How to start a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria 2022

How to start a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria
Barbing saloon business

As usual, this article will vividly explain the procedure involved in starting a profitable barbing salon business in Nigeria with little or no stress at all.

As an individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, capitalizing or building a barbershop is definitely a lucrative business idea that really worth it.

Equally, the hair salon business is not only lucrative but also comes with lots of fun. So far you have had all the necessary and required expertise.

Essence, it’s without doubt that there are numerous profitable business ideas and opportunity in Nigeria.
But it’s only a barber that can tell what makes the barbing salon business distinct.

Interestingly, what makes a barbing salon business to stand out amidst other business is that, irrespective of the economy situation, an ideal barber shop will receive a potential customer.

Recession wouldn’t stop the human hair from growing, and it can’t prevent barbers from making money from their business too.

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How much does the Nigerian barber charge per head?

Many people believe that the service fee Nigerian barbers charge per person is too low to feed them and their family.

But little do they know that slow but steady the snail reaches it arch. There are some barber shop in Lagos that charge #5,000 per head.

Accordingly, an average Nigerian men value their look and take care of their hair, hence, visiting the barbershop weekly with N200 – N5000 as the service cost.

Depending on how standard the barbershop is.

Therefore, it is safer to assume that an ideal barbershop with at least 100 customers per month could earn N80,000 – N500,000 in a month. Click here for the available barber’s jobs.

Barbing salon business plan

There’s no business establishment that doesn’t require a business plan. So is the barbing salon business.

Your ability to draft an efficient hair salon business plan will definitely take your new venture into the next level.

Hence, you need to plan your barbershop ahead before you start to put anything into other.

Let your source of funds be defined, who are your target customers and where can you find them?

What marketing strategies will you use to get your customers informed of your barbershop existence?

Should any challenges ply your way how will you resolve it? All these questions needs answers in your barbing salon business plan.

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Accordingly, while barbing salon business is mostly meant for men, there are some ladies that are doing well in the business too.

However, if you will love to start your own unique hair salon business, endeavor to read and digest the below guidelines.

Things to do before starting a barber shop salon in Nigeria.

1. Acquire skills and training.

The first thing that come to mind when starting a barbing salon business is the aquisition of the necessary skills.

What makes people to patronise and pay expensive service charges in a barber’s shop is the barber experience and level of expertise.

To offer such an amazing service, you’ll need to get the necessary training in barbing business.

To do this, you can take five months training in hair cutting, hair styling and hair treatment.

Plus, as a barber, you have to be active in the world of entertainment to know the latest styles celebrities are rocking.

However, if you don’t have time in doing all this, so far you have the capital investment on ground, you can hire an expert to manage the business for you.

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2. Location.

So far you’ll not be running house to house barbing business, it very important you get a location for your salon business.

Thus, you have to be mindful of where you’ll set up your barbing salon business.

The location will speak for your business, and as such, look for a place that’ll attract your ideal customers.

Equally, let your barbing salon shop be situated in a clean and accessible environment.

Similarly, getting a space for your salon business in or around a shopping mall will be a perfect location for the barbershop.

However, any commercialized and serene environment will do, too.

3. Furnish your barber shop.

After you must have gotten a perfect location for your barbing salon business, the next thing is to furnish the shop.

You’ll need to fix some mirrors, table, barbing chairs, cabinet and put on some other important interior designs.

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After all has been set, you can proceed to set up your shop with the basic and necessary barbing tools.

4. Set up your barbershop

Without any delay, now is the right time for you to get all the needed equipment and tools to get the barber shop up and running.

Since you’ll be starting the business from the scratch, you will need to get the following tools ready.

Hair salon business equipments

Barbing salon equipment

Be informed that the barbing salon equipments are not too expensive to buy. With an estimated budget of #50,000 you are good to go.

  • Clippers;
  • Sterilizers;
  • After shelve;
  • Comb and brush;
  • Towels;
  • Electronic Sterilizers/ sterilizer kits;
  • Standing fans/ Air Conditioners;
  • Cover Clothes;
  • Hair creams;
  • Sprays;
  • dyes Relaxers;
  • conditioners;
  • Head washing basin;
  • Waiting chairs;
  • Generator etc.

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5. Get A License.

It is very important to do all the necessary legal basics that will recognize your barbing salon business as a legitimate venture.

Apply for the necessary license and certificate where applicable to avoid any kind of mess and embarrassment from the trade union and government agencies.

6. Grand opening

Now that you have all the requirements to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria, up next is to open your shop for service.

Premise on the above, it is customary in Nigeria that the first week of service in any new establishment is usually offer for free or cheap price.

Barbing salon business

Hence, to attract customers, you can relatively cut down your price and offer free services to your visitors.

Print out fliers and give all your new customers telling them about the kind of service you offer.

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Promise them discounts or commission on any referral they bring to you.

Doing all these will grow your new barbing salon business exponentially within a very short period of time.


Be informed that you’ll need to draft an ideal barbing salon business plan before you start anything if you want the business to see the light of the day.

Your ability to identify where and how to meet your target audience needs will signal the height at which the business could go.

Also, endeavor to put in all the necessary marketing strategies in place while writing your barbing salon business plan.

All in all, barbing salon business is quite lucrative, profitable and full of fun.

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