How to become a fashion designer (with ease) in 2022

How to become a fashion designer
Lady's wear tailor

Have you been browsing through the net all day searching for how to become a fashion designer without any legal or financial problem? I guess your answer is yes.

Well then, this article is going to tell you who are the fashion designer, how to start the business from the scratch, how to make name for yourself and lots more.

Similarly, you’ll be exposed to different categories and roles of fashion designing that you might like other than become a tailor in the fashion designing industry.

Informatively, fashion designing or the tailoring business has been in existence right from the time immemorial. It’s a business of the past, of the present and the future.

It’s what is called an evergreen business in the entrepreneurial world. That is to say, businesses that are meant to thrive, stay and progress in every session.

Hence, it’s very imperative you take cognizance of every single detail to be explained below. But before going farther on how to become a fashion designer, you might want to know…

  • Who is a fashion designer?
  • What is fashion designing?
  • Categories or type of fashion designing.
  • Roles of a fashion designer.

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Who is a fashion designer?

A fashion designer is the person that design clothes and other fashion wears ranges from high class fashion down to high-street wears. Sometimes, a fashion designer is also called a tailor.

What’s fashion designing?

Fashion designing is the act of making and stitching clothes together in other to make a beautiful wear. It’s also the act of sewing clothes into beautiful dresses.

Categories or type of fashion designing

Although there are no universal acceptable classes or categories of fashion designing but still, designers do specialise in special types of clothing lines.

As such, the following categories of fashion designing might be of help to you.

  • Men wear.

In a bid to fully understand this tutorial on how to become a fashion designer, it’s important you know that there are some fashion designers that specializes in sewing men’s clothes.

  • Ladys/Women’s wear

It’s practically impossible for a designer who specializes on men clothes to handle women’s or lady’s line of dresses. It requires different skills, experience and some level of expertise.

  • Children’s wear

Similarly, children’s wear is another category of fashion designing you can venture into after you must have learned how to become a fashion designer.

  • Sportswear.

Equally, the tailors that handles the stitching and making of sportswear are entirely different from any other fashion designers. The required expertise is different.

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So it’s important you know and understand the types or categories of fashion designing before you venture into the fashion design industry.

Doing that will give you the opportunity to focus on a particular niche thereby becoming an expert in such area.

Other than that, there are some other roles of fashion designing that may interest you apart from becoming a tailor. These other fashions designing roles are:

You can work as a brief or fashion design instructions;

You can become a fabric trends analyser;

A future trends predictor;

You can become a pattern and blocks (basic shapes) designer;

Sample clothing items supervisor; etc.

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What do I need to have to become a successful fashion designer?

There are so many things you need to have at your disposal to become a successful fashion designer; among these things are:

  • Good eye for fashion

Since you’ll be working in the fashion department, you must have a great eye for fashion for you to succeed. Your audience needs something good to look nice which is your responsibility to provide.

  • Good eye for shapes and colours

There’s a line of demarcation between the eye for fashion and eye for shapes and colours. Thus, it’s a must you have the two if you really want to make a good name in the industry.

  • Pattern cutting skills and sewing.

We’ll discuss this better when we get into how to become a fashion designer proper but it’s still necessary for you to know that it’s the most important aspect of it all.

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  • Ability to spot trend

Another thing you need to have in your possession to become a successful fashion designer is the ability to spot new trends in the fashion designing industry.

  • A certificate

If I say certificate, I don’t mean a foundation degree, HND, diploma or degree certificate. I mean an apprentice certificate from any recognised fashion designing workshop.

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This is only needed to serve as an evidence that you know what tailoring and fashion designing is all about. And it’ll equally be needed when registering your business brand name.

How to become a successful fashion designer.

Without much ado, the following are the ways or the simple tricks involved on how to become a fashion designer.

1. Define your preferred niche

You must have read the different niche or categories available in the fashion designer and as such, it’s the first thing to do on your journey to become a tailor.

Your ability to have a definite niche will give you the direction of where to go and what you need to next.

But without having a definite niche in mind, you can proceed to the next course of action. So if you have one already, proceed to the next step but if not, stroll up to see the available options.

2. Go for the necessary training.

If you’re reading this, I guess you’ve made a right decision on which niche of fashion designing you’ll venture into. If so, then you need to learn the art of sewing such clothes

That is to say, if you chose to become a sportswear designer you’ll definitely need to acquire all the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise to become a sportswear tailor.

You can do this either by going to any fashion designing school or by doing a training as an apprentice in any legally established fashion designing workshop.

If you’re a fast learner, you should be able to grab everything within few months after which you’ll be given a certificate of apprenticeship.

3. Choose a location for your workshop

If you are in this stage, then you must have acquired a certificate and become your own boss in the fashion design industry. So it’s safer for you to get a location of your own workshop.

Look for a well commercialized environment with lots of foot traffic or better still, an area that your target audience resides.

Taking your time to look for a perfect looking for your tailor shop will contribute immensely to your fashion house success, do take note.

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4. Get a brand name.

After you must have gotten a place for yourself, it’s important you give your fashion designing workshop an easy to remember brand name.

Your brand name should be something unique, simple and easy to pronounce by your target audience.

Remember, your brand name is meant for your customers consumption and thus, they should be put in mind while picking one.

5. Register your tailoring business

We’re getting to the end on how to become a fashion designer – a successful one to be precise but sequel to that, business registration is vital, too.

After you must have gotten a unique brand name for your tailoring business, up next is to proceed to get your business registered.

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You’ll need to sign some papers and produce some documents before your get your tailoring business licensed. Some of the documents include; your contact address, business address, business certificate, etc.

6. Open your workshop.

The last thing to expect on how to become a fashion designer is grand opening and here we are. After you must have put in place every step discussed above, you’re good to make money in the fashion industry.

7. Market your business

Now that you fashion industry has been legally registered and you’ve gotten a license to practice tailoring business and everything is up and running, the next thing is to promote your business.

Fashion business home cannot exist in a vacuum hence; you need to market your new establishment. Create awareness and let’s your target audience knows of your existence.

Adopt whatever marketing strategies at your disposal and based on your financial stance. It could be through social media platforms or through offline media outlets.

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End Note!

The fashion industry is a money making business enterprise that comes with lots of fun; only if you follow the above highlighted points.

Equally, there’s no any special tricks on how to become a fashion designer than the above discussed, do treat them with care!

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