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There are plethora numbers of new business opportunities in India just that it takes the right person to find them. There are home based business opportunities, profitable online business ideas, small scale business and more.

Of course, there may be business opportunities in India but if there is no fund to build the business from the scratch there may be problem. That’s why it’s important to consider investment capital before venturing into any start-up business.

As a wanna be entrepreneur, never abandon your dream in the face of struggle and difficulties. Be patience and persistence for that’s the only way to make money doing business.

With plenty business opportunities in India, your dream to innovate, create and build profitable business enterprise in India is alive. It’s irrelevant whether it’s low-investment capital business or a big scale business.

Essence, becoming an entrepreneur is one thing and getting a good business idea to capitalize on is another.

But with the help of this article, you will be able to see feasible and business ideas in India that could secure you a place in the competitive market.

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Business Ideas and Opportunities India

In the world of today, the most successful and established entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg etc. never build their business pyramids over night.

Not even one of them rose to the top of the ladder in the early stages of their careers. They all started from the scratch where no one believe they could ever establish a profitable business venture.

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So learn from the story of these great men and pick any of the following business opportunities in India and set up your own enterprise.

1. Travel agency

One of the business opportunities in India that is doing pretty well now is the travel agency. India is one of the centre of tourism and as such, tourists wouldn’t seize going there.

So if you really want to become your own boss, now is the time for you to capitalize your money at the right place. Being an entrepreneur, you should consider this travel industry Indian business opportunity.

How to become a travel agent
Travel Agent

Of course, this business idea and opportunity are capital intensive to begin with. But it comes with many profits too. Indians love adventures and as such, the travel agency has witness a tremendous boom recently.

2. Tailoring.

Tailoring is an evergreen business opportunity that will continue to be lucrative till eternity. You can start the business as a home based business opportunity and you can set up your own workshop if you like.

This business idea in India has been in existence from time Immemorial and of course it’ll continue. Thus, if you’re in need of profitable business opportunities in India that you can venture, tailoring will be a nice shot, really!

3. Mobile recharge shop

Mobile recharge shop is one of the small business opportunities in India that comes with lots of profits.

Such is a business opportunity for the small-scale entrepreneurs. Despite the online mobile recharge, Indians still prefer the recharge card shop.

Accordingly, it is advisable you partner with the various network providers so that you can be printing the cards on your own.

4. Blogging.

If you are interested in starting a homebased business in India and you wouldn’t mind dealing with the internet in a legitimate way, then you can become a Blogger.

daily basis, countless numbers of people are creating a blog and the Indians can never be left out.

Blogging is one of the business opportunities in India that you can do from the comfort of your room.

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Blogging is very easy and it requires little capital investment. Although you’ll have to work it through with lots of commitment.

However, if you have flair for writing, you may consider starting a blog of your own to pen down your thoughts.

5. Tutoring

Also, you can capitalize on this business opportunity and establish a free flow of income in India. It’s arguably one of the brightest way to make money from home.

Ideally, be informed that tutoring is also one of the business opportunities in India that requires some level of expertise. That is, you must be literate and conversant about the state affairs.

So if you stand out in a particular subject., why don’t you convert such genius into a money making job?

You can start an online coaching on a particular topic or subject or expertise that you possess and people will pay you.

You can equally start a coaching centre where pupils and students will be coming for extra classes after their school hour.

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6. Yoga instructor.

Indians are now conscious of their health now and as such, majority are now visiting the gym.

If you are very good in giving fitness instructions, you should consider this business opportunity.

7. Breakfast joint

Have you ever notice that almost all the tea junctions in your area are usually filled up with customers?

Such is one of the profitable business opportunities in India that are there to stay.

If you are sincerely looking for a side hustle to venture into, breakfast joint should be one of your target area.

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8. YouTube channel.

Also, YouTube channel is one of the business opportunities in India that you can start in your living room.

If you are very skill in a particular area, you can create a YouTube channel and be uploading tutorial videos there.

This online business idea pays although it comes with some effort. Efforts like getting leads, traffic, clicks and so on.

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But once you have a lot of audiences and followers that watch your videos, the money will definitely flow in.

9. Event planner.

People have one reason or the other to celebrate in India on daily basis and as such, the service of event planner will always be needed.

So if you need business opportunities in India that are not stressful and capital intensive, event planning should be in your options.

10. Photography.

Photography business is one of the business ideas and opportunity you can do to compliment your full time work in India.

Photography business
Photography business

If you have passion for the camera, you should consider starting this lucrative and profitable business opportunity in Delhi, India.

11. Graphic designer.

If you are creative enough, you can start this business and make enough money in Delhi, Goa, Mumbai or anywhere in India.

There are many companies and business organizations that are in need of creative graphics designer to design unique and quality logos, stickers and the likes for them.

12. Translator.

With different international companies situated in different parts of India, language translator is one of the business opportunities in India that is not yet saturated.

So if you understand more than two languages, you should consider becoming a translator in India.

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13. Gaming lounge

If you’re a game lovers and wouldn’t mind changing your hobby to side hustle or business, then try setting up a gaming store where Indians will be visiting you for various simulation gaming software and accessories.

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There are as many business opportunities in India as there are entrepreneurs.

So if you’ll like to venture into the business world, kindly peruse the above business opportunities and choose the one that best work for you.

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Success is not something that evolve in a day. It starts from somewhere. If you want to be a successful, you need to start now.

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