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GramFree review

Are you in need of honest review about GramFree World and Services? If yes, this article will succinctly discuss all the nooks and crannies of Gram Free world, how to login, register it, how to earn grams, and lots more.

You will also get to know what are grams, how to earn grams, the total amount of grams needed before cash out, how to cash out, available payment options, etc.

Without further delay, let’s get started…!

What is Gramfree?

GramFree is a kind of blockchain digital project that is capable of processing tons of thousands transactions within a second. It is very fast, safe and designed to be in the same league with Ethereum decentralized applications, and smart contract while being scalable.

What is Gramfree world?

The GramFree world is a ‘get paid to’ industry-like or a website that rewards its users with ‘grams’. This grams work like a coin and it can be converted into money when it reaches some certain threshold.

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Usually, on a GPT website (get paid to) users are often awarded with an in-game currency in consideration for doing some simple tasks. So on GramFree world, you can earn Grams by doing any of the GramFree services:

  • Inviting or referring new users to the website;
  • Engaging in a daily lottery;
  • Signing smart contracts;
  • Watching videos; and
  • Depositing money.

Like most Get Paid To websites do, GramFree also generates money from ad revenue and by selling Grams.

How to login in GramFree
Gramfree world

What are Gramfree Services?

These are services that users can engage in to earn grams that can be converted or exchange for dollars when it get to a certain threshold.

Some of these services are watching videos on the website, playing lottery and more. There is no other special services on the GramFree website other than the fact is a blockchain like and as such, it does virtually all the services available on blockchain sites.

How to register on Gramfree

To successfully register on this site, kindly visit Gram Free official website here and scroll down to where they write create account.

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There, you’ll be provided with two options, namely;. Create an account using;

  • Your Facebook account; OR
  • Your Google (gmail) account.

That is to say, you can easily create an account with gram free using your Facebook account or Gmail. With these, you don’t have to provide all your details, your Facebook information will be used automatically.

How to use Gramfree

Gram-free is very easy to use. You can download the app on play store and you can equally use your browser to access the page and do whatever you want to do.

With your Android or iPhone or tablet, you can access gram free official page and play lottery or watch video or any other task you may deem fit.

How to login in Gramfree

Once you landed on the GramFree home page, kindly click on the sign up button and you will be taken to the “Create Account page,” at the bottom of the page, you will see a sign in option there, click it. Just as shown in the screenshot below:

How to register on Gramfree, GramFree login.

Is GramFree a Cryptocurrency?

Gram Free make use of ‘Grams‘ as it own currency and as such, it is safer to conclude that it is a new form of cryptocurrency. However, website itself cannot be referred to as a cryptocurrency technology.

Essentially, the grams used in gram-free were coined from Telegram (social media app) for their Telegram Open Network (TON) project. It was rumoured that Telegram inc. owns gram free but there has not been any tangible evidence pointing to this.

How Can I Earn From GramFree?

GramFree will only pay it users after earning 500 grams, such is the minimum threshold you can reach before you can cash out. But if you like, you may not cash out till you earn more grams.

Therefore, to earn grams on Gram Free, you expected to sign a smart contracts with the website, enter a daily lottery, watch video or better still, invest in grams. The investment capital on this blockchain-based website will cost you nothing less than $1,000 a pop.

Is Gramfree Legit?

There has been a lot of arguments as to the legitimacy of gram-free and whether it’s safe to use or invest on. Well, all I can say is that there’s no any prove yet to show otherwise that the website is not legit.

Therefore, I’ll say , yes, gramfree is Legit and it is also safe to use. This affirmation is based on several testimony given and shared by many people across the world about Gramfree. As at the time of filing this, nobody has ever claim or report that gramfree is a Scam, this shows that there project is real.

GramFree review
GramFree Review

Is GramFree Payment Legit?

If the website can be said to be legit, does that mean the payment is legit too? Well, GramFree posts view videos of their users receiving their grams. While I’m not preaching or advocating for gramfree, make sure to do further assignment before you invest heavily on the website.

Is Gramfree free?

Yes, Gram free app is free and if you’re accessing the website via your browser, it’s equally free for you too. The website does not require any forms of  investment from it users. But if out of your own will, you wish to invest on gramfree, then go ahead.

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What are Grams?

Gram is to Gram-free what coins is to Bitcoin. On GramFree’s page, users are given ‘grams’ as a currency and they are told that the grams can be converted and exchange for real money.

Be informed that it’s only outside the Gram-free website that Grams have an exchange value. They can’t be called a proper cryptocurrency yet until they developed fully.

In 2020, 1 gram is equivalent to 1.78USD, however, the grams you earn on the GramFree website are without any value until they are “cash-out”.

And before you can withdraw your earned grams, you are obliged to reach the 500 grams threshold and this means you have to make money that is worth $280 on Gramfree before cashing out.

How then could you earn $280 grams on Gramfree?

To earn $280 worth of grams on Gram Free, you need to do any of the above tasks mentioned. However, the subheading below will explain in details how to run this Gramfree services so as to make a lot of grams that worth cashing out.

How to earn Grams on Gramfree
GramFree video

How to earn gram on Gramfree?

The following are the available ways to earn for free on Gramfree world.

1. Smart Contracts

The GramFree Smart Contracts are meant for it users to sign daily. If you decide to take a contract, you will be given a counts down timer. At the end of the count, it’s obligatory you sign again.

Each contract on gram-free world must be signed for a specific numbers of time for you to receive any payment. Thus, there are two types of Smart Contracts, and they are:

  • Standard Contract: This contract worth 0.05 grams; and
  • Risky Contract: This contract on the other hand worth 1.0 grams.

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Equally, be enlightened that one of the most important part of GramFree World is smart contracts. Although they don’t operate the same way and manner that normal cryptocurrency contracts do operate, but yet, they exist to serve the following purposes:

  • To make its users feel invested in the GramFree world development project; and
  • To kindly gift its users grams as a method to earn and gain their love.
What is GramFree smart contract?
Gramfree smart contract

2. GramFree Lottery

Another way to earn gram on gram-free world is by playing Gram Free lottery. The lottery is always available to play every 7 to 24 hours. This will, however, change depending on the users status.

If you win are lucky enough to win lottery, chances are that you can earn between the range of 1 gram and 5,000 grams.

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Can you win the GramFree lottery?

This is a great question to ask. You may be able to see results of other lottery entrants like yourself on their, the lottery is often rigged against entrants.

That is to say, you are definitely going to win some grams playing the lottery but they are usually small numbers of grams, so it’s likely for you to never win more than the small numbers of grams.

3. Videos

You can also earn grams on Gram-free world by watching videos. GramFree rewards its users for watching videos that talks about their website. These videos are often submitted by users as a testimony and they are also meant to persuade more people to visit their blockchain world too.

Most videos there will give you 0.1 Grams for each one you watched, and 5.0 Grams for each videos you submitted to them yourself.

4. Referral

In the same vein, Gram-free will also reward you for bringing in new members on board to participate in their development. While the referral rewards is subject to changes over time, you can’t earn above 10 grams for each referral you successfully made.

However, it’s important you note that these referral program on Gramfree world doesn’t pay well either, as you can only earn Grams when your new recruits fellow gets to level 2 signing contract and doing some other stuff on the website.

What are the available Gramfree payment methods?

You can withdraw or cash out on Gram Free world using any of the following payment options:

GramFree payment methods
GramFree payment methods
  • You can Withdraw using Payoneer
  • You can Withdraw using Payer
  • You can withdraw using Neteller
  • You can withdraw using Ecopayz
  • You can withdraw using Skrill
  • You can withdraw Using Bitcoin
  • You can Withdraw Using Smart Card
  • You can Withdraw using Visa
  • You can Withdraw using PayPal
  • You can Withdraw using American Express card

Note: All of the listed withdrawing options on gramfree have their own charges fee as such, make sure to choose the one that can serve you best.

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      Prince Milroy Anthony

    • Thanks for your comment Regina. However, we have no any relationship with Gramfree. we are just like an informant bringing the happenings in the society to people’s fingertips.

  4. I don’t know why smart contracts is not responding, making it not able to complete the daily task, it’s not encouraging

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