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How to become an event planner
Event planning business

Do you wish to become an entrepreneur by venturing into the event planning business? Are you in need of an effective guide on how to become an event planner without a degree? If so, this article contains all you need to do before before becoming an event decorator or party planner.

Accordingly, event planning has grown into one of the lucrative and most promising business idea in this contemporary labor market.

This success is not only as a result of the sheer number of audiences who are on the lookout — every now and then — for creative event planners or party decorators but also as a result of the technology boom that is taking the industry even much further.

However, an event planning business is an overarching concept that housed numbers of professions. It’s also a diverse sector and a field that requires its managers to be creative, skillful and energetic at handling changes, pressure and unforeseen circumstances.

How to be a successfully event planner without a degree
One of the surest ways to enter this noble industry is by becoming an event planner or party decorator. These two sub-niche are profitable and lucrative.

Thus, becoming a professional and successful event planner requires — though not limited to — a vast knowledge and experience in the industry, and quite obviously, having a formal training will go a long way too.

All these things are what the successful event management companies out there are doing to make their event planning business prosper.
Hence, if you’ll like your event planning company to be a success, you need to follow same.

Essence, starting a decorating business for parties wouldn’t be an easy job at the end, but your ability to persist and be consistent in the industry is what matters.

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Event planning blueprint

Event planning blueprint is what is also known as the event business plan. And of course, this piece on how to become an event planner with no experience wouldn’t be complete without the event planning blueprint.

So it is important you note that the event planning blueprint is the pillar of any successful event planning company or better still, the foundation of all the popular event management companies out there.

Therefore, you have to treat it as such. Starting a new business requires a business plan and so is event planning. You event planning blueprint or business plan should, however, contain all of the following:

Target audience

In your decorating business blueprint, it is very important you identify who your potential audience are and where you can find them.


Your new business may not see the light of the day if you failed to know your competitors well. So it is expected of you to identify them and how you intend to tackle them in your blueprint.

Source of fund

The backbone of every business is fund and as such, it’s incumbent on you to explain how you intend to source for finance towards taking the event planning business to the promise land.

Financial Projection

In your event planning blueprint, it is also expected of you to write out a financial target that your business must attain in certain years to come. That will gives you the heads to work, even harder.

However, there are many other things that you need to include in your event planning business plan but the above highlighted are top notch and they must be treated as such.

Event planning business checklist

Under this subheading, we’ll be discussing the various types of event planning business or better still, the available niches in the event planning industry.

Thus, to become a certified event planner, other than the event planning tips that will be discussed in this article, you need to know the available niches so as to pick the one that suit you the most.

A niche can be defined as an interested area of specialization that an individual would like or prefer to work in. Therefore, event planning business can be basically divided into 3 distinct categories and they are;

  • Social Event Planning;
  • Corporate Event Planning; and
  • Non-profit Event Planning.

Each event planning business stream has its own highs and lows. So you need to patiently choose the one that will provide you the perfect class of work-life balance with an ideal amount of paycheck.

Social Event Planning

This type of event planning is also known as the freelance consulting event planning business. If you are the type that enjoy flexible business hours and will like to stay far from any office politics, you can become an event planning consultant.

As such, to become an event planning consultant, all it takes is same steps to be explained below on how to become an event planner with little or no experience.
Doing freelance event planning consultancy allow you to take on any kind of jobs that interest you, and by chance, become a certified party planner.

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If it pleases you, you may decide to be working for specific niches like organizing birthday parties for lads, private weddings, small functions and much more.

Corporate event planner

If you are the type that enjoy working in an office environment with great opportunity of organizing events and parties for well-known business brands, then venturing into event planning as a full timer may be your best shot.

However, be informed that the Corporate event planners do have a very tight schedule and you must be collaborative as your service requires you to work with various third-party vendors to effectively plan their events.

Non-profit organizations

The last on the list of the available niches in the event planning realm is the NGOs. This means you’ll be working for industries that are non-profit on some of their enjoyable assignments.

Their events that requires you to plan may include athletic events, fundraising campaigns among other things.

As such, this event planning task can be quite suitable and diverse for an individual who loves challenges or trying new things.

How to become a party decorator

There is nothing much in party decoration business it’s akin or one and same thing as the event planning business. Although event planning encapsulate it in entirety.

So, let’s consider all that you really need to put in place in order to become a successful and creative event planner who is always ready to take face any challenges and take up new clients from diverse background.

Without much ado, below are the relaible tips that you actually need on how to become an event planner from home and with little or no experience at all.

1. Choose a specific niche

The first thing to do before becoming an event planner is to decide on which niche in the event planning industry you would venture into.
The top event planning companies out there didn’t jumped into what they are now, they all passed through this step.

So, a lot had been said as to the fact that the event planning industry is a vast field just like any other profession, hence you need to choose a definite niche that suits your taste, personality and preferences the best.

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2. Acquire the basic training and experience.

Although this article is basically on how to become an event planner with no experience but nevertheless, you need to get some basic training as well as experience on how the business is being run.

After all, to become a certified event planning doesn’t require any qualification other than your level of expertise, hence, get the set skills and become your own manager.

As such, as a beginner in the event planning field, you needs to kick start your journey by going through some basic but necessary training to gain experience on how to become an event coordinator and party planner.

There is nothing like event planner qualifications other than the training and experience. Your BA in Management, Hospitality, or public relations is okay as a perfect idea to earn.

But with this, you can become an event planner without a degree and even establish a stable income through it.

3. Build a portfolio

Building a portfolio is very important in building an incredible event planning career. With mouthwatering portfolio, you’ll stand the chance to get a larger gigs as well as high paying clients.

4. Get Certified and Do the Legal Basic

If your dream in the event planning industry is to run a profitable venture, then it really worth it for you to become a certified event planner.

Being a certified event planner wouldn’t only increase your business credibility but will bring more reputable clients to your advantage.

You’ll need to register your business name, get licensed and acquire the working permit as an event planner (depending on your state law).

This is one of the important aspects of becoming an event planner. High paying clients with amazing reputes will only engage the service of a registered and legitimate event planning or party coordinator.

5. Join the Relevant Trade Organization

Once you’ve registered your business and become certified as a legitimate event planner, you are free to hit the ground straight away.

However, it is ideal you join the relevant trade organization in your community so as to network with people of better mind as at when due.

You may, therefore, be asked to register before becoming a member and also ask to pay some certain annual fee as a member of the organization.

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6. Start working as a certified event planner

Once you’ve become certified and have achieved membership in a trade association, you may as well start taking on bigger projects and perhaps create your own business.

To crown it all, for you to successfully start your own event planning business, you’ll need to assemble a team and have connections with several vendors.

Plus, endeavor to make use of the various online event planning forums such as GEVME and others to fit in. Create a personal website, too, to get a wider audience.


As tough as the event planning industry is, this comprehensive guide on how to become an event planner will assist you greatly in gaining a firm footing and as such, thriving well as an event planner.

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