12 Business ideas in Agriculture that are profitable for 2021

Business ideas in Agriculture
Field farming

It is without doubt that one of the lucrative and ultra profitable industry in the world is the Agricultural sector and that’s why we’ll be publishing the best business ideas in agriculture for 2021.

There are so many niches with available opportunities you can venture into to establish a steady income with little or no problem at all.

Many people run away from agriculture because they believe it is difficult and too tasking, but do they know that nothing good comes easy. There is no such business like ‚Äúvery simple and profitable”, every profitable business requires hard work.

Hence, if you are looking for the best business ideas in agricultural sector or the best business opportunities in the agro-allied niche, this article will explicitly discuss them one after the other without one affecting the other.

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Business ideas in agriculture for 2021

But before then, are you aware of the fact that the Agricultural business is the most lucrative in the world? Do you also know that Agricultural business can return a whooping profit of 100% if properly manage?

The best time for you to venture into agriculture is now for tomorrow may be too late.

1. Crop Cultivation

One of the best business ideas in agriculture that can yield 100% capital return is crop cultivation. Starting this business means you’ll be cultivating crops such as vegetables, cucumber, watermelon, pepper and all sort.

This agribusiness is very easy to begin with, and it requires little investment capital if you have a land of your own.

2. Rabbit Rearing

I can’t afford to miss out on this. I rear rabbits too. This business idea falls into the livestock niche and it is one of the Agricultural businesses that people hardly do. Since few people rear rabbits, you can seize this opportunity and own a rabbit pen.

What’s more, rabbit keeping requires little capital investment, with a little space in your backyard, grasses and leftovers in your kitchen, you are too good to go.

3. Fish farming

Talking about the best business ideas in agriculture, fish farming can never be left out.

This business may be capital intensive but if properly maintain, the capital return in this Agribusiness can never be over emphasis.

To get started with this business, you’ll need a land where you will set up your pound, fingerlings, fish mills, borehole (if the pound is not around river) and you are too good to go.

4. Selling Fresh Fruits

Health is wealth and of course, fruits is one of the sources of vitamins that is very necessary to balance up the diet.

You can easily make money by selling fresh fruits because most people out there enjoy taking them.

However, you have to be neat and customer friendly if you really want the business to prosper and go a long way.

5. Livestock Feed Production

Livestock farming is by far more lucrative than any other business ideas in agriculture sector and a lot of people are capitalising in the industry now because of its profitability.

So with the influx of people into poultry farming, fish farming and others, livestock feed production is also a fire now.

If you have enough to get all the necessary machine for grinding and mixing the mill, endeavor to plan the business and do the market survey and feasibility, for a business without proper planning is usually prone to failure.

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6. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is also lucrative and profitable, and it can start it in small scale first pending the time you have enough to expand the birds territory.

You can start with just fifty birds and add more subsequently when you are the means.

To start this business, you’ll need a land where you’ll set up the poultry farm, and you can use your backyard so far you can manage the odor.

After you must have gotten a place to keep them, you need to decide which varieties of birds will you raise, is it layers or broilers or Cockerels or you’ll mix them all?

Deciding on which class of bird to rear will let you know the type of feed mill to get ready.

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7. Beekeeping or Honey Production

There are just too many business ideas in agriculture. You can also start bee farm thereby producing honey. Don’t forget that the honey industry is one of the most efficient factories in the world.

If you can produce pure honey in large quantities, you can generate huge amount of money out of it by selling it locally and internationally.

8. Groundnut Processing

You can also make enough income by processing groundnut to generate oil. With a unique name and excellent branding, you can meet with supermarkets owners and brick and mortar stores to start supplying them natural and home made groundnut oil.

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9. Cashew Nut Processing

Just like the groundnut processing, you can start cashew nut processing and make a steady income. The difference between the two is the fact that cashew nuts are quite expensive and hard to get compare groundnuts.

10. Soya Beans Processing

One of the business ideas in agriculture that you can do in your home is the soya bean milk production.

Soya bean milk has been proven by medical doctors to be healthy and nutritious hence, it is highly demanded for by health conscious personalities.

With little startup investment capital, you can start soya bean milk production business without encountering any problem whatsoever along the line.

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11. Agricultural Equipment Leasing

The rate at which people are venturing into agribusiness can never be overemphasized and for this reason, you can earn massively from hiring out agriculture equipment and machine to farmers who can’t afford to get them on their own.

12. Dairy products

This business can be best be done if you have cattle of your own. All you need to do is to start making out dairy products like milk, butter and cheese for sale and that’s all.

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End note.

Before informed that there more business ideas in agriculture than the above listed, so don’t miss the golden opportunity to get involved in agriculture now.

Pick the idea that suits you the most and take a bold step to living the kind of live you’ve always wanted.

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