Top 25 Small Business ideas for Beginners (Without Investment Capital).

business ideas for beginners
Business ideas for beginners

Are you a wannabe entrepreneur and in need of profitable business ideas to start with? If YES, to be discussed in this article is a compendium list of the top business ideas for beginners in 2020.

Informatively, one of the best and absolute decisions you can ever made as an individual is to start a business.

Although starting a business comes with lots of effort and risk. Most importantly, if you start the wrong business, chances are that you’ll be frustrated and lose all your investment.

Hence, Business Ideas For Beginners as its name implies has compiled a comprehensive list of the best and profitable small business ideas you can start as a beginner.

Before committing your finance and investment on any, be so sure that such business is the right business for you.

Small business ideas and opportunities for beginners.

It is without doubt that the economy of the world is now shifting towards the direction of entrepreneurship, many a people really want to be their own boss now.

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In case you made up your mind to venture into the entrepreneur, the below top small business ideas for beginners might contain your choices.

While there are numerous numbers of them, as an entrepreneur to-be, you might not have all the necessary capital to kickstarts a business now.

But this list of the lucrative business ideas for beginners contains some business opportunities that requires little overhead investment capital.

1. Become a Translator.

One of the lucrative small business ideas for the wannabe entrepreneurs is the translation business.

The rise of globalization and international companies has opened up for a whole new industry. Most companies out there now needs a translator.

In case you are proficient in more than a language, you should consider starting a translation business.

2. Photography Business.

Do you have passion for the camera and derive pleasure in clicking the shutter? If yes, photography is an ideal business for you.

While this business requires a small amount of investment capital to get a camera and some other devices, it is also one of the profitable business ideas for beginners in 2020 and beyond.

3. Personal Chef.

Similarly, if your cooking skills are second to none, you should endeavor to try this business opportunity out.

This business idea does not require any startup capital. It provides you with the opportunity to fix your things as you wanted.

4. Products Selling on Amazon.

In the era of online marketing today, it’s without doubt that Amazon is a confirm global market where people buy and sell on the free tide of the giant e-commerce.

So if you have any products of your own or any right business idea, you can always go to Amazon to sell them.

5. Private Labeling.

One of the lucrative online business ideas for beginners without stress is private labeling. This business opportunity is full of profits.

Thus, private labeling involves the act of buying products from the manufacturers directly and replacing the product with your own brand or logo.

This business is not as easy as it may seem. It involves a lot of process. You can, of course, research on how to become a private label business person.

6. Taxi Service.

Another profitable business idea for beginners is the taxi service. If you have enough capital investment, you can buy a taxi of your own and start driving people for a token.

In case you have no investment capital, you can drive for rideshare companies like Uber, Opay drive and the likes.

Driving for this app-centric globally expanding companies (taxi service) is one of the fair ways to make money.

7. Salon Business.

Although this small business idea requires some level of expertise and experience.

Yet, it is one of the few small business ideas and opportunities that still thrive even during the recession period.

So if you want to become your own master and establish a free flow of financial income, barbing or the hair salon business may be your best bet.


8. Electronics repair store.

This business idea is typically meant for people who are technically inclined. If you are well acquitted with electronics, this may be your business of divine greatness.

9. Dry cleaning service.

Talking of small business ideas for beginners without investment capital, dry cleaning service is really the best match.

Not everyone has the luxury of time to wash and iron their wears. As such, dry cleaners fill the void for them.

You can however start this business from your comfort zone pending the time you make enough money to have your own office.

10. Sales of hair and beauty products.

One thing that is very sure is the fact that women would always strive hard to look good and hence, an avenue for you to make money.

You can start this business online, and you can also open a physical store if you have enough capital investment.

With a magnificent marketing skill and proficient customer relations, your small business stands the chance to become a profitable venture.

11. Become a tour driver.

While you might have been thinking of small business ideas as a beginner, if you reside in an environment full of tourist destinations, you should start a tour guide business.

Your major work is to take and show the tourist around while they are enjoying their holiday. This business opportunity is as lucrative has it is.

However, your ability to know every bit of local listing, circus, recreation center and tourist destinations will increase your marketability.

12. Start a cleaning Service.

Starting a cleaning agency is one of the interesting business ideas for beginners that doesn’t require any special training.

While many a people out there are busy with their lives and professional endeavors, they hardly get time to take care of their homes.

Hence, as a wannabe entrepreneur, you can seize the opportunity to open up a cleaning service business, and voila… establish a steady income.

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13. Car wash service.

One of the few small businesses that is very lucrative anywhere in the world is the car wash business. It requires little skills and capital investment and to get started.

Not everyone has the time, strength and energy to clean their cars, hence making people of such calibre your regular customer is the deal.

Offer a spectacular service and treat your customers like an egg, only then will they refer other people to you.

14. Open a Gift store.

There are numerous gift shops out there but that doesn’t mean there is no space for new players like you again.

Gift store is of course one of the few business ideas for beginners that are seasonal. But yet, this business opportunity do spike up a lot of profit.

Don’t be discouraged though; people do birthday every day, Valentine is there, Thanksgiving, Eid, Halloween, Christmas and many other festive seasons are near too.

15. Manufacturing of cabinets and closet.

This is small business idea for the talented carpenter. If you are very skilled in beautifying woods, then you should start this business.

Crafting of woods into an aesthetic closet, wardrobe or cabinet comes with lots of energy, but with creativity you can take it to the next level.

16. Start a gardening service.

You can equally venture into gardening service as a wannabe entrepreneur. This small business opportunity is a fast-growing business that is here to stay.

While most people are too busy to take good care of their gardens, the last person they resolve to is a gardner and as such, you stand the chance to do it for a fee.

17. Language instructor

Your work as language instructor is to teach people foreign languages that they care to understand. This business opportunity requires you to be proficient in whatever language you understand.

Similarly, whether you’ll be teaching English language, foreign language or sign language, you can do it online, record a YouTube tutorial or send voice notes to your students.

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18. Fresh Fruits Mart.

As a new fellow in the entrepreneurial world, you can start a fresh fruit Mart to kick off from the ground.

This business idea for beginners is capable of making you a large-scale business owner if you are serious about it.

Get yourself a very nice place, be selling fresh and exotic fruits and when you establish a steady fan base, you can be importing some other varieties of fruits into your territory.

19. Equipment Rental Business

This small business has to do with renting out equipment and tools related to some specific and common industry for profits.

While this business opportunity may be capital intensive, after all it contains working tools and materials which often come at an elaborate price.

Hence, if you have ever worked or still working in any industry and have a couple of their tools or related materials, you can kick start your equipment renting with such tools.

This business is lucrative, profitable and it requires maximum attention and supervision for it to last.

20. Appliance repair Business.

In case you are very skillful in repairing some home appliances, you should consider starting a business in such area.

This business may be highly technical in nature. But remember that not everyone has the luxury to get new appliances when the old one is in default.

Hence, there is a need for a repairman.

Also, this business opportunity is not yet saturated, and the business is lucrative, comfortable and it also comes with profits.

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21. Start a Blog.

One of the top online business ideas for beginners is blogging. This business is very profitable and at the same time lucrative.

There are numerous website designers out there which are ready to design one for you at a token.

However, this online business opportunity requires patience, persistent, consistent and hardworking. Also note that money wouldn’t just start flowing within a day of blogging.

Just like in the offline business; you’ll need to hustle and struggle to for you to get your blog noticed. All in all, the business is ultra profitable if you get it right.

22. Wedding photographer.

Essence, wedding photographer is one of the new trending business ideas for beginners. This business opportunity is similar to that of general photography.

However, as a wedding photographer, you’ll only base your work environment on wedding events only.

Such is not only a business idea for beginners but for also for working individuals that needs a part-time job to compliment their full time work.

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23. Become an affiliate marketer.

In the same vein, talking about the easier and not saturated online business ideas for beginners, affiliate marketing cannot be left out.

Affiliate marketing is an easy and simple business. A work from home business idea too.

The business involves promoting or marketing a particular product for companies who’ll be paying you some agreed commission form any sale or lead you generated for them.

This business may be very easy and simple but remember that it requires a lot of time and effort in building a strong online presence.

You can however do this by owning a blog or website or by creating a fan base social media groups and pages with lots of followers.

24. Tailoring.

Another business opportunity for a beginner is tailoring. You can’t just start out as a tailor like that, of course you’ll need to go for the necessary training.

Depending on how smart you are, the training may take you up to 6 months or a year.

However, after you must have gathered all the needed experience and expertise, the business is really profitable, don’t hesitate to open your own fashion design home.

25. Freelance writing.

There are countless numbers of blogs and websites out there. All these blogs needs writers who can write plagiarized-free content to keep them updated.

So if your writing skill is proficient and exceptional, you should consider becoming a freelance content writer.

While this is one of the lucrative online business ideas for the beginners it is equally one of the trusted works from home business you can venture into.

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In the long run, take your time to study the kind of business you want to venture into as a wannabe entrepreneur. This is crucial in your sojourn to establish a profitable venture.

It is evident from the above discussed that there are numerous business ideas for beginners just that it takes few people to see them.

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