20 lucrative business that you can start from home in 2022

20 business that you can start from home

Do you need the list of profitable business that you can start from home now to establish a steady financial income? If yes, read on.

Having an investment capital is one thing and having a probable business that you can do from home that comes with lots of profitable opportunities is another thing.

Whether your are a stay at home mom or a single mother looking for home based business ideas, consider your problem solved.

Accordingly, this article will succinctly list the available home business ideas you can do remotely with the help of a smartphone and a connected internet.

While there are numerous business ideas you can start from home, only few of them are feasible in this decade.

Business ideas you can start from home

If you are a student and thinking about starting a business from home with no money or from the comfort of your dormitory, you can do it

Likewise, it is immaterial whether you are a full time or part-time worker who is looking for businesses run from home to compliment his or her job.

What matter most is your ability to build a business from the scratch and grow it into a profitable venture.

More so, be informed that there is no any spectacular business that you can do from home anywhere. Every single business you can think of matters.

Just that it only takes people with entrepreneurial zeal and spirit to capitalize on one and grow it into a reliable and profitable business establishment.

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How to start a business from home with no money

Have you ever asked yourself this question: can I run a business from my home? If this question has ever cross your mind before the answer is YES!

Therefore, put on your entrepreneurial hat and blazer and follow me as I paddle you through the list of profitable business ideas you can start from home.

But before then, you might want to consider the information below. It is crucial and very cogent.

How Do I Start My Own Business From Home

Starting a business from home with no money or little capital investment is very easy and simple; if you cut your onions well.

But nonetheless, the following points will guide you on how to start your own business from home.

Definite niche: there are several businesses that you can do from home but your ability to choose one out of them all will assist you greatly.

Know your audience: another point on how to start your own business from home is to know your audience. If you know them, you will know where to find them.

Internet connection matters: most of the small business you can start from home requires online presence to make sales. Hence, having a connected internet always is important.

Create awareness: let people in your circle know that you are starting a business from home. Your failure to create awareness about your home business opportunity will affect you in the long run.

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Small business you can start from home

Without further delay, below are the 20 businesses run from home — according to research — that yielded lots of profits without any problem.

Business you can do from home

1) Freelancing.

Ideally, one of the best business that you can start from home is freelance content writing and it has been in existence right from the word.

This home-based business idea is very lucrative and profitable depending on the area you’re freelancing from.

Albeit this work from home business requires you to possess an expertise in a particular field and then, offering your service online.

You can be a freelance writer, freelance journalist, freelance stock investment expert, freelance photographer, etc.

2) Blogging.

If you want to make money while sleeping, blogging is one the home business ideas you can start now.

As lucrative and profitable blogging may be, be enlightened that it comes with lots of effort, dedication and risk.

So if you’ll like to capitalize on this work from home business, it is advisable you read several YouTube tutorials.

3) Babysitting.

Babysitting is one of the businesses run from home and it is specifically meant for the ladies or single mom who love to play around kids.

While there are numerous business ideas you can start from home out there, babysitting is one of the few that requires little or no startup capital.

4) Tutoring.

This is another business opportunity you can do from the comfort zone of your home. Although it requires that you be an expert in a particular field.

Hence, if you are good in a particular area, becoming a tutor in such fields will fetch you some cool cash.

5) Home fitness trainer.

The rate at which people are looking for experience and qualified home fitness trainer cannot be overemphasized.

Health is wealth and exercise is medicine they preached, as such everyone is being watchful of their weight.

So if you have what it means to be a fitness trainer, such is an opportunity for you to make earns meat with this home business opportunity.

6) Tailoring.

Talking about evergreen home business ideas and opportunities that has been in existence for donkey years, tailoring cannot be left unmentioned.

Such is another home based business idea for married women or single mum. The business is lucrative and profitable.

While the business will continue to be lucrative till the end of time, you cannot start this business without going for the necessary training.

If you’ll be going into this business, endeavor to enrol in any of the stitches and fashion designing schools out there.

Also, you’ll need to help yourself by advertising your fashion home existence to your friends and family so as to get customers.

When you are fully known and established yourself as a home based tailor, people will definitely come into your home to sew.

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7) Make up artist.

While this business can be done away from home, it can equally be categorised as home business based opportunity.

Many a people are out there who do not like going outside to do their makeup, this will be an avenue for you to make money.

As a home based makeup artist, you must have put more effort into adverts and market for people to be calling you for home service.

8) EBay Assistant or Seller

As a student and e-commerce enthusiast, how do I start my own business from home question must not be in your own list.

Nevertheless, Ebay assistant or seller is similar to being a marketing affiliate. You earn commission on certain goods you sell through your referral.

The key difference is that instead of marketing the product, you are selling it directly to the customer.

When selling for others on Ebay or any other platform, you will sell the product and keep a commission as compensation.

9) App Developer.

If you are knowledgeable about coding and programming, app developing is one of the ideal business you can start at home today.

This business does not require any start up capital, all it needs is your brain to code, program and come up with an interesting app.

There is play store, app store and many other applications stores out there that are ready to partner with you in selling your apps.

10) Website Developer.

There are billions of websites out there, and people are creating more websites day in day out.

So if you need business that you can do from home as a programmer, you may want to start the website developing now.

11) Graphics Designing.

Also, you can be working as a graphic designer from the comfort of your home and established a free financial income through it.

All you need to do is to give your work from home business a media presence and people will be connecting with you via the internet.

Small business that you can start from home

This home business idea is akin to freelancing. You need to be as original as you can and as creative as you could.

12) E-commerce Store.

You can work from home as a seller on the e-commerce websites from your living room without spending a dime as capital.

Such is another home business opportunity that requires a system and connected internet.

13) Survey Taking.

By just going online and fill some certain information that’s very helpful to the questionnaire, you stand the chance to make dollars from your home.

There are many popular online survey websites that you can visit to register your appearances, among them are:




Harris Poll;

EarningStation; etc.

14) Simulation gaming business

You can also establish a steady income through simulation gaming from the comfort of your house.

All you need to do is to create awareness online, tell your neighbor about it and place a placard telling people about your business opening.

If you do this, game lovers in your surroundings will surely patronise you thereby growing your source of income into a large business enterprise.

Better still, you can be offering tutorials on how to play a particular tough game online where people will pay before having access to the class.

15) Spacial dishes trainer

To start this business from home, you must be very versed in several dishes preparations and you must always upload a video of yourself preparing different cuisines.

Once you’ve gained a lot of followers on the social media through your food preparation skills and expertise, you can then announce a cooking class with interested participants paying some certain dollars.

With this, you can establish a monthly income by organising different class for different dishes.

16) YouTube Video Making.

Also, YouTube video making is one of the few home based business ideas that requires only a system and connected internet.

If you are very good in a particular field or area, you can record a tutorial on how-to guide and publish it on your YouTube channel.

Of course, you must have grown your YouTube channel with large number of audiences if you want to make cool cash.

17) Art and Craft business.

Another astonishing work from home business idea is art and craft. If you are very versed and skillful with your hands, you should consider this business idea.

You can craft any item you are very good at; be it beads making, soap making, portrait drawing, pot making or the likes.

You can convert these home business ideas and opportunities into a full-time job that will aid you a financial freedom.

All you have to do is to register an online presence where you’ll be showcasing your new products. You can equally sell them on various online e-commerce and marketplaces.

18) Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing also falls under the internet work from home business ideas and opportunities.

These business ideas entail you to work and make money from the comfort of your living room.

All you need to do is to promote and market a product, and you’ll be in return paid for any lead you generated.

While this business may seem easy and simple, it requires you to be an influential person with lots of followers on the various social media platforms.

19) Social media influencer

People with thousands of followers and friends on social media platforms are not supposed to be asking the question ‘what business can I do from home?’ Because they have the opportunity at their door step.

You can become a social media influencer by helping companies and brand advertise their products and services to your large fan base.

20) Crypto trading

Personally, crypto currency trading is one of the most lucrative business I can start at home home — personally.

If you understand crypto very well, it is a kind of investment business opportunity that can give you 10,000% ROI if you trade well. Huge isn’t it?

Yes, that is the power of starting a business — like Crypto currency trading — at home.


At this juncture, it is important to state that there are tons of business that you can start from home without money or little capital investment.

However, the above highlighted are the surefire and lucrative small business you can start from home that are meant to stay.

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