Profitable Transport Business Ideas 2022

Profitable Transport business ideas
Haulage and logistic service

There are as many transport business ideas as there are opportunities in other industry. Hence, if you’ll like to establish a financial stability through the transportation industry, there is room for it.

Informatively, be guided that the transportation industry is not limited to traveling only but rather, it covers some other lucrative aspects.

There are plethora numbers of transport business ideas other than just traveling, among them are the fuel transportation, courier service, school bus Services, logistics services, etc.

Essence, the transport industry is one of those profitable cum lucrative business industry that are here to stay.

Just like the fashion industry, transport business has been in existence from time immemorial and it’ll continue to be till kingdom come.

Transportation business ideas

So if you are looking for transport business ideas that you can start with little start up capital, you might need to consider the following highly patronise transport business ideas.

1. Taxi Business

One of the most reliable transport business opportunities for small town is taxi business. There are many reasons to this; one of which is the economy value it has. No matter how tough a recession period is, taxi business will thrive.

Taxi business

Taxi business has been in existence for yesteryears, and this transport business is still lucrative and profitable in the transportation industry.

If you’ll consider this transport business opportunity, you’ll have to pump enough start-up capital into it. 

It will surely worth it in the long run.

So having a quiet number of cabs or taxi will generate you huge income and you’ll have the opportunity to add more taxis in the future.

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2. Car Rental Business

If you have enough investment capital, car rental service is one of the profitable transport business ideas you can invest in.

Many people out there are into this business already and they are doing pretty well there. If you will like to start this business but don’t have the necessary skills, you can undergo few weeks training from the veterans.

Be that as it may, this transport business idea may look capital intensive, with effective business plan, you’ll recover your capital in due time.

3. School Bus Services

School bus services are one of the transport business ideas that are easy and simple to run and at the same time it comes with profits. 

This business only required you to carry kids to school and pick them back to their various homes. Nothing more nothing less!

More over, this business opportunity can however be run in two different ways; you can buy a bus and start private school bus service.

On the other hand, you can meet with school authorities and lias with them to establish a joint school bus service with them.

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4. Bike Rent Services

Just like the car rental business, bike rental business is another fascinating transport business idea and opportunity you can venture into.

Hence, if your startup capital is huge, you may want to buy some certain numbers of bikes to get the business up and running. 

Plus, you may want to consider having a definite way of charging your potential customers for the rented bike. 

Bike rental service

If you can’t manage the business on your own as a result of busy or tight schedule, you can conveniently get someone to do that for you.

Your charges may be per hour or the areas the bike covered, it is up to you to decide on that. 

However, do maintain the bikes on daily basis to avoid any kind of accident. Such is one of the age long transport business ideas that pays.

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5. Logistic and haulage transport business idea

Talking about the top transport business ideas in the industry, logistic and haulage business service can never be joke with.

Also, this haulage and logistic service is a business that has been doing pretty well in the transportation industry and it doesn’t look like it’ll fade off anytime soon.

Hence, the business is highly patronizing and ultra profitable. With a truck or two, you can start your own haulage services.

More so, the business is easy to start, and it involves little or no risk. With your investment capital and efficient business plan, you are good to go.

6. Bus Service

One of the highly patronize transport business ideas is the bus service. It is the cheapest and simplest way of transport. 

This business is also lucrative and profitable since people can’t do without often taking the bus on daily business.

 Therefore, as an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner who want to establish his brand in the transporting industry, venturing into this business idea and opportunity is a well-made choice. 

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7. Water (Tank) Supply.

Just like any other business in the transportation sector, water (tank) supply is another fascinating transport business idea you can start today.

To get started, you’ll need a tanker and register it with water corporation of your state. With that, your are good to go.

Essence, this transport business idea is lucrative has people, most especially the car wash and building companies engaged water suppliers service.

Water tanker

So if you’ll start this business now, make sure you have enough money at hand to get yourself a water tanker.


 The above listed transport business ideas and opportunity are not arranged in other of their profitability or importance.

So take your time to review them and capitalize on the one that your business budget can efficiently run.

All the businesses are lucrative and profitable and they all have their advantage and disadvantage.

Then, with an effective business plan, market survey and business license (where necessary), your entrepreneur story will be one of a kind.

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