27 lucrative home baking business ideas and opportunities for 2021

Home baking business ideas

Baking has been one of the lucrative business ideas out there that is fetching countless numbers of people some dollars. But other than mixing flour, there are other numerous baking business ideas that are profitable too.

The world is embracing entrepreneurship every now and then, so if you’ll like to join the moving train by working in the baking industry, this article might be of help to you.

Essentially, other than baking cake, bread and some other pastries, there are other home baking business ideas and opportunities that can work just fine for you.

If it pleases you, you can choose to be a cake decorator, open a cookie shop or start a mini bakery where you will be baking bread, doughnuts and some other related items. What matters is startup capital and you will be good to go.

Baking business ideas and opportunities

So we’ll be discussing these business opportunities in a jiffy now, but before then, it’s very important we consider baking business plan.

Baking Business Plan.

The importance of a business plan to any business venture cannot be overemphasized. Baking business plan is the propelling force that’ll keep the business going.

Hence, it’s ideal we itemize some important things that needs to be mapped out in an ideal baking business plan. Some of these things are:

  • Definite Niche

You need to define the niche you’ll be capitalizing on in the business plan. Doing that we’ll let you know what exactly you are planning for.

  • Target audience

In your baking business plan, you have to include who your target audience are, where they are and how you can find them.

  • Financial projection

There are no single baking business ideas that doesn’t require investment capital and as such, you need to discuss your means of getting business fund.

  • Set goals.

For your business to prosper and your dreams to come through, you need to set some specific goals that your baking business must reach within certain period of time.

  • Marketing strategies

Your baking business plan needs to contain all the tactics you’ll adopt to get your products sold in the competitive market. Etc.

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Home Baking Business Ideas

Be that as it may, working in the baking industry requires more than having passion for the business. It needs skill and dedication to the job well.

Therefore, the following are lucrative baking business ideas and opportunities you can start with little investment capital today.

1. Bakery

If you have passion for flour and need profitable baking business idea, starting your own bakery business might just work perfectly for you.

Bakery business

Having a bakery of your own will gives you many opportunities. You could be baking cake, making bread, making spring rolls, Samosas and others.

2. Cake baking

You can also start a cake business in the baking industry if you have all the technical know-how and basic baking skills.

Baking cake is more than mixing flour and adding some recipes, there are some other things to it which you can only know when you go for the training.

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3. Bread Making

Another popular baking business idea is the bread making. If you have enough capital to buy all the needed equipment, such is an opportunity for you to make thousands every month.

However, starting a bread bakery involves not too intensive capital investment; hence, if you are financially buoyant, you can start this business.

4. Cupcake Shop

Are you working somewhere already but needs part-time baking business ideas that can fetch you an extra proceeds? If yes, cupcake is one of the baking business ideas you might like.

Cupcake shop

5. Baking Supplies Store

If you have passion for a retail business, then you could start a baking supply store where you’ll be selling baking needs, recipes and tools like flour, icing sugar, baking pan and some other basic baking needs.

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6. Specialty Ingredients Sales

Just like the baking supply store, you can also capitalize on baking ingredients specialty by opening a small retail store where you’ll be selling difficult-to-get baking needs.

7. Baking Teacher

Also, if you have a very strong artistic skill in baking, you can start a baking class where you teach people all the basic procedure in baking. Trust me, people will pay you a good amount just to enroll.

8. Baking Product Reviews

Baking products review is one of the few baking business ideas that requires to be done by an expert and highly experience baker. Other than that, people may not find you authoritative to review.

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9. Printables Sales

This business opportunity in the baking industry requires you to be selling printables recipes guides. There is a lot of money in this business idea too if you know how to do it well.

10. Blogging

People surf the internet every second to get one or two informations about baking. So if you are a good writer and at the same time a skilled baker, this is an opportunity for you to establish a financial freedom.

So explore this baking business opportunity by blogging about the baking industry. This blogging niche is not that saturated and there are lots of opportunities there.

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11. Wedding Cake Creation

People engage and get married almost every day and as such, the demand for wedding cake is way too high these days.

So if you are very skilled in baking and designing wedding cake, then such is a business opportunity waiting for you in the baking industry.

Wedding cake decoration business

12. Baking App

Although technological based baking business ideas are not that common but that doesn’t mean you can not make enough money in the little that are available.

So if you are a tech-savvy and loves the baking industry, why not design a baking app full of baking guides, instructions, samples and tutorials?

13. Cake Decoration

There is more to cake baking. To earn more money in the cake baking niche, you need to learn how to make different designs and decorations on cake.

If you are an expert in cake design and decorations, people will patronise you for weddings, birthday, reunion, pick-nick cake decorations, etc.

14. Cake Sales

Other than waiting for people to place an order before you bake cake, you can open a small retail store where you’ll be selling already baked cake for people that needs it urgently.

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15. Online Treat Sales

This baking business idea is similar to cake sales business. But here, instead of opening a brick and mortar store, you sell your cookies and all other baked items online.

16. Artisan Doughnut Shop

One of the fast growing trends in the baking industry right now is the Artisan donut shop. You can as well open your own doughnut shop and start serving your audience unique flavors.

17. Pie Making

If you are eager to become your own boss, you can start making pies to earn a living. If you don’t know how it’s been done, you can learn it online by watching YouTube videos.

18. Breakfast Shop

You could equally venture into a breakfast restaurant where you sell pastries and some other baked goods and items to your customers as early as 6 0’clock in the morning.

19. Event Catering

As a skilled chef and baker, you can also start a catering business in the baking industry where you’ll be serving dessert plus other main items to your seasonal and potential customers.

20. Dessert Cart

Making and selling dessert is one of the common and highly saturated baking business ideas but taking yours on a cart wheeling it around your customer’s places is the real deal here.

21. Freelance Cafe Baking

In case you’re working somewhere already but need a small side job to compliment the hustle, freelance cafe baking could be a good fit for the purpose.

22. Online Course Creation

As a writer and baker, you could massively earn with that your double talents. So create good courses on baking, share your experience and expertise and then sell them online to wannabe bakers.

23. YouTube tutorials

We are in that era now where people rely heavily on YouTube videos to learn and understand concepts. Hence, as a skilled baker, you can create a video tutorial and put it up on your YouTube channel for monetization.

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24. Baking Competition Organizing

If you have some intensive cash on you, you can organize a baking competition where people will have to buy form before they can participate. Plus, you’ll also get money doing this via sponsorship and some other means.

25. Start a pastry chef service business

You can become a pastry chef and offer your service to the interested clients for reasonable amount of money. With this baking business opportunity, you can establish a steady financial income through it if done the right way.

26. Cake pops sales business

Cake pops sales is another fantastic baking business that you can start from your home and make money through it. If you have all the necessary skills and knowledge to start this business, please start now.

27 lucrative home baking business ideas and opportunities for 2021 1

27. Gourmet bakery business

Starting a gourmet bakery business comes with lots stress but it’ll worth it in h long run. If you have all the basic set skills to do this business, then the best time to start is now.

Baking tools and equipment

The following are however some simple baking tools and equipment that you may need to have before starting a baking business.

Baking tools and equipment
  1. Mixers

This is necessary for mixing flours and some other recipes together in the course of baking.

  1. Oven

It’s practically impossible to bake without an oven. It’s by far the most important equipment in the baking industry.

3. Dough proofer

Use for optimizing heat and humidity when baking.

  1. Bakeware

Also needed for healthy and productive bake.

  1. Dough sheeter

Another baking business tool and equipment you need to have in your possession is the dough sheeter. It’s needed for rolling out dough.

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  1. Sheet pan racks

This is where you’ll keep all the baked cake, dough nuts, pastries and others to cool down immediately they’re out of the oven.

  1. Doughnut cake fryer

The doughnut cake fryers are also important to make tasty treats for your customers.

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There are numerous baking business ideas out there, but the above mentioned are sufficient for you to make an end meet.

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