5 Steps to Write a Final Year Project Proposal With Ease

Project proposal
Drafting a proposal

Obviously, writing a perfect project proposal is not an easy task for those that don’t know how to.

Many a people do see project writing as wasting of energy and resources but little do they know that it’s important to their degree certificate.

Part of the fulfilment of National Diploma, Higher National Diploma and award of a degree certificate is writing of a long essay known as the final year project.

What then in academic parlance is a final year project?

A final year project is usually a long easy that students write after carrying out a specific research on a chosen or given topic which is to be submitted at the end of the last semester in colleges and universities.

So a project proposal is a short work that picture the basic plan on how the intending student will accomplish his research aims and objectives within the paper.

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Importance of writing a project proposal

The following are some of the reasons why most most supervisors do insist on writing a project proposal.

  • It’ll let the assigned lecturer or supervisor knows whether you can handle the topic;
  • Writing a project proposal will open the eyes of the students to the project topic elaborately;
  • Writing a project proposal will aid the writer to embark upon a mini research before writing the project proper;
  • The intending student will be able to know whether or not the chosen topic is feasible or not;
  • Writing a final year project proposal will let you know what research is all about; Etc.

The knowledge, skills and abilities to write a project as a final year student is very important for every undergraduate student.

This is so because writing a project is the most tasking assignment of the year. It demands a thoughtful, thorough, critical thinking skills and articulate research.

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As such, every final year student is expected to write a project proposal to his supervisor before venturing into the project.

However, there are some basic but important things that the author is expected to know in respect to the formal structure of the paper.

While the structure requirements of writing a project proposal may differ in accordance with the supervisor demands.

Below are therefore, a concise version of how a project proposal ought to look like.

1. Title

In the course of writing a perfect proposal, the first thing the author is expected to do is to think through the title of his project.

Be informed that the title of the project is not the only thing people will read, but crafting a headline that’ll guarantee readers to choose your work for review is the key.

In a bid to have a perfect one, endeavor to craft an attractive, short and memorable title.

Also, your final year project proposal title should be able to describe the rationale behind the work.

Thus, it is advisable you use simple language and not more than fifty characters, with punctuation marks and spaces inclusive.

All in all, a perfect proposal title is often a short phrase, the heartbeat and core point of the research project.

2. Introduction

Introduction is the next cause of action in your bid to write an acceptable final year project proposal for your supervisor.

Introducing your readers to the core point of the research is important to the part of the project preparation.

At this point, the researcher reports what he intends to write in the project. Albeit you don’t have to explain every item in detail.

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What is important is your ability to present the major items briefly and clearly.

Similarly, you can add a few words as to why the project will be interesting to the your audience and try to show its relevance.

Usually, this part of the final year student project proposal often contain a page or two.

3. Methodology.

Thirdly, endeavor to include paragraphs on the various methods you’ve studied which will be used throughout the project.

Most importantly, don’t forget to describe all the applicable examples on different methods to be used.

Since this part of the project proposal do contain 3-4 paragraphs, don’t bother explaining the methodologies in detail.

It is enough to make a brief overview so that the reader could understand how the author studied and gathered the evidence.

4. Literature review.

In the same, your project proposal can only be accepted by your project supervisor if you include your purported literature.

Therefore, make sure you create an analytical literature of the previous or similar works of your topic.

Plus, you’ll need to provide the historical background about the present achievements in the specific field of the project.

However, review only proven credible sources like peer-reviewed journals and literature that’ll be accepted in any academic gathering.

5. Source of Material

All your used material have to be cited via the text properly. The bibliography, too should be placed at the end of the research work.

It should be well structured, formatted and in alphabetical order.

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A clear scheme project proposal will make the work easier to read.

In conclusion, if you follow the above instructions carefully, you’ll stand the chance to write one of the best project proposal, ever!

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