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One of the questions people can’t help but to ask Google on every daily basis is ‘how to become a freelance writer’. While some people blend into the freelance writing zone with ease, others couldn’t make because they don’t know how to.

Findings also show that the most sought after online job is freelance writing which means hundred of thousands of people are into this profession. Yet, this doesn’t mean the industry is oversaturated.

People create blogs and website every second, and they will definitely need the service of a writer for them to get started as such, a freelance writer service will be needed. Not only that, company and organisations too, need amazing writers to generate engaging content for them.

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Essence, it is very important to state that being a freelance writer is much more than just to possess the ability to write good English, it entails some other skills too, if you really want to land a high paying client.

Required Skills of a freelancer

Apart from the fact that you have excellent command of language, possession of the following skills will be a great plus for you and it will assist you greatly in getting referrals and consistent orders.

  • Good English

Freelance writing requires much more than English from you but rather good English. Your ability to use simple English to engage readers will help you go a long way.

  • Story teller

You don’t just become a freelance writer because you major in English language or because you are a native speaker. You must be a good story teller, too.

  • SEO knowledge

SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization. Every blogger and webmaster will only accept a well optimized content from because that’s the only way there website can be rank higher on SERPs.

So your ability to write an engaging and we’ll optimized content will also contribute to your freelance writing journey success.

  • Uniqueness

You can’t become a successful freelance writer if you can’t write a unique and plagiarized free content. Bloggers and webmasters out there only accept contents that are 100% unique.

Essence, that you possess the above set skills only mean you will go a long way in the freelance writing industry if you combined Trustworthiness to your dealings. You can’t deceive a client and expect him to come back. Never!

However, if you possess all the necessary skills to become a freelancer, the thing to do is to pitch a client who will give you your first writing project. This is the most difficult part of becoming a freelancer.

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How to land a writing gig as a freelance writer

You don’t just land a client who will give you a writing job on the street or in the hall way or in a coffee shop, you pitch them online. However, you may want to consider the following places to get a client.

1. Facebook

Yes, the popular Facebook that you know. I only recommend facebook first because you are new in the writing industry. It is the place you can land your first client who may give you a trial without any sample.

If I say sample, I mean an example of your previous work, mostly publish online. Although majority of clients on Facebook will ask for a PDF or documents file if you can’t point to any publish byline.

To get a client who will give you the real test as a writer for the first time, there are countless numbers of freelance writing pages on Facebook. There is “Blogger helping Blogger”, “Content Writers Needed”, “Freelancers in Kenya” and more.

Search for freelance writing related pages and become a member. Then, introduce yourself on the page as a freelance writer who is ready to take on writing project.

Let them know that you are new and will do your best to generate an engaging and SEO friendly articles. Anybody that needs your service will give you a direct message or place a comment on your post.

I landed my first international client on Facebook who paid me some dollars for 1000+ words article on “Content Writer Needed” page. This was after she posted that she needed a writer and boom, I private message her and the rest is history.

So there is more to this on getting a client who will give you a writing job opportunity on Facebook but that will be a discussion for another day.

2. Freelance writing job board

Other than Facebook, the only place you can land a client who will pay you a good amount of money as a freelance writer is on freelance writing job board. Although you have to be a professional before you make it big here.

There are many tested and trusted writing job board out there that you can become a member, remember that a newbie in the world of writing like you will like go through hard time in landing your first client.

But your ability to persist and stay strong will eventually pay off. Among the freelance writing job board you can register now to become a member is:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Ifreelance
  • Guru
  • Contena
  • Content Kart, etc.

You can go to Google and type “Freelance writing job board” to get a comprehensive list.

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3. Other Social media platforms

Depending on the kind of people and organization you follow, you can get a freelance writing job on other social media platforms like Instagram.

Writing and posting unique and engaging stuffs and using the right hashtag will let potential client notice you. And you never can tell, you may land your first client on the page.

4. Direct pitching

Although this may be difficult as a new writer, but pitching webmasters and bloggers directly through their “Write for Us” pages can also gives you a writing opportunity.

If you will try this out, first go to the website and read the instructions and guidelines and see if you can render something of such nature.

5. Tell a friend.

Yes, you can get a writing job by telling your friends about it. You never can tell, he may know someone who knows someone who is in need of a freelancer. One of my clients whom I’m still working for now was introduced to me by a friend.

While it works for me, it can perfectly work for you too.

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The journey to become a successful freelance writer may be rough and tough, but remember that nothing good will never come easy.

In case you have a question or two about freelancing, feel free to hit me up via the comments section or drop an email to [email protected] I’ll take my time to give you a sound response.

I value you!

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