20 Cheapest Business To Start (When You are Broke).

Cheapest business to start
Cheapest business to start

Are you a wannabe entrepreneur and looking for the cheapest business to start when you are broke? If yes, congratulations as this article will provide you with 20 distinct profitable businesses.

Obviously, it takes zeal, courage and passion to start a successful business, but not the investment capital.

We are now in the world where everyone want to become his or her own boss. Everybody want to grind for what they love the most.

Nobody wants to retire at 60 again. No one wants to look back at his previous years with regret.

Becoming an entrepreneur is now everyone’s dream. But can one start a business with little or no investment capital?
Capital YES!

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Cheapest business ideas to start right now.

There is no fixed amount of money one can use to start a particular business. Hence, business success doesn’t rest on money.

In fact, that you’ll be starting the cheapest business along side big scale businesses does not mean it will not be a success.

It all depends on your dedication and passion to build and promote the business from the scratch.

In line with the above submission, this article will be explaining the cheapest business to start without any problem.

But before that, note that not all these cheap businesses to start requires start-up capital. Some only need vocational training, and some requires license.

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Now, let’s get things done…

1. Event Planning.

One of the cheapest businesses to start without any problem is event planning. With little capital to get your needed material, you are good to go.

This business idea is so cheap and easy to start that you can start it remotely and from the comfort of your living room.

2. Photography.

If you have a passion for the camera, photography is another cheap business you can start today.

Photography business

All you need to get this business up and running is just a single camera. As time goes by, you can get other necessary things in place.

3. Tutoring.

If you are very good in teaching, you might want to take up teaching as a profession. Without mincing word, tutoring is one of cheapest business to start in this present generation.

All that the business requires is your intellect. Nothing more nothing less. Your home is okay for the business till you have enough to expand your horizon.

4. Bookkeeping Services.

If you are very good and proficient when it comes to counting and taking record, bookkeeping service is another business you can start without investment capital.

5. Social Media Consultant.

Talking about the cheapest business to start from the comfort of you home, social media consultant cannot be overemphasized.

Social media has unlimited potential with numerous client base across the world.

With the varieties of social media tools, you can make it your dream job. It comes so cheaply.

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6. Affiliate Marketing.

What business could be more cheap than affiliate marketing where you earn commission by just promoting other people’s business?

If you know how an affiliate marketing service is being run, it’s one of the cheapest business to start where there’s no much investment capital.

7. Application Developer.

If you have the knowledge and technical know-how, app development is one of the homebased businesses you can start cheaply and make enough profits out of.

8. Website Developer.

Are you looking for home business idea with low start-up capital?If yes, website developing is here for you.

New website are sprawling out on daily basis, so if your coding knowledge is second to none, you should consider becoming a website developer.

9. Graphic Designer.

One of the cheapest business ideas that I love recommending to people is graphics designing. This business opportunity comes with lots of opportunities.

Graphic designer

This business is very cheap to begin with, all it requires is an adequate training on designs and the rest will be history.

10. Blogging.

Are you that versed in a certain field and still looking for the available business ideas and opportunities that comes cheap? Or you need profitable home based business ideas with little or no stress?

If yes, you should consider blogging on that field of yours to build a financial freedom. Blogging is one of the cheapest businesses to start from the scratch.

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11. Translator.

If you understand more than two languages, you can establish a financial freedom through it as a translator. With low-investment to no start-up capital, you can establish a financial freedom through the business.

There are numerous international companies out there looking for translators to work with them. Most importantly, translation service is a work from home business.

12. Travel Planning.

Travel planning is another business you can start from the scratch cheaply and still make enough money at the end.

So if you have an efficient organizational skill but don’t have enough investment capital, this is another cheap business to invest in.

13. Property Manager.

This is another business idea that doesn’t require any investment capital. It is one of the tops cheapest business to start without capital consideration.

All you have to do is to manage your clients properties and ensure the tenant is making judicious use of them.

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14. Personal Trainer.

People are very conscious of their health and body these days and as such fitness trainer is in high demand.

20 Cheapest Business To Start (When You are Broke). 1

So if you need business to start with cheap investment capital, you can become a personal training if your level of expertise is magnificent.

15. Cleaning Services.

Cleaning service is very cheap to start, and it requires no special training. The business is lucrative and profitable too, so if you have all it takes to set up your own agency, the best time is now..

Click here for more details on cleaning services.

16. Laundry Services.

If you are in need of surefire ways to make money with cheap startup capital, laundry business should be in your options.

While it may not be the cheapest business to start right now, its investment capital is relatively low too.

17. Babysitting Services.

If you like playing with kids, then babysitting is one of the great business ideas you can start with little or no investment capital.

With your living room and little marketing, you stand the chance to establish a financial freedom through this business.

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18. Hair dressing.

All what this business opportunity requires is the necessary training and a license to practice as a qualified hair dresser.

This is one of the cheap businesses to start and still make enough of profit at the end of the day.

19. Tailoring.

Just like hair dressing, tailoring is one of the few business opportunities that you can start with cheap startup capital. All it required is the knowledge, skills and a license to practice as a tailor.

Depending on the niche you’ll be capitalizing on, you can become a sport wear tailor, suit or venture into the general wear.

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20. Freelance writing.

One of the cheapest businesses to start when you are broke is freelance writing. All that this business requires is creativity, smartphone and a connected internet. Voila… You’re good to go.

However, it’s important you note that becoming a freelancer requires a lot of dedication, you need to be time conscious and smart if you want to make money from home doing this business.

Being an online business idea, networking matters in this business. Join forum of bloggers and create a nice impression as a writer and verily, people will hire you.


Be informed that the list of the cheapest business to start when you are broke are endless. The aforementioned ones are just the few you should be able to deal with.

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