How to start a babysitting business successfully in 2021

How to start a babysitting business
Babysitting business guide

One of the most asked questions on the internet right now is how to start a babysitting business. Hence, we at Business Ideas for Beginners will provide you with a comprehensive guide.

You love babysitting, right? Of course it is a job that you’ll enjoy doing, derive pleasure as well as earn a decent income from.

Categorically, you might want to ask yourself if babysitting is just a hobby, part-time hustle for teenagers or something you can metamorphose into a full-fledged business.

Most often than not, babysitting business is commonly women or single mom but you can also be a babysitter as a student or adult as well.

What is Babysitting Business?

A babysitting business which is also known as daycare business can be best explained as watching over children in the absence of their parents, playing with them, preparing meal for them and more.

Daycare business service

Most often, working class wife’s are not opportune or allow to take their kids that are too small for elementary school to work and as such, there’s need for them to keep them safe somewhere and that is when a babysitter will comes in.

Different people operate their babysitting business differently, depending on the business scale. So if you’re starting yours as a big or medium scale business, be informed that marketing the business is vital.

Who can Start a Babysitting Business?

Becoming a babysitter isn’t an issue but the category or kind of person to venture into the business and turn it into a profitable venture depends.
So if you enjoy spending most of your time with children, then babysitting business might just be your calling — you never can tell.

Also, a babysitter should be able to communicate effectively and easily connect with both the kids and their parents.

How to become a babysitter

If you’re on the verge of becoming a successful babysitter, then it’s very important you read (to the end) and digest this particular post.

Even if you have little or no experience at all, if you can carry out an extensive research, market survey, get enough fund and market the business well, running a successful and profitable babysitting business wouldn’t be a problem.

However, before going deeper into how to start a babysitting business, it’s very crucial we take a closer look into the following subheadings.

How Much Do Babysitters Charge Pay Kid?

The good news here is that there’s no general or fixed price for babysitting service. You’ll agree with me that there’s grade and level in this business.

So before you can determine the amount you’ll be charging your clients, you need to see how much your business is actually worth by reviewing your experience, expertise, the job requirements, location and where you house the kids.

However, depending on how much you worth and you see fit, you can charge $50 to $100 per Head. In my opinion though.

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Attributes of a successful babysitter

For you to establish a profitable daycare business, you must possess all of the following characteristics:


Remember, you’ll be dealing with tons of children who can hardly differentiate left from right. Hence, a good babysitter must be organized.


Punctuality they said is the sole of business. Most people that keeps their wards at the daycare for babysitting are always busy women. So to keep your clients, you must be punctual.


Nothing takes babysitting to a greater heights than operating the business with a mature mind. You’ll face different children with different characters, you’ll need your mature mind to tackle them.


To grow your babysitting business from the scratch to a profitable daycare you have to be respectful to both the children under your care and their parents.


More than anything, a good babysitter must be attentive. Always look after the wards and pay attention to whatever they are doing.

How to start a babysitting business with no experience

Without further ado, the following are the most simplest steps to take to establish a profitable babysitting business with little or no experience at all.

1. Draw an adequate business plan

If you’re determined to take your babysitting business to the next level then you must map out an efficient business plan before anything.

Babysitting business plan

Like the proverbial who failed to plan as planned to fail, your failure to plan your baby sitting business means you’ve planned to fail from the beginning.

More so, writing a babysitting business plan is not a hard task. It’s as simple as any other type of business plan. All you need to do is to map out some projections for the business.

Write out where you intend to source for your fund, what your business goal and vision is, where you intend to see the business in few years to come, where and how to find your target audience etc.

If need be, you can ask an expert to work you through it or write one for you. What is important is that you have a working business plan that will be your guide to the promise land.

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2. Conduct a market research

If I said a research, I meant an extensive background check on the various babysitting businesses in your surroundings as well as on your target audience behavior.

This step means a lot and it’s one of the points you need to take serious while learning how to start a babysitting business from the scratch.

Meet with various babysitters and ask them questions related to babysitting service, check if your own business can survive in your environment too or if you will look for another place with less competition.

Also, in the course of your research, find out where your potential clients are, how to meet then and what their behavior look like. Knowing all these will help you a long way in the course of starting your business.

3. Source for fund.

Here, you only need to source for fund when you don’t have any financial projection on ground but if the reverse is the case, then you’re good to go.
To source for fund, you can write a proposal to business investors, you can also seek for loan from bank, traditional financial institutions, family and friends etc.

Be enlighten that sourcing for fund is a necessity, after all, you’ll need money to get a perfect apartment where the kids will staying and playing.
Plus, there is need for you to furnish the room, buy snacks that you’ll be feeding the children, first aid kits and medics, TV sets and more.

But if you have an apartment that is spacious enough to occupy 20 – 25 kids, then you only need money to get other relevant necessaries.

4. Find a perfect location

In case you’re starting your babysitting business out of your home, it’s advisable you get a perfect location for smooth running of the business.

In the course of carrying out a market research, you must have known who your target audience are and where you can find them. Therefore, set up your business around your potential clients base.

Babysitting business infant room setup

Since your target audience are working class women and single mothers, you can rent out an apartment in an area full of offices, Government Secretariat, market and more.

Knowing and setting up your business in a ideal location will help your new babysitting business to settle and blend in perfectly.

5. Get a business name

Finding an ideal, less difficult to pronounce and easy to remember babysitting business name is one of the few ways you can use to stay on top of your game as a potential babysitter.

Even even if you are starting a babysitting business at home, there’s need for you to give it a unique and a good name. It’ll help in distinguishing your own business from other daycare services.

To do this, of course there are some paperworks involved. You need to visit the Corporate Affairs Commission bureau or the agency responsible for giving business names in your state.

You just have to visit the agency to check if your proposed business name is not in existence. Remember, there are numerous babysitting business names out there and as such, you need a separate and different name to succeed.

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6. Get a business license.

Do you need a babysitting license to babysit? Well, it depends. In some states, it’s part of babysitting requirements.

At this point, it is important you note that it’s not necessary to get a business license for your babysitting business as State laws varies.
Although you might have to get different business licenses before starting a business in any city, county, or state.

In some parts of the U.S., you may have to acquire government certification and pass a Working With Children Check (WWCC) before you’re allowed to start and run a babysitting business.

In some other places like UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and other European countries, you may have to register yourself as a babysitter and obtain a Doing Business As (DBA) registration.

Equally, in most cases, you can only babysit limited number of children for some time before you can be certified as a recognized daycare service — particularly if your babysitting business is run out of your home.

Again, the number of the kids you can start with varies from locations to locations and it’s also based on the children under your care’s age.

Lastly, endeavor to check your City or County or State laws to see what licenses and business permits are required to obtain before operating a babysitting business service.

Your failure to check and meet the necessary requirements can result in your business venture being fined or shut down; please take note!
Click here for more details on how to get a babysitting license online for free.

7. Hire your employees

Another important point to note on how to start a babysitting agency is hiring of employees. Truth be told, if you’re starting the business big, you can’t run it all alone.

There are numerous people out there looking for babysitting jobs hence, take your time to map out the numbers of staff you need and where exactly you want them to work.

Babysitting business service

At least, you’ll need someone who will take care of the laundry, someone to tends to the kids when they need to toilet and more.

Endeavor to join babysitters club, too. They’ll help you sketch out the necessaries and watch out for you in time of troubles (God forbid).

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8. Buy the needed equipments

Whether you need the guidelines on how to start a babysitting business as a teenager or how to start a babysitting business with no experience, this particular point is inevitable.

Other than having a well furnished apartment to house your clients kids, there are some equipments that are must to get if you’re determined to succeed.

Part of these babysitting requirements or business equipment are First aid kits, washing machine, Soap, Legos, TV sets, Tissue papers and many more of then.

9. Create awareness

You can’t operate your babysitting business in a vacuum, therefore there’s need for you to market your new business organization to your prospective audience.

While the hardest aspect of a babysitting business service is getting clients to patronise or babysit for. This business is not like most other businesses, daycare or babysitting business really relies majorly on referrals and reputation.

So gaining a firm standing in the midst of existing businesses if you are new can be difficult. Thus, endeavor to reach out to your family, neighbor and friends. This is one of the strategies most babysitters do use when they first begin.

Similarly, as we all know that your potential audience are parents, hence focus your advertisement on an area full of single mom and working class house wife.

Also, you can use any conventional media to create your brand awareness depending on your budget. If you like, you can use billboards, share fliers, annouce on your local radio or TV station etc.

Right marketing will help your daycare business get additional clients. If you like, you can even get yourself a website to let all your target audience know more about you and your dearing babysitting business.

Having a consistent online presence is very important than ever. It’s a nice idea to have social media (like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc) presence too. Although it doesn’t come free, it will cost you your time.

Whatever the strategy you employ to market your babysitting business, what is important is that you ensure that it’s directed to the the right audience.

10. Grand opening

How to babysit is one of the most easiest business ideas that doesn’t requires an expert guidance.

If you started by writing a babysitting business plan, then you conducted a market research without any source of fund issue, registering the business name and getting a license to operate wouldn’t be a problem.

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End note.

So if you successfully follow and applied all of the 9 points or steps explained above, then there’s nothing more than to kickstart the business as your journey to learning how to start a babysitting business has come to an end here.

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