How to make money online: The beginners guide (2021)

How to make money online
Making money online

In this era of the novel pandemic Coronavirus, one of the most searched keywords is “how to make money online”, thus, Business Ideas For Beginners shall present you some online business that are very easy to start.

But before then, be enlightened that there’s nothing like get rich quick scheme online, if you want to become an online entrepreneur, you have to be patient and consistent.

How can I make money online?

This is the same question I keep hearing from dozens of my friends over the last few weeks, so I took it upon myself to highlight and discuss some of the ways to make money online today.

So if this is the same question you have been asking yourself, then keep calm and keep reading.

Of course, there are over 1000+ online business ideas and opportunities that you can venture into with little or no capital at all during this Covid 19 lock down but I’ll only highlight the most lucrative and profitable ones.

20 ways to make money online

1. Social media influencer

There is more to uploading pictures and chit chatting on social media outlets. Why don’t you safe your data subscription for something meaningful and profitable.

So who is a social media influencer? He is a person that helps companies and brands promote their products on social media platforms in return for money.

Thus, if you have thousands of followers on your social media pages but still not sure on how to make money online, then you can become a social media influencer.

2. Blogging.

If there’s any online business that I’ll keep recommending on how to make money online, it will always be blogging. Albeit for those that knows the art of doing so.

Obviously there is money in blogging but it takes a lot of time, consistency and commitment in the first place. But when you start to make money through blogging, you’ll definitely feel fulfilled.

Hence, if you’ll like to start this online money making business but don’t know where to begin, kindly click here.

3. Freelance writing.

What could be more interesting during this lockdown period than working from home? So if your writing prowess is incredible, why don’t you start freelance writing job now?

This online business idea is very lucrative and profitable, and it doesn’t require any investment capital. All you need to get this started is just a system (or smartphone) and an internet connection.

More so, there are many freelance job board out there where you can get clients who’ll gives you topics to write on on an agreed fee.

However, to learn more about freelance writing, kindly read farther on how to become a freelance writer here.

4. Freelance graphics design

Just like freelance writing job, freelance graphics designing is another reliable online and home based business ideas you can start today.

Although this online business idea requires some level of expertise before you can start it but yet, you can makes a lot of money if you know how to do it right.

So if you’re a veteran graphic designer but can’t go to work again because of the lockdown, you can take your business online.

To do this, you can design a banner explaining all sort of service you render and post it on all your social media groups and pages. Before you know it, the orders will keep coming in.

Similarly, if you can’t use the Corel draw or any designing software, you can watch YouTube tutorials on how to become a graphic designer with ease.

5. Affiliate marketing

Also, since you’re here to learn the available ways on how to make money online, it’s also our responsibility to tell you ‘how’.

So affiliate marketing is another online money making business idea and opportunity that may ring a bell to you.

What exactly is this affiliate marketing? It’s simply a way of helping business organizations, companies and brands market their products in return for certain commission.

It’s similar to social media influencer. While social media influencer only creates awareness about a specific product, affiliate marketer sells and markets the product.

The two are kind of similar and related. Plus, most affiliate marketers do collect some certain percent as commission on each sale they make.

So if you have many friends and followers on your Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the likes, you can become an affiliate marketer today.

Read more on how to become an affiliate marketer today.

6. Website design

There are over four billion blogs and websites that are up and running and yet, people still create and make money on blogging.

Although web design is one of the online business ideas and opportunities that requires special knowledge and technical understanding.

Yet, it is profitable and in high demand. So if your programming skills are second to none, why don’t you become a web designer now?

And if you don’t know how to create or design a website, you can learn it here.

7. YouTube tutorials

Still on how to make money online without investment capital. YouTube videos have made thousands of people into a multimillionaire today. Why not you?

Have you asked yourself that question yet? Well, if you have a very special and rare skill that people really need, you can record a video explaining how to do such thing.

After the recording, you’ll need to create a YouTube channel where you’ll be dropping the videos. With time, money will start rolling in.

However, just like any other online business, it takes time and consistent uploading of videos to make money on YouTube.

8. Online tutorial

Are you good in mathematics and arithmetic that you can solve problems without calculator or any counter? Why don’t you start an online class today?

Now that people can’t go out anymore, you can seize that opportunity to start an online coaching class.

9.Virtual assistant

Everybody now works from home ever since the curfew has been imposed. You can therefore become a virtual assistant where you’ll be helping companies and brands virtually online to do some work.

These works could be a research or any type of work that revolves around the world wide web.

10. Sell an ebook.

Are you a great fiction writer and will like to make money from it? Are you a creative writer but don’t know how to make money online? If yes, congratulations.

Do you know that you can convert that your story manuscripts into a PDF file and sell it as an ebook online? And you can equally sell that your “how-to-guide” list article online as ebook.

If you have a blog, you can create a section where you sell ebook there. And if you equally don’t have one, your Facebook pages and groups are there, Instagram and the likes can also drive sales into your advantage.

11. Sell on e-commerce website.

The rate at which people embrace the online marketplaces is overwhelming. So if you have any products of yours, you can register on various e-commerce website and list them for sale.

12. Language instructor.

You can also diversify from physical class session to online classes as a language instructor and still makes money.

All you need is to get yourself an online presence on website or YouTube channel or Skype or telegram and/or on any other social media platforms.

13. Sell on Instagram

If you are an artiste (that makes any kind of hand-craft object) and still thinking of how to make money online, do you know that your Instagram page can solve your problem?

Well, now you know…!

Instagram can also be a very good place to sell products. Whatever the nature of your products, it can be sold there.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an ebook, freelance writing service, graphics designing service, etc., they can all be sold on the Instagram.

14. Website flipping

One thing on how to make money online is that it requires smartness, creativity and it also involves a risk.

Anyways, you can design a website or say, pay someone to design it for you. After everything has been set, you can then sell it for an interested buyer at any amount you deem fit.

Read also: profitable work from home business ideas

15. Translator business.

There are multinational companies out there looking for people that understand more than a language to serve as a translator in their company.

And of course we are now in lockdown period, which means all your work will be done online.

So if you can speak English fluently and understand every single thing in France and or some other languages, you can establish a new flow of income through translation business.

16. App development.

This online business idea also requires high level of coding and programming which makes it impossible for non-progammer wannabe online entrepreneurs.

But if you can develop an app, it’s a great way to make money online till thy kingdom come.

17. Sell on Facebook

Facebook is just like any other online marketstore that gives buyers and sellers the avenue to transact with each other online.

So if you’re an artiste and want to sell some of your products, say like pots or beads or paints, etc., there is a marketplace section on Facebook where you can put them up for sales.

18. Sell Recharge card (airtime) online

I believe the world is in lockdown, and that’s why you are here reading how to make money online. That is to say, you can seize this opportunity to be selling recharge cards online.

19. Cryptocurrency.

Crypto currency is one of the popular internet moneys making programme that is highly celebrated by people. It’s not an online Ponzi scheme but rather an investment that has to do with bitcoin trading.

For a well detailed article on how to start a cryptocurrency business, kindly click here.

20. Forex trading

Hardly will you read any article on how to make money online and you wouldn’t come across forex trading and/or binary. It’s a reliable online business opportunity you can invest in.

Similarly to crypto currency, it’s also an online investment that comes with lots of sacrifice and profits. Read more on forex trading here.


As I have said earlier, there are thousands of online business ideas and opportunities for beginners without any investment capital.

But the above listed on how to make money online are the easiest and most profitable of them all.

Stay safe, please!

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