How to sell online successfully without a website in 2022

How to sell online

Do you need a well detailed explanation on how to sell online? Are you a passionate entrepreneur and will like to take your business online? If yes, this tutorial on how to sell online is specifically compiled for you.

Statistically, research tells that, there are about $2,012,096 retail sales on eCommerce platforms in 2019. This means there is no better time than now to explore the internet by selling your products online.

On daily basis, the competition to sell online keeps growing tougher and that’s why some entrepreneur don’t bother taking their business online or even using the eCommerce platforms.

However, despite the stiff and tougher competition, with the help of this article on how to sell online, you can still cut your own cheese in the online entrepreneurial world.

All you need to do is to trust and follow all the methods that I will be discussing on how to sell online. Like seriously, it’ll be a life changing experience to sell your products online.

How to sell online successfully

Important of selling your products online

The importance of taking your products and services online cannot be overemphasized. Life without the internet cannot be imagined.

  • Hence, the importance of selling online includes:
  • Your business is always where you are;
  • There is a room for your business to grow bigger;
  • You can start and grow the business without money;
  • You stand the chance to stay ahead of your competitors;
  • You can always start small;
  • You stand the chance to make more money 24hrs per day and seven days a week;
  • You sell beyond your boundary or jurisdiction; etc.

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Essentially, there are many ways you can adopt on how to sell online but these ways or strategies can be stem into three simple questions of what, why and how?

We shall therefore look into these basic questions one after the other.

Question #1: WHAT?

The first question that requires a definite answer on how to sell online is “what?” You need to be very sure on WHAT to sell online.

Let the products, goods or services you want to take online be defined and definite; only then will you know when to start and where to turn to online.

Also, knowing WHAT exactly you’re going to sell online will give you the avenue to know which online presence do you need the most.

It’ll let you know and understand who your target audience are, what they need and the best place to meet them online.

Question #2: WHY?

Haven know what exactly you want to sell or market online, you need to ask yourself “WHY” do you think it’s best for you?

Ask yourself WHY do you pick to sell those particular products or services online and not offline?
Your ability to proffer solution to such question will push you further on your sojourn to successfully start an online business.

Sequentially, you also need to ask yourself WHY do you choose a particular set of target audiences and not other way round.

Your ability to understand your target audience better will see to it that you established a profitable online ventures.

Question #3: HOW?

HOW do you intend to start such business online? You need to ask yourself “How” do you come about such business you’re taking online.

Knowing all these basic questions are tantamount to establishing a profitable business online. Also, it’ll give you a chance in the competitive online marketstore.

How to sell online: A step-by-step approach to becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

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1. Using the existing e-commerce gateways.

The first and most important point on how to sell online is by using the traditional gateways. i.e by selling through the established online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, AliExpress etc.

How to sell using e-commerce stores

As feasible as this strategy is, be enlightened that it has its high and lows. That is to say, e-commerce websites are known for having a large number of returning users who have an established store they visit on daily basis.

So for a newbie like you who’s learning how to sell online with ease, to tap into the ocean of these established online shoppers with a trusted platform wouldn’t be easy.

That said, you can therefore listen to the old cliche ‘ if you can’t beat them, join them’ slogan by restrategizing your online business plan.

Instead of establishing your own e-commerce site, you can register with the big online marketplaces such as the Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Jumia, OLX, AliExpress and others.

These giants eCommerce platforms will only charge you for an affordable commission on every single sale you make. That’s way better than starting from the scratch without seeing any results in the long run.

You may, however, want to consider the steps involve on how to sell online using the following eCommerce platforms channel.

How to sell online using Amazon.

One of the great ways to start selling online using the established e-commerce website is using Amazon platform. This is because Amazon is very popular and it’s the most used e-commerce store in the world.

How to sell on Amazon

To get started on Amazon, the first thing to do is to select a product you’ll be selling online with Amazon. For instance, you can sell let’s say footwear, phone accessories down to educational items.

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Haven pick a product to sell on Amazon, you’ll therefore need to choose a certain plan. That is to say, the kind of service Amazon will be rendering to you at a particular amount.

Haven select a plan and how you intend to pay, you can start selling online using Amazon website.

How to sell online using eBay

According to eBay, online shoppers do perform over 250 million searches on their website on daily basis. That’s 3,000 or thereabouts searches per second, simpliciter!

So don’t be discouraged by the stiffness of the online marketplaces, your potential buyers are there waiting for you too.

How to sell online successfully without a website in 2022 1

Don’t be carried away by the thought that your target audience are within your jurisdiction. According to eBay, about 20% of their sales do come from cross-border shoppers.

People don’t mind shopping across the country so far it’s guaranteed that they’ll get what they want. Unlike Amazon and other e-commerce website, eBay is more of an auctioning online marketstore.

So if you want to sell online using eBay, this leading online platform requires you to pay some certain commission — though affordable — to the founders of the store.

The price tag, however, differs, there are four categories and they are; insertion fees for product listing, advanced listing fees, supplemental services fees and the final value fees.

How to sell products online using Etsy

As a crafter who enjoys exhibiting his skills in carving out beautiful object, Etsy is a wonderful platform for you to sell your products online.

How to sell products online using Etsy

Unlike Amazon and eBay, you can only sell handmade, craft or vintage products on Etsy. That is to say, Etsy is specifically meant for the artist who so much believe in their artistic skills.

Further, this eCommerce website doesn’t allowed reselling products that you didn’t make. Hence, whatever products you’re selling, be it jewelry, painting, pots, flower, etc. it must be originally yours.

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2. Selling online using the social media outlets.

Another channel you should not joke with on how to sell online is the social media platforms. This channel of selling your products or services online is reach and profitable too.

Also, social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allow their business mided users to bring out their products live in front of their target audience.

How to sell online using Facebook

Facebook gives room to its users open a marketstore in form of an online shop where they can showcase their products and inventory to other Facebook users.

How to sell online using Facebook marketplace

Plus, Facebook also offers variants of ways to its users to sell online; like running ads, creating Facebook Business Page, selling products or services on the Facebook groups etc.

Since the focus is on the social media channels in general, have it in mind that other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn etc., are good places to sell online.

How to sell your products on Pinterest

Before you start selling your products online using the Pinterest social channel, you need to understand how the platform works; you need to know the age of your target audience, gender, location and their income.

How to sell your products on Pinterest

Pinterest expects you to know how much money is your potential customers ready to spend and on what products are interested they interested in cashing?

All the above queries are what Pinterest expect you to know and understand before you can sell any products online using it’s advantage.

You can visit the Pinterest official platforms to read money about the business category and how to open a business account.

How to sell online using the Instagram

Equally, you can open a business account on Instagram using a third party app such as the Shopseen. This app will turn your Instagram page into an online storefront.

It’ll synchronize your inventory automatically and upload your products images to your Instagram. And you can let your account be shoppable, too, using the product tags.

How to sell online using Instagram

Doing that will enable you operate your Instagram page as though it’s a lookbook. With better tags towards your prospective customers, you’ll enjoy selling online with Instagram.

Be that as it may, growing an Instagram page from the scratch might seems difficult in the first place, however, with the help of Instagram growth service like Kicksta, you can speed up the process of establishing a solid brand on Instagram

3. Develop a dropshipping website.

With the help of platforms like Shopify, you can set up your own dropshipping website with ease. So you can start selling your products online using your own website.

If you don’t want to undergo the stress of buying and storing several inventory, you can help yourself by installing a dropshipping app.

Such is one of the brilliant ways to sell online as it’s open to many advantages and of course, the most important one is the minimum setup costs.

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You don’t have to worry about the inventory or thinking of managing any warehouse. Selling online means offering the world the flexibility to sit at home and order for their necessities.

In a nutshell, developing your very own dropshipping website is the third and last strategies that are very important to note on how to sell online.


Taking your products online may be difficult and unproductive at times, but if you do your homework well, you’ll definitely have your own pie in the stiffed online marketplaces.

However, this tutorial on how to sell online comes in handy and as such, will assist you a long way to have a successful spell selling your products online.

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