Top 13 Profitable Business Ideas For Nigerian Students.

Business ideas for Nigerian students
Business Ideas For Nigerian Students

There are many amazing business ideas for Nigerian students but it takes only few students to notice them.

And as such, this article shall succinctly unravel the top business ideas for Nigerian students with little or no investment capital.

Do you know what it means to be broke in school? Are you in dire need of business idea and opportunity you can start as a student to make extra cash in other to compliment the little given to you by your parents?

If yes, this article will paddle you through the list of businesses you can do while still in school.

Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

It is not easy combining studying with side hustle, but since the Nigeria economy keep frustrating, starting your own business empire while still in school will be a decision well made.

What’s more, there are plethora numbers of business ideas for Nigerian students, among them are;

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1. Baking

It needn’t announcement that baking is a lucrative business opportunity for college students.

There is no point in disputing over it, people just love cake.

If you’re thinking about starting this business but with no technical know-how, you can take a few months classes from an expert or download tutorial videos on YouTube.

In the same vein, If you are very good in baking already, you can start telling your friends about your new business.

And you can also get yourself a space around the school where you’ll be showcasing your baking skills.

2. Freelance Writing

If you have an amazing command of English language, venturing into freelance writing will definitely fetch you money as a student in Nigeria.

There are countless numbers of bloggers and webmasters out there looking for excellent writers to furnish their sites with incredible contents.

To get started with this job as a student, you can visit freelance writing job board website like Upwork, ifreelance, Guru, Contena to mention but few.

3. Blogging

This is another business idea and opportunity you can invest in as a Nigerian student and rake in dollars at the end of the month.

You can create a blog and publish interesting contents on different topics on and about every sphere of life.

Blogging could be fun, too. It will expose you to many facts and widen your exposure.

All it requires to get started is a system (or Android phone for the time being) plus a good internet connection.


4. Tutoring

Tutoring is one of the business ideas for Nigerian students that requires no start-up capital.

So if you are the genius type, you can why don’t you consider tutoring the high school students around your dormitory and even your course mate for a considerable fee.

After all, they’ll understand that you can’t be shouting on an empty stomach.

Using your intelligence to survive by impacting knowledge on others isn’t a bad thing.

Why don’t you start marketing your availability (for tutoring and private coaching) to your friends and colleagues now?

5. Event Planning

If there’s other business opportunity for Nigerian students that’ll not hinder or affect their studies, that will be event planning.

Reason being that, most of the events and ceremonies in Nigeria usually fall on weekends and the business is easy and simple to begin with.

6. Tailoring

Are you that good in sewing and stitching? If yes, you can make a steady flow of cash income through it while still in the university.

Tailoring is such a beautiful business that can empower a student during and after his/her undergraduate programme.

While this business requires a thorough training from a professional, with your sewing machine, mountain Everest will be moved!

7. Computer and Phone repairs

Similarly, this business idea also requires a technical know-how but it is a lucrative business opportunity that will surely give a college student a financial freedom.

If you have the means, get a mini shop within your campus to set up your workshop.

But if can’t afford to get one, you can write on cardboard and paste it around your hostel wall that you repair phone and computers.

Trust me, people will definitely patronise you.

8. Mini Business Center

With your laptop and a printer, you can establish a mini business center within your campus or in your hostel room and make a steady flow of financial stability.

All you need is a marketing strategy that’ll fetch you customers that will be patronizing you.

9. Sales of Phone Accessories

Sales of phone parts and accessories is one of the lucrative business ideas for Nigerian students that reside in the school hostel.

As a student who is in need of a side business ideas that’ll generate him an income to aid his study’s expenses, charging of the phone, selling of airtime, phone accessories etc. isn’t a bad option, either.

Apart from the fact that not every student has the strength of doing there laundry themselves, there are some that are too busy to do do laundry own there own.

Hence, taking their wears to a dry cleaner will be the next option. Why don’t you start this business now and stop whining of being broke?

This business requires no startup capital, your personal iron and other stuff are okay to start with.

10. Recharge Card Business

There are 2 ways to run the recharge voucher business. Either you deal in bulk recharge card printing, which is still very lucrative although costlier to start, or you sell as a retailer.

You can buy bulk units of N100 and N200 recharge cards and sell at a higher prize. Most wholesalers sell at the 10 units of N100 recharge card for N920, this gives you an N80 profit after sales. You can easily start up this business with as low as N5,000.

11. Sell Compiled Past Questions

Nothing sells fast in school like past question papers, especially as exam date approaches. You can get past questions from your department and other departments, solve the questions with the help of your text books, then convert it to short handout and sell to students during exams. You can sell the handouts for N200 or less depending on your production cost.

12. Delivery Service

Are there established businesses in the area that could boost their business by being able to deliver? Become their delivery service.

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13. Transportation service

If you go to a rural or suburban school where students need transportation to do simple things and you have a car, start a transportation service.

End Note.

Over to you, let me know which of the above business ideas for Nigerian Students that suit your taste, and you are free to add more to the above listed by using the comment box below.

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