Top 6 Reliable Business Ideas in Sri Lanka

Business Ideas in Sri Lanka
Coffee shop in Sri Lanka

Do you need profitable business ideas in Sri Lanka? Are you passionate about becoming your own boss? Are you considering having a part-time job to compliment your present one?

If you nod in affirmation to one or all of the above questions, fret not, this beautiful piece will paddle you through lucrative business ideas and opportunity in Sri Lanka that you can do.

In a competitive environment like Sri Lanka, it is not ideal to be caught up in a single business venture; it will be hard to survive with such sources of income.

So if you’ll be creating another source of financial flow, it’s advisable you look for the right opportunity.

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Top Business Ideas in Sri Lanka

Starting a new business venture may be challenging, most especially if you’re starting from the scratch.

Since you are here now, consider yourself lucky for this article will succinctly explain the top business ideas in Sri Lanka that you can start.

1. Fast Food Startups

One of the profitable small business ideas you can start in Sri Lanka is the fast food business.

Albeit this business requires a special experience in cooking.

In case you are a good cook and can prepare different special dishes, you should consider venturing into this business.

2. Tourism business

Sri Lanka has many beautiful places that do attract tourists. There are wildlife, beaches, heritage, natural scenic beauty, sport, circus and adventure, etc., in Sri Lanka.

If you will like to capitalize on tourism business, you can research and garner useful information about tourist attraction sites and hence, establish your own aesthetic tourism business in Sri Lanka.

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3. Taxi Service

Another profitable business idea in Sri Lanka that you can start with little or no startup capital is taxi service.

One of the countries with fastgrowing population across the globe is Sri Lanka and about fifty per cent of its citizen celebrates cab services.

They’re fond of taking the cab and taxi from their home down to office and vice versa. Thus, starting a taxi service is profitable if one is passionate about the business.

4. Juice Bar

Another small business opportunity you can do is opening a Juice bar. This business opportunity is simple and affordable to start.

If you’ll be venturing into entrepreneurs for the first time and wouldn’t want to risk much of your startup fund, starting this business isn’t a bad thing.

5. Tea Export

One of the major economy boosters of Sri Lanka is Tea exporting business. It is ranked as the number 4 countries of the world that produces tea.

This is so because it satisfied the world’s tea requirements up to 23 per cent. So as a business minded person, you should try to invest in this lucrative tea exporting business.

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6. Catering business service

More so, catering services is another top notch business idea you may want to consider in Sri Lanka.

This business is lucrative and profitable if you have the required zeal and passion to do the work.

Ceremonies and formal events unfold in every part of Sri Lanka on a daily basis and there is need for a caterer to help them feed.

So if your cooking skills are magnificent, try starting this business by informing your family and friends about your ambition to major in the business.

However, marketing is very necessary in this business if you really want to get orders. Nobody will patronise you if you don’t do the basic marketing, please take note.


Don’t expect early success in any of the above business. Business opportunity is an investment and investment doesn’t yield over night.

Never give up and don’t lose hope. Sooner or later, your business will grow, and you’ll rewrite your entrepreneur story.

Hence, cherish the above discussed business ideas in Sri Lanka and capital on the one that suit you more.

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