How to Start a profitable Day Care Center 2021

How to start a day care center
Day care room

This tutorial will guide you on how to start a day care center successfully and as such, it’s important you take time to read it to the very end.

Starting a day care center may seems difficult but in reality, it is an easy business to start which if properly done, one can establish a passive and steady income from.

So if you enjoy playing with kids, you should start a day care center where you will be taking care of children of various ages.

Interestingly, most household now requires two separate incomes to successfully run the family affairs and as such, the need for well furnished day care centers has drastically increased.

Daycare business

While there are numerous guides on how to start a day care center successful, this piece will only highlight the major needs and requirements to establish a profitable day care center or a babysitting business.

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Requirements for starting a day care center.

The following are the major requirements to establish and run a successful day care center from the scratch.

  • Patience

Obviously, starting a day care center or a babysitting business requires you to have enough patience with kids of varying ages.

  • Good communication skills

As a babysitter, you must posses a strong ability to effectively communicate with parents. After all, they are your target and ideal audience, having a good rapport with them will take your day care business a long way.

  • Dedication

To run a day care center from nothing to something, you must be dedicated. Dedication is one of the key component to run a successful small business.

How to run a successful day care center

It doesn’t matter whether your newly established day care business is being run in your living room or in a retail location, what really matter the most is you providing quality in running in your business.

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So if you care to run a successful day care or babysitting center where kids will find solace and comfort, then you need to obey the following advice:

1. Teacher’s Role

Other than babysitting the kids, you need to take up a teacher role actively in your day care business center; doing this will contribute immensely to the business success.

Dedicate a certain day and time to play around with the kids, read fascinating story book to there hearing, prepare snacks and palatable meals for them and monitor them closely during nap times.

Other than being involved in the children day-to-day activities, you should be able to plan their daily routines as well as curriculum around the normal schedule of eating, playing and story telling time.

Keeping all your things well arranged and organised is very crucial too. This means having a certain places for materials like books, toys plus other similar items.

As part of your teacher’s role, you should be monitoring the children closely to see if any of them need medical attention or medication where necessary or see to it that avoid certain foods — where applicable.

Ensuring the children’s safety, protecting them and others are the extra role you need to inculcate in your day care business for it to be a successful business enterprise.

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2. Start Small

Starting a home-based day care service requires some investment capital, depending on the business scale. The biggest cost, however, may be in making some changes to your living home for safety purposes.
So if you will be starting a day care service in your home for the time being, you need to make some changes in your home.

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Changes like putting child safety locks on every cabinets in your house, hanging a fire extinguisher, childproofing electrical sockets, first aid kit, tighten up sharp objects like knife, placing soft carpeting etc. to the proposed day care room.

If you do all these necessaries, your journey to starting a successful day care services will be a success in no time.

3. Training/Certification

In some states in the U. S, having certificates on first aid training, pediatric CPR as well as some other child development training are the basic requirements for running a legitimate day care business.

If you take a close observation, you’ll come to realize that all these requirements are really needed to ensure the safety of the children that are under your care.

4. Licensing

Other than the aforementioned requirements, you still have to embark on a research in respect to your state requirements pertaining to starting a day care center.

Every state out there have their own set of rules and guidelines which you must meet before you can be granted the license to open a day care center.

Moreover, apart from having the child care plus first aid training, to open this kind of business, some typical requirements also include health permits, fire permit and/or a business or working permit.
Hence, visit the licensing agency in your local government to know better as such background survey may prove to be necessary.

5. Awareness

The last on the list of the necessary things you need to know before starting a day care center is creating of awareness. You need to market your day care business for your ideal customers to know about it.

Awareness can be created using different and many strategies depending on your business scale. You can create awareness using the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. to advertise your day care service.

You can equally use fliers and word-of-mouth referral in your community so as to reach your prospective customers fast.


Starting a day care center is a profitable business idea that you can convert into a steady and passive source of income.
Just take heed to the above advise on how to start a successful day care center and your new venture will be a success.

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