How to fix a hole in an air mattress seam 2022

How to fix a hole in an air mattress seam
How to fix a hole in an air mattress

Today, our tutorial on how to fix a hole in an air mattress seam will be discussed under different categories.

That is, we will try to explain different ways and methods by which you can use to fix a hole in an air mattress with ease.

Hence, it’s important we state that whether an air mattress is purposely made for camping or designed as a makeshift bed for guests, it will eventually develop a leak at some point.

Thus, an air mattress leak or hole may be found somewhere around the seam, near the inflation valve stem, or anywhere on the air mattress main body.

As such, the leak renders the whole mattress useless until the hole is found, fixed, and repaired. Such is the solution this article on how to fix a hole in an air mattress seam wants to proffer.

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How Do I Know If My Air Mattress Has Holes?

The first thing to do before you can be able to patch a hole on the air mattress or seam is to find the leak or hole first.

This is not as easier as it is being said, as you could use all of your days looking for a tiny hole causing the air in the mattress to leak.

How do I know if my air mattress has holes?

One of the easiest though somewhat messy ways to find the hole is by rubbing the mattress and the seam with soapy water.

If there is any tear there, you’ll easily find it as bubbles will start flying out from the hole direction. So once there are bubbles, then you will find your leak.

And if you are not too sure whether or not your mattress is really leaking due to a rip on the mattress or seam, then check if there is any changes in the temperature or if the air mattress is new.

But if you, however, think none of these is the case, gently deflate and re-inflate the mattress again and check for any possible holes.

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Once you spot one, make sure you circle it with a marker or anything that will leave a trace there before you come back to fix the hole in it.  

How Do I Fix My Mattress If It Has A Hole? What About On The Seam?

Once you are able to locate the tear or the hole on the air mattress and after you must have marked the area with a marker, what is next is for you to fix it.

If your air mattress is made of a raised, flocked, textured, or any usual or common material, you will have to sand the area with fine-grit sandpaper.

A little sand is enough so as not to ruin the mattress. In that case, carefully sand the torn area until you are left with the material base.

How to fix a hole in an air mattress seam

Having said this, we have come to the actual hole fixing and mattress seam repair, and this can be actualized in different ways.

How to fix a hole in an air mattress seam

You can fix a hole in an air mattress seam by patching, you can repair an air mattress by using glue, etc. But for the purpose of this tutorial, we shall be discussing the two mentioned ways.

How to repair air mattress by patching

Patching is one of the surefire ways to fix a hole in an air mattress. It involves you applying another material to the torn area of the mattress.

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This material can be scraps of cloth, shower curtains, even self-adhesive! As long as it patches and works, it wouldn’t matter what the patch material is made of.

Notwithstanding, the most used type of air mattress patch is a cloth patch that is either made from pieces of clothes or strips of fabric.

Once you get the cloth patch ready, gently apply the glue around the leaking areas or hole, then add the patch.

Make sure that you let it dries out properly before you let go.

In the same vein, you can use adhesive strips, too, to patch the hole in your air mattress.

To do this, tear off the paper over the adhesive, slap it to the hole, and smooth it out with your fingers till the strip is placed flush.

Importantly, some people argue that fixing the house in an air mattress with adhesive strips causes, even more, damage to the air mattress than good.

Well, I disagree with such notion and assertion. Adhesive strips worked well on leaking air mattresses so far the sanding was perfectly done beforehand.

That is to say, one of the best ways to repair a hole in an air mattress is patching.

How to fix a hole in an air mattress by patching

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How To Fix A Hole In An Air Mattress Using Glue

Another way to fix a hole in an air mattress seam is by using glue to patch the seam tears.

It is also known as the best method on how to fix a hole in an air mattress without a patch.

Although this method is efficient and a lot easier, it, however, comes with few risks.

And to be candid, gluing proves to work, even better, on-air mattress seams than patching.

So have that in mind before you tear up your old shirt for the patch or scrap fabric.

Having said that, if you will be fixing your air mattress using glue, then it’s advisable you use a strong bonding glue such as super glue and not the type you use for your arts and crafts binding.

Besides, a hot glue gun is also encouraged, but you must exercise caution while fixing the holes as the heat from the glue can cause additional damage to the air mattress if care is not taking.

Since you must have sanded the area around the leak or hole, you only need few drops of the glue gun to leave a long-lasting seal on the affected area.

Be careful not to drop the glue on anything else, doing so could cause additional damage to the air mattress while you attempt to clean up the stray glue.

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How Do I Prevent Any More Holes On My Air Mattress?

Having guide you through how to fix a hole in an air mattress seam, let’s take a look at how you can use the mattress to prevent any further holes or tears from occurring.

  • Make sure that your air mattress has enough space for itself. If it is rubbing up against a furniture, even if it’s a table-leg, it can cause a lea.
  • Never use any sharp objects like pin, razor, nail, etc. around an air mattress.
  • Never overfill your air mattress. Don’t be tempted, excess air pressure inside the mattress can make it to tear.

Final Thoughts

Explained above are the two easiest ways you can adopt ON how to fix a hole in an air mattress seam.

Although fixing a hole in an air mattress with a patch or glue can be lots easier.

Finding these holes or tears is rather tricky, and it is the only real difficult aspect of the whole process.

So take your time to read through the article as we equally explained the best way to find the leaking hole in an air mattress without much stress.

Fixing, repair, and prevention are not that difficult so long you are not too rough on your air mattress, it will definitely last you for unimaginable years to come.

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