How To Become A Coca-Cola Distributor In Nigeria 2022

How to become a Coca-cola distributor
Coca-Cola distributorship

Today, we’ll be discussing how to become a Coca-cola distributor in Nigeria with ease. Hence, it’s very important you take note of the following guidelines.

The Coca-Cola distributorship journey is one that is not rough so far you have enough investment capital to keep the business rolling. Whether you want to become a Coca cola distributor in Lagos, bigi cola distributorship or you need bigi cola company address, fret not, this article will solve all your problems.

The Nigeria Bottling Company came into being as a franchise bottler to Coca-cola company in Nigeria in 1959. The company now have 13 bottling plants, 28 commercial territory as well as 57 distribution depots in Nigeria.

Big cola distributors in Nigeria
Nigeria Bottling Company

How to become a Coca-cola distributor

Without prejudice to any soft drinks, Coca-Cola products are by far the most loved, consumed and highly patronized soft drink brands in the whole of Africa.

With lots of varieties being produced, the Coca-Cola company’s beverages have gained enormous amount of loyal customers based over the years.

Hence, this has made the company arguably the go-to and number one choice for many people. The drink business in Nigeria isn’t a joke anymore.

So becoming a Coca-Cola distributor in Abuja or anywhere in Nigeria is a lucrative and profitable business venture that comes with lots of profit.

Essence, Nigerians have been consuming Coke, Fanta, Bigi Cola, Pepsi Cola and other major Coca Cola products for over a century now.

This have made the Coca Cola Nigeria to dominate the soft drinks market over the years.

A comprehensive List of Coca-Cola products and their Market prices

Coca cola Business
Coca-Cola company Nigeria

Take notice that the below prices are the current market price as at the time of writing this article.

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Note that the price may vary as a result of your state, town and location. And the Coca-Cola company may deem it fit to change their prices too. Thus, coca-cola wholesale price list in nigeria 2020 are as follows:

  • 1 crate of coke, fanta and sprite of 60cl is sold @ N1850
  • 1 crate of coke, fanta and sprite of 35cl is sold @ N1250
  • Eva water pack of 75cl is sold @ N850
  • Eva water pack of 50cl is sold @ N750
  • Pet coke pack of 60cl is sold @ 1500
  • Pet solo coke pack of 35cl is sold @ N1100
  • Bigi Cola Plastic bottle x24 @ N2,900

Contact this number for wholesales price and distributorship: +2348105946716

Coca Cola Company in Nigeria and Their Official Address

In case you’re planning to become a Coca Cola wholesaler or Coca Cola dealer or distributor anywhere in Nigeria, you might want to consider the following Coca Cola Nigeria address or addresses:

Nigerian Bottling Company

  • Cocoa Cola company in Lagos:

Address: A. G. Leventis Building, Iddo House Lagos, P.O. box 1159 Nigeria

Phone number: + 234 1 2706670

  • Coca Cola company in Abuja:

Idu Industrial districts, Jabbi Abuja.

How to become bigi cola distributor

If you’re determined to become bigi cola distributor in Nigeria, then this is for you. Obviously, bigi cola is one of the highly celebrated soft drink in Nigeria right now. In fact, the product can be found anywhere in the Nigerian market today without any stress.

So starting your own business as a beginner wouldn’t be a problem if you partner with bigi cola because the commercial chain of this food drink and beverage business isn’t slowing down; not any time soon.

In case you have little investment capital on you and wouldn’t mind partnering with bigi cola, kindly click on this link to register and partner with their Rite brand.

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Bigi Cola Company Address

If you are set to become a distributor for bigi cola or you want to register with the company to become one of their wholesales by way of partnering with the company, the best way to go by it is to visit the company.

Thus, the bigi cola company address is Adebola House, 40 Opebi Rd, Opebi 100281, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria. You can equally call their customer representative on the number 0905 380 4042 to get additional information and you can equally book an appointment with her before proceeding to the company.

Bigi Cola Company Price

Bigi Beverages are fun and exciting colorful range of soft drinks that is fantastically refreshing and is a proudly Nigerian brand. Available
in 35CL, 50CL and 60CL. Hence, the price may vary depending on the state, city or town. But on average, the following are the bigi cola company price.

The wholesale price of one pack of PET bottle (50cl) of Bigi-Cola is N950,

The wholesale price for a carton of Pepsi -Cola goes for N1050 and Coca Cola N1150;

For a well detailed and precise information on the company price, visit the bigi cola company official website here.

How to succeed as a Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria

Coca Cola distributorship in Nigeria is profitable if kick started with right amount of money. So if you have the required money already, you still need this piece on how to become a Coca Cola wholesaler to succeed in the drink business.

That is to say, every start-up business requires some tips and strategies that will help the business grow into a profitable venture; you can’t become a Coca Cola products distributor without some guidance.

Coca-Cola Nigeria distributorship
Coca cola distributors

Hence, you can become a successful Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria by just becoming one.

There are somethings that you need to put into order. Among them are;

  • Capitalize on different Coca-Cola products so as to meet all types of customers need and options.
  • Try as much as you can to get a delivery van that’ll help customers pack their purchased products to their destinations. This will direct more potential customers to your Coca-Cola distribution company.
  • A good turn they said, deserves another. Always appreciate your customers for patronising your store. Give them a warm welcoming and ideal customer service.
  • Stick to the company recommended prices even if it is #50 you’re going to gain on a crate. Customer trust and loyalty is the key.
  • Utilize any available marketing techniques that is not above your budget. Efficient marketing contributes immensely to a new venture growth.

If you take the above advise by heart, your research on how to become a Coca-cola distributor will be a worthwhile one.

Steps to starting a Coca-Cola distribution business in Nigeria

At this juncture, it’s important to go into the main topic of discussion; how to start a Coca cola distribution business with little or no problem.

1. Write an effective business plan

Writing an effective business plan is one of the basic steps to becoming a Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria. It’s very vital towards making the business a success.

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So your ability to draw a concise and well articulated business plan will aid you in paying a close attention to the Coca-Cola distribution business.

Also, being a Coca-Cola distributor, a well drawn business plan would help you greatly in preparing for any future challenge that may ensure.

In the same vein, it’ll enable you to identify the necessary marketing strategies that will drive the soft drink distribution business to a success.

Coca cola Nigeria
Coca cola Nigeria

In case you need the simple steps involves in drawing a well articulated business plan, endeavor to visit here.

2. Start up capital

The major thing that determines whether or not a business minded person like you can become a successful Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria is the startup capital.

So be informed that a small amount of money cannot start and run the business efficiently and effectively. Most especially, when there numerous big cola distributors in Nigeria.

At least for the start, to become a Coca Cola distributor, you should be able to buy a whole truck or 500 crates of soft drinks.

That is to say, you should have nothing less than N1 million as your start up budget for buying different varieties of Coca-Cola products.

Accordingly, you’ll need money to build or rent a warehouse or a store for the products, trucks and other facilities that’ll will enable you to run the business smoothly.

However, if you can’t raise such amount of money on your own, you might consider writing a business proposal to investors.

See how to write an effective business proposal here.

3. Register as a major Coca-Cola distributor

Since you’ll be doing the soft drink distribution business in a very large scale, it’s important you visit the nearest Coca-Cola company to register as major dealer or distributor.

Doing this usually comes with many opportunities. One of which is you standing the chance to be supplied dozens of products on credits.

Also, if you register your Coca-Cola distribution business with the Coca-Cola company, they’ll be giving the products to you on a more cheaper price.

Coca-Cola Nigeria distributorship
Nigeria Bottling Company

Premise on the above, visit the nearest company and request for a Coca-Cola products distributorship form.

Fill in all the requirements in the form that’ll be given to you. When you have satisfied all their requirements, your request will be accepted.

However, in case you have a question or two as to becoming a major distributor in the Coca-Cola bottling company, endeavor to ask their on-site customer support service.

4. Get a warehouse and sales office.

Also, before becoming a fullfledged Coca-Cola distributor in Nigeria, it is very important you get a perfect place as a store and sale office.

Get a very big place, spacious enough to accommodate different varieties of soft drinks. You can budget a truckful or 400 crates of coke, Fanta, sprite and the likes.

Let the sales office be close enough to the warehouse. If possible, you use the same location for the two.

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Similarly, endeavor to choose a sales office that is not far away from your target audience.

5. Open for business.

After you must have registered with the Coca-Cola Depot, gotten a place as a store and as sale house, then you’re good to go.

Now is the best time for you to open your store and start your distribution business with ease.

How to become bigi drinks distributor.

It very important you note that there’s different between bigi drinks and Coca-Cola drinks. The two may look alike but they products of different company entirely. However, whether you are to read the guide to become a Coca-Cola Nigeria distributorship or you are here to learn how to become bigi drinks distributor, the above discussed steps will work well for the two.


In conclusion, if you master all the above steps on how to become a Coca-cola distributor very well, becoming a successful soft drinks distributor in Nigeria will be too easy on you.

However, if you are having any difficulty in running the distribution business, endeavor to visit the Coca-Cola company to ask them few questions with respect to the business.

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