Top 11 Profitable Small Business Ideas In India 2021

Business Ideas in India
Small Business Ideas

Do you need profitable small business ideas in Indian that you can start with little or no investment capital? If yes, kindly seat tight and read this article through.

India being one of the most populated country of the world and heterogeneous nation, has several business ideas that are profitable.

Essence, the time is entrepreneurial 0’clock and everyone want to become a business owner. How then could this be possible without business ideas?

Small scale business ideas in India

Since it’s practically impossible to become a business owner without a business idea, we deem it fit to discuss some lucrative business ideas in India that are profitable.

In addition, these business ideas in India are small scale business; and they require little or no capital to start them up.

Without much ado, the following are the top notch and highly patronized business ideas in India you might consider.

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1. Fashion designing

Fashion designing or tailoring is one of the business ideas in India that are lucrative and highly patronized.

This business opportunity in idea doesn’t require any degree before you can venture into it. Albeit it only requires some training.

Therefore, if you’ll like to become a tailor in India, it is expected of you to go for the necessary training and become a member of the trade union.

There are numerous fashion schools in the country that you can attend to learn the skills. After that you are good to go.

2. Coffee Shop

If there is any small-scale business idea in India that gather a lot of people together catching fun it would be coffee bar business.

Coffee shop is profitable just like any other business ideas in India. The business is very simple and easy to start.

With a perfect location and some change at hand, you can conveniently start the business within a week or two.

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3. Gyming center

The importance of visiting the gyming center is now known to average number of Indians and as such, people are patronising the gyming centers.

Thus, if you are in need of profitable business ideas in India that is not yet saturated, then opening a gyming center will be a nice idea.

Similarly, this business, unlike other small business ideas and opportunities in India requires a little startup capital.

If you can get just the most important gyming machines for the start, others will fall into place gradually.

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4. Taxi business

Do you have a car but not making any return through it? Why don’t you venture into taxi business and start using the car to generate income?

Taxi business is one of the business ideas in India that deserves to be on this list on merit. The business is lucrative, and it has a lot of profit.

Taxi business in India

India is a country with many international companies and aesthetic or tourist center and as such, there is usually high demand for taxis.

However, you’ll need to enroll with one of the leading taxi services in the country if you really want to make money at the end of the month.

5. Event planning

Almost on the daily basis, there is usually one or two events unfolding in every nook and cranny of India.

Be it in Goa, Mumbai or Delhi, the service of an event planner is always needed. The business is very easy to start, and it has a lot of money in it.

So if you need some business ideas in India that you can venture into as a part-time job or full time, event planning will never disappoint you.

However, for you to succeed in this business opportunity in India, you must market your brand and get strong connection (source).

It really matters in the custom of this business.

6. Freelance writing

There are quite millions of working and probably websites and blog out there. And each of them needs a writer to furnish them with the unique and original article.

Also, freelance writing job is a work from home business idea that comes with varieties of opportunities. Especially, for students or stay at home moms.

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In the same vein, India is one of the countries of the world that seeks for the freelance writer the most.

This means there are lots of opportunities in freelance writing jobs in India. So if you are creative enough, you should venture into this sector.

7. Photography business

If you derive enough pleasure in holding the camera and shuttling the shutter, then photography business is meant for you.

Photography is also one of the limited business ideas in India that has varieties of niches.

Photography business in India
Photography business

So if you are the type that likes adventure, you may want to become a travel photographer and so on.

8. Translator

Do you understand more than one language and stay in Delhi or Mumbai, India? If yes, why don’t you become a translator to establish a stable income for yourself?

There are numerous international companies in the country and there are numerous people in India who are there for vacation but need a translator.

So if you are so sure that you can speak and translate different languages in India, this business idea is for you.

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9. Laundry Service

This business is lucrative and comes with adequate money; money enough to build a steady flow of passive or monthly income.

Laundry business doesn’t require any investment capital, with a pressing iron, washing basin or washing machine (as the case may be), you are good to go.

However, since you’ll be starting this business idea from the scratch, you’ll have to do a lot of work by creating awareness.

If your service is widely known by people, then the traffic will start to fall in. However, you can modernize your laundry business as time goes on.

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10. Automobile business.

Automobile business is also one of the few small business ideas in idea that requires some skills, experience and level of expertise to begin with.

The business is highly sought, lucrative and it comes with enough profits. After all, people visit an automobile workshop on a daily basis to repair their car.

However, if you will be doing this business in any part of India, it is advisable you define a specific niche and specialise in such niches.

For instance, if your desired niche is “Toyota” cars, then specialize only on Toyotas. Doing this will give you edge over others as your knowledge on Toyota will be widen than others.

11. Bakery business

Do you have any baking skills? If yes, you can turn such your beautiful skills into a business and start making cool money from it in India. While baking is a business with many niche, your ability to choose which is best for you will help you go a long way.

Being a confectionery isn’t that too hard, it comes with creativity and hard working. Here is a guide on how to start a bakery business from the scratch and you can click here if you are sort of baking business ideas.


There’s no short cut to building a profitable venture, it comes with dedication, disciplines and ability to take risk.

Hence, the above business Ideas in India are the top notch businesses that you can start today.

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