12 lucrative Business Ideas For Single Moms (2022)

Business Ideas for single moms
Single mum

The world of an entrepreneur is one that makes life easier for anyone who isn’t lazy to start a business. Hence, Business Ideas For Beginners has brought to your door step, amazing business ideas for single moms in 2020.

Are you are a single mom and will like to venture into business? Are you a salary earner but will like to become your own boss? Do you want to metamorphose from being a full house wife to a working-class wife? If yes, read on!

There are numerous single moms success stories out the that are inspiring. just take your time as a single mother and read through this article.

Single Moms Business Ideas

Starting a business as a single mother doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have time to spend with family and friends again, there are countless numbers of options outside being a momprenuer and as such, the following profitable business ideas for moms and single mothers are exceptional.

Ideally, you have nothing to fear about being a business woman, there are magnificent successful mom entrepreneurs out there who can be your role model in your own entrepreneurial sojourn.

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Profitable business Ideas for Single Moms

Without further ado, the following are lucrative and profitable business ideas for moms and single mothers.

1. Event Planning

One of the business ideas for single Moms that can be done as a part-time gig is event planning. It is a business opportunity you can do during your… fairly flexible schedule.

All you need to do as an event planner is to put together weddings, events, corporate retreats and other ceremonial gathering.

2. Baking

Are you a mummy and very skillful in baking? If yes, you can establish a business empire around it where you’ll be baking specific food and cookies for ceremonial events.

You can even go as far as baking good stuff and sell them to local supermarkets. Such is a lucrative business idea for single mom.

3. Catering business

Just like event planning and baking, catering services is also one of the wonderful business ideas for single mom you can start.

If you don’t have problems with cooking for large number of people, this may be your business of divine upliftment.

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4. Tutoring

In the same, if you derive pleasure in teaching others, you can start a profitable business around tutoring as a mother.

If you can create a proper awareness around your neighborhood, one thing that is certain is people will bring their kids over to you for efficient tutoring and thus, you can make a living off it.

5. House Cleaning

Another business you can do with a fair flexible schedule as a single mom is house cleaning.

In case you have a full time work already but you just need a side hustle to compliment it, house cleaning is a business you can be doing on weekends.

6. Blogging

Similarly, you can start a blog where you’ll be writing about things that interest you.

If you are a single mom that loves adventure, you can start writing on traveling and nature on your blog.

With enough readers and traffic, you stand a chance of getting enough revenue as a return of your hard work.

7. Freelance Writing

Another brilliant business idea for single mom is freelance writing job.

The difference between blogging and freelance writing is just that, as a blogger, you own the blog but as a freelancer, you write for bloggers.

All in all, you can earn a living in freelancing if you can write efficiently.

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8. Photography

Likewise, working as a photographer could give you the opportunity of living the kind of life you’ve always wanted as a single mom.

Niches aplenty in photography industry, ranging from event photographer down to traveling photographer, choose the one that interest you and say ‘Cheese!’

9. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing isn’t a business for the man only; there’s nothing like that in the business world.

It’s equally a profitable business ideas for single mom too.

So if you are creative enough, you can start your own graphic design services and start making money.

10. Tailoring

Fashion designing as widely known is one of the amazing business ideas for single moms.

The fashion industry has grown exponentially and there is no sign that it will stop sooner.

Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t work and as such, if you have always wanted to be a tailor, why don’t you start now?

11. Crafting or selling of Handy made object.

What’s more, if you are very good in artistic skills, why don’t you turn such gifts into a business empire?

Crafting and selling of handmade products is a lucrative business idea for single mom you might want to consider.

Crafting of beautiful pots, making of soap, bead making, drawing and all sort are talents that can fetch you money.

Thanks to online marketplaces, you can put up your products up for sale as a single mom when they are ready for sale.

12. Baby sitting

Since you are a mom already, taking care of kids wouldn’t be your problem. So you can turn your love for kids and experience into a daycare service and start making money out of it.

Babysitting is one of the profitable single mom business ideas that requires little startup capital.

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The above are amazing, lucrative and ultra profitable business ideas for mom you can venture into.

Be enlightened that being a single mom doesn’t mean you can be part and parcel of the entrepreneur World.

Even, the impact of momprenuer like you can never be jest with in the industry.

I do hope you’ll take a bold step by picking one out of the best business ideas for single moms discussed so far.

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