How To Start A Plumbing Business From The Scratch 2021.

How to start a Plumbing Business
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How to start a plumbing business from the scratch isn’t a big deal at all, with passion, dedication and enthusiasm, the plumbing business will grow into a profitable venture.

Do you need the step by step instructions and approach on how to start a plumbing business? Are you considering venturing into the plumbing industry but don’t know what is what in the industry? 

If you answer in affirmative, keep calm to and read on as this article is on the verge of explaining succinctly how to start a successful plumbing business.

Be informed that the plumbing industry is growing and thriving at a faster rate without any sign of slowing down any time soon. 

The most interesting thing is that most of the business owners in the sector are now closing to their retirement stage. Nothing they say last forever.

This is means they’ll be leaving a golden business opportunity alone for young entrepreneurs who will take the industry to the next level with their creativity and thinking.

How much money do you need to start a successful plumbing business?

The costs needed to start out your plumbing business isn’t something fixed but very moderate when compared to other kinds of businesses. If it pleases you, you can start the business with low overhead: one plumber, a truck and a little or home office.

That being said, there will be need for some capital (at hand) to get started too. In a nutshell, your first major spending will be on a van or better still, truck to take you from one job to job. That is if you don’t have one though.

You’ll at the same time need a plumbing equipment (estimated to be around $5,000), a work uniform (to cost $300), well designed business cards (to cost $100), a license or working permit, and lastly; plumbing business insurance ( may cost up $600-2,000 per year).

With all the above estimated expenses, there’s little to nothing needed in the course of starting your plumbing business that really requires capital. So check your financial status before diving into the business or consider the best business funding campaign for yourself.

7 Steps to Start a Plumbing Business With Ease

Whether you want to start your own profitable plumbing business as an investor or plumber; the following are some of the basic but necessary steps you need to take to get the business up and running.

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1. Go for the training.

In case you’ll be starting out the plumbing business as a plumber and not an investor, the first thing you are expected to do is to go for the necessary training and get certified.

Simply put, serve as an apprentice for some months to know the real stuff the business is really made of. The good news is that, there are numerous training schools out there that are ready to take you in at an affordable entry fee.

Alternatively, there are some certification programs in technical schools that you can do in other to connect with the professional in the industry so as to work under them as an apprentice. 

Doing this will assist you in gaining on-the-job training and as such, you will be able to develop your plumbing skills in an actual world setting. 

If this opportunity really come, never misused it. Remember, any opportunity lost may never be regained.

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2. Choose your area of Specialization.

There are many areas of Specialization in the plumbing industry,thus, you’ll have to pick your area of specialty as you are acquiring the training. 

There are residential plumber, sewer and sewage inspection, commercial clients and many more. As a plumber, you can even together with water resources engineer that dig borehole.

So consider which plumbing task you understand the most and which task best suited you and start doing what you know how to do best.

3. Invest in Equipment.

While you must have decided which area of speciality will you major in the plumbing business, the next thing to do is to get the necessary equipment ready. And they are even fairly inexpensive.

So depending on your decided niche, you’ll have to get pipes, fittings plus other basic tools ready. Such are the preliminary or basic equipment you need as far as this tutorial on how to start a plumbing business from the scratch.

After all, you can work without them, but you can’t borrow someone else’s tools for you own use yesterday, today and tomorrow, you just have to get yours.

4. Register Your Business

One of the few things to come to mind on how to start a plumbing business is business registration and licensing. This point is important if you so care to establish a legitimate business venture.

That said, after you must have acquired the needed training, picked an area of specialization and have all the needed equipment set, what is expected of you now is to get registered.

While the requirements needed for registering a plumbing business in Texas may be different from that of Houston etc., it’s your responsibility to research on that before taking any step.

Registration is paramount to get your plumbing business officially ready. If you should try and open your own workshop without having the proper documentation, you may get into trouble.

Hence, visit the Corporate affairs commission (or the body saddle with such responsibility in your state) to register your workshop.

Read, sign and make sure you comply with all the state laws for operating the plumbing work. 

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Also, get the necessary licenses, working permits from plumbing association — if it exists in you state — and fill out all the necessary paperwork the custom of the trade may required.

5. Set up your workshop

Be enlightened that setting up your workshop may seem simple but trust me, it’s one of the vital steps that needs ultimate attention on how to start a plumbing business.

Now, you are close to starting a profitable plumbing business, with just a step or so, you can have a grand opening of your plumbing business. 

That is to say, you need a location to setup your workshop. Unless if you will operating a mobile plumbing business.

It is understandable that a plumbing business cannot be operated in a vacuum and as such, take your time to look for a nice place that is suitable for plumbing business and set up your workshop there.

In your plumbing workshop, you may want to consider having an office for yourself, a field phone call, store or shelf for important documents, reception and a secretary desk.

6. Grand opening

Grand opening is of course the last step on how to start a plumbing business anywhere in the world.

There is nothing more in your sojourn to open a profitable plumbing business than to have a grand opening of your workshop. 

This could be done elaborately or a bit lousy. It all depends on the kind of environment you are and how strong your pocket is.

Invite people to the opening and announce to the world the kind of services you will be providing. 

Give out your office number and make a public announcement of your pricing and the discount pricing. 

Let your grand opening be memorable if you want to land customers. 

First impression they said, lasts forever… Always remember!

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7. Marketing

Now that your workshop is set, don’t hesitate to start advertising your presence in the plumbing sector. After all, you can’t operate the business in a vacuum.

Let your prospective target audience know that your plumbing business is up and running and also ready for work.

Endeavor to use the proper channels for your marketing campaigns. Based on your marketing budget, you could use online marketing strategies or offline strategies.

And you can actually go for the two of you are financially fit for the two.

In case you have enough budgets for marketing and advertising, then you’ll have to adopt both the online and the offline advert campaign, they both help generate lead a lot.

In the same vein, try to engage in the word of mouth referral. This system of marketing is very vital to small business startups.

Tell your family and friends, neighbors and the likes that your plumbing business is now in full working order and that there is a discount in price for all your new customers.

Doing that will at least let your target and potential customers know about your new flag off plumbing business.


In the long run, be informed that there is nothing like shortcut to success, it all comes with determination, hardworking and disciplines. With all these combined with tips discussed above on how to start a plumbing business, you chance to grow the business into a profitable establishment is very high.

As such, stay focus and determined and your journey to start a profitable plumbing business will be soft.

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