Jayr Tinaco Biography: Gender, Age, Networth, Lifestyle and more 2022

Jayr Tinaco biography

JayR Tinaco is a talented Filipino-born actor who came into limelight after playing as Zayn Petrossian in the highly celebrated Netflix series “Another Life.”

The dazzling actor has starred in numerous television shows as well as short films. Apart from the fact that he’s a successful actor, JayR Tinaco is an highly celebrated Instagram star who has tons of followers on Instagram.

JayR Tinaco biography

JayR Tinaco was born on the of 5th January 1989 in the beautiful environment of Manila, Philippines. He was raised by his parents in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia before his parents moved down to Queensland Australia, where he was raised alongside his siblings.

In a bid to establish financial freedom for himself in the entertainment industry, Jayr decided to relocate to Los Angeles, California, in 2005.

When he got to the United States, things were not going as he planned and he had to hustle as a bartender in other to earn a living.

In fact, findings shows that Jayr had previously worked at a hotel in Sydney (Manly Hotel Steyne) before his brilliant breakthrough into the entertainment world.

Jayr Tinaco biography

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Jayr Tinaco Career

JayR Tinaco attended a Professional Actor Masterclass, an undergraduate program placed under the umbrella of famous Australian Institute of Performing Arts and that’s whrre he gained most of his acting swags.

As a newbie, it was so hard and difficult for Tinaco to get big roles in television movies or series. However, he kept struggling till he managed to get a few roles play in “Always Be My Maybe” and “Rake”.

Before his breakthrough in the entertainment realm, he only played a small role in the two films and they were the most prominent roles he ever had to play.

Notwithstanding, the young and charming actor kept pushing it and attending several auditions before he eventually got the best opportunity of his career to feature in the Netflix “Another Life” series.

The super-talented and hard-working actor has closely worked with folds of celebrities, and he has been living a decent life to maintain his status qou in the magnificent entertainment industry.

At this juncture, JayR Tinaco starring in “Another Life” series was well received, and sci-fi fanatics all over the world quickly warmed up to his marvelous character and the astonishing science fiction plot film.

List of Jayr Tinaco Movies and TV Shows

Before he rose into fame and glory, Jayr had featured in TV shows, short films and more. In fact, he has appeared in more than 5 movies although he only had little role to play there.

But nonetheless, below are the list of the movies and Television shows Jayr Tinaco had starred:

  • Summer Bay 2009 (Home and Away) he featured as the trapped student;
  • Your Life Again (2012) starred as Alan;
  • Showboy (2014) where featured as the drag queen;
  • The Wake of Leigh Joel Scott (2015) appeared as Jacob;
  • Drown’s of Dean Francis (2015) where he starred as Dan;
  • Rake (2016) featured as Qi in 2 episodes;
  • 2019: Always Be My Maybe he starred as the restaurant’s host; and
  • Another life starring (2019) as Zayn Petrossian.

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Jayr Tinaco Gender and sexuality

The gender and sexuality of Jayr Tinaco has caused many uproar and confusion and it has generated a lot of arguments from his fanatics. But in reality, JayR Tinaco a man.

Jayr Tinaco gender

Yes, he is a man.

Although he his fond of wearing female clothes and makeup and such is the reason why people are speculating that he his transgender. Until now, Tinaco his yet to come out and clear the air with respect to his gender.

Jayr Tinaco Networth.

JayR Tinaco has seen a lot becoming climbing the ladder of success. From working as hotel attendant and bartender to becoming a famous actor that he is now.

He has in fact, achieved a great success, and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if one day he eventually becomes one of the highest sought Hollywood stars.
He is always active on social media and very successful Instagram with tons of followers compare to his other social network handle.

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However, as at the time of writing this, Jayr Tinaco net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

Jayr Tinaco Age and Lifestyle

JayR is only 31 years old so it is safer to say the best part of his acting career is yet to come. As for individual honors, so far, the rising star his yet to record any any substantial awards to his name.

But notwithstanding, for his acting, Jayr has received numerous accolades and recognition.

Be that as it may, being a former bartender, Jayr loves making drinks and his favorite meal is Chinese cuisine.

Being an Instagrammer, he, almost, on a daily basis, upload pictures of himself on Instagram to wow his fanatics that can’t help but to ask for more.
Similarly, Jayr Tinaco favorite actor is Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie is his favorite actress in the entertainment industry.

Jayr is fond of traveling; in fact, traveling is his best hobby with Miami being his favorite destination.

Being an individual that doesn’t talk much about his personal life, JayR is believe to be single though in a secret relationship and his girlfriend identity is yet to be known to the public.

End note

Jayr Tinaco biography is one that is full of up and downs as the famous Australian actor didn’t rose into an highly celebrated celebrity over night.

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