Poultry Farming: 8 simple ways to Start a Successful Poultry Business in 2021

Poultry Farming
Battery cage system

It’s without doubt that poultry farming is one of the lucrative and ultra-profitable business in the agricultural sector.

Do you need a step by step approach to starting a profitable poultry farm business? Are you in need of sure ways to make your poultry farm a success? If yes, congratulations!

One of the highly profitable business sectors that none can write off in the world is the Agricultural industry. There exist the crop cultivation niche, fish farming, livestock feed production, snail farming among others.

Therefore, with lots of lucrative niches that comes with not too intensive capital investment, poultry farming can never be overemphasized.

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Before going further, it’s important we highlight the types of poultry farming. They are as follows:

Types of poultry farms.

Though not limited, the following mentioned are the type of poultry farming in Nigeria and some other part of the world.

Poultry farming business
  • Chicken

This is most popular type of poultry farming anywhere in the world. Farmers are open to two sources of revenue here and that’s through egg and meat.

  • Turkey

After chicken, turkey is next on the list of highly sought poultry birds. It’s also breeds mainly for egg and meat.

  • Guinea Fowl

Also, people rear fowl for the benefit of egg and meat. This type of poultry is common in most African countries.

  • Geese

Geese farming aren’t common in Africa compare to the European countries. People rear geese for egg production, meat and its down feather.

  • Ducks

Most homes in Africa countries rear ducks just like the fowl. They’re reared for egg, meat and down feather production, too.

  • Quail

Research shows that quail egg is good for the body and hence, people rear it for egg production.

  • Pigeons

Very common in Nigerians home. Many African countries breed it for meat production.

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Thus, now that your eyes are open to the top 7 poultry bird farming, it is very important you know that our discussion will be based on ‚ÄúChicken” poultry farming.

Steps to Starting a Successful Poultry Birds Farming.

The following steps are very necessary in establishing a successful poultry farming that pays.

1. Draw a poultry business plan

A business plan is to any startup what a foundation is to a house. A house without a solid foundation will likely collapse and so is a poultry farm.

Before making any move towards starting poultry, it is very important you sit down and plan how the farm is going to be.

Identify the variety of birds you’ll be rearing and decide the quantity you’ll start out with. Plus, Know who your potential audience are.

Also, your poultry farm business plan should contain your goals and the climax you want the farm reach in years time. How you’ll tackle any challenges and what your marketing strategies will be.

So therefore, having an effective business plan at hand before delving into the farming activities proper is very ideal.

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2. Carry out feasibility study.

While you must have drawn an efficient poultry farming business plan, the next cause of action is to carry out a market survey.

Essence, this is very important because, conducting feasibility study will tells you what exactly your target audience needs from your to-be poultry farm.

You’ll be able to know whether it’s egg that they need the most or chicken and the likes.

This will let you know whether you should rear only broilers or layers or cockerels or mixture.

Also, doing the market survey will let you know how well the poultry farming is doing in your locality, the do’s and don’t’s, etc.

2. Choose your bird varieties.

After conducting a feasibility study of the poultry farm, you must have known what your target audience want the most and as such, it’s up to you to pick which to go for.

There are three varieties of poultry rearing, and they are;

  • Layers

These are poultry birds that are rear purposely for laying eggs. Albeit when they become unproductive, they’re also sold for meat.

  • Broilers:

These are chicken that are breed purposely for meat.

  • Cockerels

They are also breeds for meat production.

Poultry Business | Cockerels

Now that you can differentiate between the three cultivars, if you have enough capital and space to rear them all, that will be jacket pot.

3. Source for fund.

You definitely can’t build a poultry farm on a vacuum and as such, you’ll need investment capital for the farming to be up and running.

While you must have defined where you’ll source for your fund in your business plan, now is the time to act on it.

In addition, you can source for fund from family and friends that are financially giant, and you can write to investors too.

So, if you’ll be writing a business fund proposal to investors, ensure you engage the service of a professional so that you’ll be considered.

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4. Choose a location.

Now that the issue of fund has been settled, up next in your sojourn to start a successful poultry farming is to look for a perfect location.

After all, you can’t set up your poultry farm in an open place; you’ll need to find a good and perfect location for it.

Similarly, if you have a very big compound spacious enough to erect a poultry building and you can handle the odour, that’s fine.

However, if you’re going to breed all the varieties of the poultry birds, you’ll have to separate their housing.

The following is the type of poultry bird housing system.

  • Battery cage system

This type of poultry housing system is specifically meant for the egg laying birds.

  • Deep litter system

In this birds housing system, poultry birds are breed and kept in litter floor. Fresh sawdust or litter materials are often spread on the floor for the birds.

  • Intensive system

This system allows the birds to roam around in an intensive care environment.

5. Get the necessary chicks.

Now that your poultry farm housing systems are in order, now is the time to get the necessary chicks to breed.

That is to say, you can buy a day old chick of different cultivars and put them all in a place pending the time they mature.

But that doesn’t mean you have to jampack them in single room. Ventilation is very necessary.

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6. Rearing in proper.

The moment you get all the needed chicks, take adequate care of them, give them the necessary vaccine and feed them with the right succulents.

In addition, it is not easy breeding poultry birds from the scratch you’ll have to be up and running about them.

Poultry farming

Plus, they like to be warmed every time and their mills needs to be full of nutrients. Change their water too frequently.

However, when the chicks have matured enough, make sure you separate them into their various house. The layers should be put in the cage, broilers in litter system, etc.

8. Marketing.

You are getting there, when you realize your poultry birds are matured enough to be harvested, i.e. when the broilers and cockerels are fully grown, starting advertising your farm.

What’s more, the moment people know about your poultry, they’ll start trooping in to buy eggs.

With the necessary poultry farming business plan put forward from inception, marketing your farm wouldn’t be a difficult task.

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End Note.

So with the listed and explained steps above, you stand the chance to run a successful and profitable poultry farming system.

Also, it is very necessary you note that poultry farming is not as simple as it is in books, it requires some strength and hard-working.

Better still, if you don’t have the strength to run the poultry yourself, you can invest in the business and look for people to manage it on your behalf.

Lastly, starting a poultry farming business from the scratch involves some risk as the chicks may all die for a reason or the other.

So your ability to take risk and head high will contribute greatly to your poultry farming success.

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