How to make money from home with or without the internet 2021

How to make money from home
Money make business

Do you need hints on how to make money from home? Are you bored sitting down at home doing nothing? Do you need profitable business ideas you can start from the comfort of your room?

If yes, coming down here to read how to make money from home means one thing, and that is your problem is solved.

For many reasons, people have been solving the net on how to make money on the internet, how to make money from home, how to make money using smartphones, etc.

Whatever the reasons might be in the past, the present situation in almost every country of the world (Covid-19 pandemic lockdown saga) has intensity the search on the internet.

As such, Business Ideas For Beginners had taken a step to provide a long list of business or work or job you can do to make extra bucks from home.

While this article on how to make money from home is just a full guide, it’s up to you to pick up any job you think you’re capable of doing.

Business ideas that you’re very sure it’ll fetch you cool money when you dabble into it.

Also, this tutorial on how to make money from home is going to be divided into two segments.

The first segments will talk about how to make money from home using the internet, and the other part will discuss ways to earn extra income from home other than using the internet.

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How to make money from home using the internet

Without further delay, below are ways you can make money from home using your smartphone or computer and the world wide web.

1. Take surveys online.

If your reason for looking for ways to make money from home is because of the stay at home policy that’s been implemented everywhere, then you can take some survey job online and make money.

There are numerous survey job board out there that you can visit to participate in their program just to earn extra income. Some of this survey site include; paidfromsurveys, Swagbucks, Prizerebels, etc.

2. Sell ebook

Another wonderful way to make money from home is by selling ebook. This home job opportunity is meant for the passionate writer, though.

If you have script you just finish working on, since you can’t go out to publish nor market it now, you can convert such script into a PDF file and sell it as ebook online.

You don’t have to own a website before you can sell ebook, you can use your social media platforms to market and sell it to the interested readers.

3. Freelancing job

Anything freelancing means a short term job. So you can take up any freelance job that is related to your niche or profession.

Say you’re a writer, you can become a freelance writer and make money from home through it.

And you can become a freelance photographer or graphic designer, all these are work from home jobs that pays.

4. Virtual assistant

Now that everybody is working from home, the need for a virtual assistant is on the rise. So it’s one of the trusted ways on how to make money from home.

So do your research and become a virtual assistant for any company or firm that needs one.

5. Sell stuffs on Amazon

If you have a product you want to sell or let say you own a brick and mortar store, you can register with Amazon and be selling your products to interested customers online.

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6. Sell on eBay

Although eBay is more of an auctioning website than an ecommerce, yet you can register there and sell your products online there too.

7. Blogging

Blogging is another wonderful job you can be doing that’ll fetch you money from the comfort of your room. Though it’s not easy in the beginning, but in the it’ll pays off too.

So you can create a blog on any niche that interest you the most and start writing unique and quality articles on it.

It’s not a must you be a writer, there are freelance writer out there that are ready to furnish the blog with well optimized contents.

8. Vlogging

The only difference between blogging and vlogging is that; one is all about posting tutorial videos and that is vlogging.

So another way to make money from home is by recording tutorial videos on how to do a particular thing you know people are searching for the most and post it on your YouTube channel.

With certain numbers of likes and followers, you stand the chance to monetize and earn tremendously from it.

9. Online classes

As a teacher who enjoys impacting knowledge on the needy, you can take your class session online and make money from it right from home.

All you have to do is to create a group or page online and let interested person join paying some stipend. Before you know it, you’ll establish a steady income from it while staying at home.

10. Translator

Do you speak and understand different languages and still don’t know how to make extra money from home? If yes, translator business should be your lifeline.

There are numerous multinational organisation and firms out there looking for a translator to help them out.

With a little research online, your chances of making superb amount of money via the internet while working from home is very high.

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How to make money from home without using the internet

Has as been said about the honourable ways to make money from home using the instrument of the internet and smartphone.

Below are, however, available ways to make money from home without using the internet. These job opportunities include;

11. Babysitting

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel; the storm will be over soon and everyone will be able to go out again and there would be nothing like social distancing.

Hence, babysitting is a very nice job you can do if you are so Keen to work from home. This job opportunity is very simple, lucrative and not capital intensive.

12. Laundry and dry cleaning service

Another small business that you can venture into to make money from home is laundry business services.

This doesn’t require a dime to get started, your personal iron and the likes can be used pending the time you make money to buy the ones that are meant for the business.

13. Real estate business

One of the a must mentioned business on how to make money from home is real estate business.

All you need to do is to invest your money in building houses, stores, warehouses etc., and put them up for rent.

This makes money from home business idea is lucrative and profitable.

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14. Invest in Taxi business

Also, this make money from home business idea doesn’t require you to be a taxi driver. You only need to invest your money there.

If you can buy as many taxi as you can, open a taxi agency and employees a trustworthy person to manage it.

This business will be making money for you even while you’re sleeping.

15. Make up artist.

Another make money from home business idea and opportunity is make up artist. This business idea expects you to be mobile.

Not everyone that want to make up have the time to visit your studio, hence you can base your own work on home service only.

With little awareness to family, friends and neighbors, you’ll sure be receiving orders from different homes to come and making them look fine and beautiful.

16. Home tutor.

You can also make money while you are at home as a home tutor. All you need to do is to let your neighbor knows that you’re open for tutoring job and voila, students will storm your house the next day.

17. Home chef

If your cooking skills are exceptional, you can become a chef and make money through it. Not every couple or household have the time to cook for themselves, hence there’s always room for a chef.

18. Handcraft business

If your artistic skills are second to none, you can start crafting or painting or making beads or soap from the comfort of your home and make money.

You can sell your handmade products both online and offline. If it pleases you, you can be selling them on Etsy or supplying a brick and mortar store in your area.

19. Barbing salon or Hair dressing business

Although this business can be best done outside from home as they are ultra lucrative and profitable.

But the untapped or not too saturated area of these two business ideas is home service salon and that’s where you’re going to explore.

So if you are very good in barbing or making beautiful hair, you can make money from home doing home service works to your interested customers.

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20. Stuffs repairing

The last on the list of how to make money online is starting a repair job. If you’re very good in repairing stuffs, you can start taking order from your neighbor while you repair them in your house.

It could be electronics stuffs and it could be anything. With just a sign post in front of your house, you’re good to go.


Whatever the reason why you want to make additional money from home, there are numerous jobs and business ideas and opportunities that can serve such purposes.

Hence, whatever the approaches you’re looking for on how to make money from home, the above discussed just come with easy and handy.

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