Profitable Online Business Ideas In Nigeria (2021)

Online Business Ideas
Searching for profitable online business

Do you need profitable online business ideas that you can start as a Nigerian? Have you been surfing the web for any profitable business opportunity that you can capitalize on?

If yes, take your entrepreneur suit and follow me as I unravel the lucrative business ideas and opportunity you can venture into in Nigeria with little or no investment capital.

Nigeria as a nation has produced many online entrepreneurs who are making millions of naira using the internets legitimately. The likes of Linda Ikeji and Azeez Makinde (the founder of naijaloaded) are the living witnesses.

What’s more, starting an online business doesn’t requires much risk compare to setting-up an offline business.

Thus, with adequate and efficient digital marketing, your online business stands the chance to hit a jackpot.

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Online business ideas and opportunity that pays in Nigeria

As a wannabe online entrepreneur, the following are lucrative online business ideas you may want to consider.

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the lucrative and ultra-profitable online business that you can start to establish a stable financial income.

If your writing skill is great and you have the know-how of creating an engaging and search engines optimized contents, then starting a blog of your own isn’t a bad idea.

In contrast to the above, if you are not creative enough to write unique content that’ll captivate internet users attention, you can always pay freelance writer for that.

To begin this online business opportunity, you need to create a website using a unique name in a definite niche that suits you.

You may want to start your blog in travel niche or education or beauty or business, which ever that you like.

There are numerous website designers out there who are ready and willing to create one for you at an affordable price.

2. Sell products online.

One of the glowing and fast rising online business ideas in Nigeria is selling goods and products online. So if you need internet business ideas that pays, here is an opportunity.

In the same vein, you can start Dropshipping business whereby you’ll create an online marketplace where you’ll be selling other people’s foods and products.

On each product you sell, there’s commission for you. Hence, since you’ll not be buying the goods from the third part in stock, the issue of risk as to low patronage of audiences is not there.

In case selling products using the instrument of the internet interest you, it is ideal if you can conduct a research on the lucrative online products that you can sell in your area.

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3. Freelancing

Talking about online business ideas that you can do right from the comfort of your Sofa, freelancing can never be left unrecognized.

If you are very skill in a particular area, you may want to offer your expertise as a freelancer using the internet.

As a graphic designer, you can become a freelancer. Content writer too, or web developer, journalist, social media influencer etc.

If you are knowledgeable about a particular field, you can advertise your expertise via your social media and interested customers will reach out to you.

4. Become a YouTuber.

If you really want to earn six figures online, you can always create a YouTube channel where you’ll be uploading video content on a particular subject or service that you render.

If you are teacher, you can record yourself solving a particular mathematics solution and upload it on your channel.

And if you’re very good in baking or any art and craft business, you can always upload a tutorial videos on that too.

Plus, recording videos to be uploaded on your YouTube channel doesn’t require an expensive camera, your Android can also do the work.

What’s more, you can make money on YouTube if your audience click on the display ads by Google on your channel.

As such, always record a high-quality video and be consistent in uploading them for your audience to visit again and again.

5. Forex and stocks trading

Average Nigerian sees the forex and stock trading as one of those Ponzi Scheme that internet fraudsters do use to scam people.

They see it as a risky business investment and as such, they hardly capitalize on it.

Truth be told, the business may be too risky for real, but if you do your assignment well, forex and stock exchange comes with lots of opportunities.

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6. Instagram Influencer

If you are very active on Instagram and you have quite amazing numbers of active followers, you can make cool dollars as an Influencer on Instagram.

Except if you are a celebrity, becoming an Instagram Influencer is not an easy task.

So if this profitable online business catches your attention, you’ll have to build a strong online presence first.

However, you can make money as an Instagram Influencer if you promote ads and post for giant companies and top brands.

7. Virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant means you’ll be working from the comfort of your living for business startups and corporate organizations – remotely.

If your IT knowledge is one of a kind, you will consider working remotely as a and customer service or IT outstation staff for IT companies that accept remote workers.

You can take up jobs like a company Data Analyst, a UI designer, Software Developer and many more. Depending on your area of expertise.

However, working remotely or as a virtual assistant is one of the lucrative and ultra-profitable online business ideas. There is money there, and it entails working with confidence.

8. Affiliate marketing programs

Another amazing way to make money using the word wide web is to become an affiliate marketer. This is not in any way related to any get rich-in-time-scheme.

This online business is all about promoting goods, products or websites for an agreed percentage from the generated lead as commission.

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Bottom Line

There are has many online business ideas and opportunity as there are offline businesses but the few discussed here are the lucrative ones you could start now in 2020.

While there’s no much thing about starting an online business, knowing the kind of business to pick, meeting people of like minds and networking are important in internet business, too.

Take your precious time to go over and over the above discussed before jumping into the online business. As it is in offline business, online business also fails… Take notice!

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