit Pokemon: Nanoblock Pokémon Venusaur Building Kit

Amount: $12 from Amazon

This kit contains several building bricks that are capable of building the Pokémon game named Venusaur. Building this children’s favorite Pokémon is not only fun-filled but it will at the same time improves the kid’s cognitive skills.

Pokemon building kit

The bricks are perfect and easy to use for building an ideal three-dimensional toy. Cool, isn’t it?


It has bright and colorful bricks;

Original and perfect micro-sized blocks;

Each of the bricks is measure 4x5mm;

Can make palm-sized art;

Ideal for children aged 8 and above;

Comes with instructions.


Not ideal for the younger children.

The Best Basic Fun Pokémon Go Toys Review

Best Fun Pokémon Toy: Trainer Guess

Amount: $15

This best fun Pokémon Go toy set has a Pokémon ball couple with a field guide. It has an electronic ball that requires three AAA batteries for it to function.

It also has a voice recognition feature which makes it appropriate for kids and younger children who know and understand a lot about the Pokémon game.


Fun and interactive;

It enhances critical thinking skills;

Ideal for kids aged six and above;

It measures 4x4x5inch in size;

It improves Pokémon knowledge.


Not all voices are recognized;

It is not consistent.

It may not last long.

Best Legendary Pokémon Toy Review

Best Legendary Pokémon: Battle Figure Dragonite

Amount: $30 from Amazon

What is stopping you from gifting your little kid this cute Dragonite Pokémon action figure from the legendary Pokémon TV show?

The Battle Figure Dragonite is neatly designed with a proper finish, making it a perfect toy for children that fall between the ages of four and above.


It measured 12in;

Has a well-detailed feature;

Palm-sized with charming design;

Comes with articulation;

It is smooth and painted.


It may not be durable.

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Bottom line

The goal of the Pokemon series is simple, just try to collect as many of the Poke creatures as you can using the Poke ball. It’s either you play and enjoy the addictive Pokemon Go game or you collect the cards and action figures.

Kids love Pokemon Toys. And Pokemon mania easily spreads from one kid to another, like lice, in the form of Pokemon plush toys, Pokémon building sets, Pokémon action figures, and the likes, which are really worth buying.

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