15 Best Restaurants In Lake Arrowhead, California

Best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead

Do you need the comprehensive list of the top best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead that serve delicious delicacies? If yes, continue reading.

Without doubt, Lake Arrowhead is a beautiful town with fine dining, amazing snack, with tons of leisurely picnics by the lake.

So if you will be visiting Lake Arrowhead soon, it’s ideal you know the best restaurants to go to for your favorite dishes before hand.

As such, below are some delicious restaurants in Lake Arrowhead that will satisfy your taste with their unique flare.

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Best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead

Best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead

1. BIN 189

BIN 189 is an amazing fine dining lake arrowhead restaurant and it’s located in the Lake Arrowhead Resort.

Its mountain and classy decor couple with the breathtaking views of the lake gives an executive dining experience.

More so, the lounge there is a perfect place to enjoy your favorite drink and an appetizer. You can miss home with such a great experience.

What’s more, the Magnum private dining room is a fantastic dining experience for parties up to 20, surrounded by tons of the world’s best wines.

Lastly, BIN 189 in Lake Arrowhead is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, on everyday of the week.

2. Puglia Italian Restaurant

The Puglia Italian Restaurant is arguably one of the most hospitable restaurants in Lake Arrowhead.

The dinning welcome its visitors like family and the service there is more than what I called top notch!

As the name implies, they have traditional Southern Italian food from the Puglia region.

From handcrafted pasta in a velvety bolognese sauce to mouthwatering pizza and flavorful entrees, the food tastes like authentic Italian.

Sit outside to enjoy your meal al fresco or inside the quaint dining room. Either way, you’ll have a fabulous dinner to remember.

Any Italian restaurant lake Arrowhead other than Puglia Italian is a second fiddle.

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3. LouEddie’s Pizza

Also, LouEddie’s Pizza is one of the best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead that you can’t afford to miss when you go there.

LouEddie’s takes their pizza making seriously, with options such as the Tuscan Chicken Pizza which is topped with a honey mustard sauce.

Better still, they can also serve it with Baja Fiesta Pizza which cover the pizza with a spicy chicken chipotle sauce.

They serve classic pizzas also, but it’s difficult to resist their delicious creations. LouEddie’s fire-roasted artisan pizzas live up to the claim that they are the best on the mountain.

4. Spade & Spatula

Spade & Spatula Gastropub is one of the newer Blue Jay restaurants and a welcome addition in Lake Arrowhead.

The owner and chef creates inspired dishes that are absolutely delicious. The gastropub fare includes delectable burgers with fries, salads, excellent vegan dishes, and delicious brunch all day on Sundays.

The service can be slow, so get there on the early end of meal time or you may wait awhile for your food. They will kindly warn you when they are busy and have a long wait.

5. Hortensia’s

Hortensia’s Mexican Grill accompany great service with traditional Mexican food in a beautiful setting right on the rim of the world.

Their outdoor patio is a relaxing place to enjoy a meal and a margarita during the summertime.

The shrimp cocktail is a meal all its own, and the fajitas are worth the drive to the mountains. No wonder that its made the list of the top restaurants in Lake Arrowhead.

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6. Sport Grill

Equally, the Lake Arrowhead Sports Grill is the perfect place to grab a drink, watch your favorite sport and eat a great meal.

With both traditional sports bar fare such as burgers, fries and onion rings to salads and gourmet pizza, Lake Arrowhead Sports Grill is much more than a typical sports bar.

It is a terrific place to enjoy a meal whether or not your favorite team is playing. Go there now and thank me later.

7. Stone Creek Bistro

The list of the best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead will not be completed without mentioning Stone Creek Bistro.

Stone Creek Bistro is an unexpected treat for an upscale meal. You can hardly differentiate between home made meals and take home.

The feel of the restaurant seems more casual at first seating, but the mixture of American and French cuisine will satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Their French tomato soup, topped with a grilled cheese sandwich crouton, is an incredible starter to every meal and their creative desserts make for a satisfying finish.

Going to Lake Arrowhead without visiting this restaurant means your journey to the Lake isn’t complete. You need to go back and feel it.

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8. Rocky’s Roadhouse

Rocky’s Roadhouse is worth the extra drive to Running Springs if you’re in the Lake Arrowhead area.

Their sandwiches are generously portioned with the freshest bread and ingredients.

It seems impossible to finish an entire sandwich, but they are so incredible that it’s actually impossible to stop eating.

There is relaxing outdoor seating to enjoy the mountains and the oversized meal.

9. The Grill at Antler’s Inn

Open for dinners and Sunday brunch, The Grill at Antler’s Inn serves a wide variety of entrees from tempura avocados to chicken penne gorgonzola.

Wednesday through Saturday, the upper level of the restaurant is open as a sushi bar.

Though the location may seem unconventional for a sushi bar, the quality and taste of the sushi rival any upscale sushi restaurant.

The Grill is the perfect date night with their delicious menu and romantic mountain ambiance.

10. Belgian Waffle Works

In the same vein, Belgian Waffle Works is located in the Lake Arrowhead Village, and going there for your treat will make sense.

The restaurant is a one-of-a-kind dining experience with their array of delectable waffles.

From traditional toppings such as strawberries and whip cream to waffles topped with ice cream this is a great restaurant to take the whole family.

The restaurant over looks the lake and is also in a great place to feed the local ducks. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

11. The Grapevine

The Grapevine is one of the newer restaurants in the Lake Arrowhead Village and it’s terrific.

This is an excellent place to have a drink and yummy bites. The front patio is perfect whenever there’s a concert or event.

Since this is primarily a wine bar, the menu is set up with decadent appetizers that pair well with wine by the glass or a flight of beer.

Check their calendar for fun events like wine and cheese nights, live music, and more.

12. The Tea and Coffee Exchange

If the lines at Belgian Waffle Works are too long, or you just want a coffee and pastry, The Tea & Coffee Exchange is an ideal alternative.

To be completely honest, the coffee and food is good, not great. But when you’re hungry or caffeine depleted, it’s a decent solution.

There’s a pleasant patio our front, which is perfect if you have your pup and a fun spot to meet other people.

13. Jetties Waterfront Kitchen

Jetties is new and one of the best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead Village that has mixed reviews.

We’ve only ordered take out so far but the food was pretty good – Smoked Brisket and Tres Tacos.

I’m including it in the list because it’s an option when all the other restaurants are crowded.

Its also has a nice view, patio seating and a full bar. We’ll definitely try it again and eat in the restaurant, so watch out for more info.

14. Cedar Glen Malt Shop

Cedar Glen Malt Shop is a little off the beaten path. Most visitors never know about this little retro gem tucked away in Cedar Glen.

The burgers there are so delish and the onion rings are the best I’ve ever had. The fries are amazing too.

Of course, you should definitely order a malt. They also serve sandwiches and some other items. Portion sizes are huge.

15. Rosalvas Sky Forest

Most locals agree that Rosalva’s in Skyforest is the best Mexican Lake Arrowhead restaurants with view and amazing corridor.

Almost everything on the menu is great. Everyone I know has a different favorite menu item so feel comfortable ordering whatever you like.

We love the enchiladas, carne asada and margaritas! The service is quick. The ambiance is great and the patio outside is a perfect place to sit. You’ll love it.

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If there’s a restaurant you don’t see on this list, there’s a chance that we wouldn’t recommend it to visitors.

Instead of sharing a bad review, we would rather just highlight the best.

If there is a dinning you think we overlooked and deserve to be on the list of the best restaurants in Lake Arrowhead, let us know using the comment box.

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