Round bed review: pros and cons, top selling sites, costs, sizes and more 2021

Round bed frame

What is a Round Bed?

As the name implies, a round bed is a bed that is shaped and designed in a circle form instead of the traditional square or rectangular shapes. Thus, a round or circle bed is a bed with circular bed frame and a circular mattress. Although the rectangular mattress could be used too.

So if you are in the position to choose a new bed frame now, which type of bed will you opt for? Well, all the usual types would probably cross your mind with the gigantic king bed being the obvious option.

But on a serious note, would you even think of a round or circular bed? Better still, are you even aware that you could use a round-like bed conveniently in your home? Yes, it’s very possible.

While it is not so common and not a popular choice plus, we equally don’t have much information about its practicality but we do know that it’s called a round bed design.

Thus, this content will provide you with round bed pros and cons, varieties of round bed design, where to find circle shaped bed, its review and more.

So, let’s get started…

Round Bed Review

A well designed round-like bed will make your bedroom look mighty, fine and authentic. Round or circle beds are stylish, elegant and uniquely beautiful. The fact that it’s round in shape doesn’t mean it’s all that bad. It has numerous advantages over its disadvantages.

Round bed frame

As a person who has seen and used the circle bed before, the luxury beds can be as fitting and comfortable as the traditional rectangles or square beds. It is chosen from appealing angles and the round beds come with originality.

With a stylish piece of furniture, there are plethora numbers of design styles; there are classic round-like beds, modern as well as minimalist round beds, etc.

Whatever the style of the circle bed you’ll go for in the future, one thing is very certain. The luxury round bed will attract attention.

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Are round bed comfortable?

Yes, sleeping on a circle bed is very comforting and convenient. It has the ideal size of a right bed frame and one can use any position or turn to any direction while lying on it.

According to psychologists, round shape makes one feel, even, more secure. Many models out there are furnished with storage space and as such, it is quite considerable for you as it gives room for convenient store bedding.

What’s more, you’ll agree with me that round beds are circular in shape and they have no corners, as such there will be no bruises, bumps or accidental injuries for little children.

What is the purpose of a round bed?

Do you just ask yourself that what is the purpose of a round bed or why buy a circle bed? Well, there’s no any purpose than it is luxurious. No one has ever bought a round mattress or bed frame because it’s the most affordable and cheapest bed around.

An average round shape bed can cost an upward amount of $1,500 and the cheapest but good-quality round beds could cost $600-$700. But they are small in sizes compare to ones in the range of $1,500.

All-in-all, I guess it would be a very demanding issue. Yet again, don’t you think it would be so cool to have a round shape bed? Everyone would actually find it stylish and wonderful.

And if the circle bed could also rotate, it would be really nice and awesome too. It is only natural that not everyone like round shape bed or sees it to be worth buying whether expensive or not. It eats up space and not practical for some families.

But as we have said earlier, most people out there buy round beds only for their exquisite and luxury designs.

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Round Bed Description And Size

Because these beds are circular shaped and designed, the only space suitable for a pleasant and comfortable sleep is at the center. There’s no better round beds description other than that.

There are numerous styles, designs and size of round beds. There are classic and modern round bed for adults, and there are minimalist round beds.

Where you could place a traditional rectangle bed and still have enough of space left in the room, modern and classic round shape beds would eats the space.
But the minimalist circle beds are very small in size compare to classic and modern circle beds. They are costly than minimalist round shape bed too.

Advantages of a Round or Circle Beds

So if you’re thinking or planning to get yourself a big round bed but not sure if it is the right thing to do, the following round bed pros might be helpful to your course.

1. Elegant and Authentic

While it’s obvious that not all homes have round beds, getting yourself one means your bedroom will be elegant and authentic.

The mere fact that circle beds consume much space in the room alone is enough to make them the central of your bedrooms, there by exhuming it elegance, style and uniqueness to everyone to see.

2. Advanced and Visually Impressive

Round beds are stylish, modern and visually impressive regardless of the amount they cost to incurred them.

If you have one place in the center of your bedroom, trust me, no one will deny you the fact that you have a good sense of style.

3. Confidence Enhancement

With their aesthetic and impeccable designs, round beds exude confidence also to whoever uses them.

4. Fewer Injury Risk

Of course, the bed frame is designed to use round mattress with round bed sheets, there’s no other type of bed that is safer from injuries or accident than round beds.

5. Availability of large drawers

Underneath the circle beds, there is a large space that could be overturned into a drawer. This best bed is designed with an already made drawer, making it easier for storing bedroom necessities.

Disadvantages of Round shape Beds

While there is nothing with advantages that it is without disadvantages. Below are few cons of round beds you might want to consider before buying the queen bed.

1. Space consumption

While this reason might be nothing to worry about to some, others actually find it as a flow in the big round beds. To them, they are impractical to buy and way too big.

2. Expensive

It’s clear that most rectangle or modern beds are way expensive, but circle or round beds are more expensive.

According to finds, an average circle bed will cost nothing less than $800 while a classic or executive circle bed could cost $1,500 upward.

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Top 5 Sites to Buy Round Beds in 2021

If you have all it takes to buy a well designed circle bed and your bedroom is spacious enough to accommodate one, then find yourself a good bed.
Hence, to pick a beautiful bed that suits your interior décor elegantly. Here are the top 5 selling sites where you can find the best round beds.

1. Wayfair

The online market place offering better round beds deal than Wayfair are very few. While most of these top sites charge $1,500 for a conventional queen-sized circle bed, Wayfair will give it to you at $700.

Wayfair round bed

Most often, Wayfair’s round beds are usually accompanied with a rectangular mattress. In addition, there shipping is free of charge within the United States, and it’ll be delivered within two working days.

Besides free shipping, the Wayfair’s return policies give room for return your if you found it faulty upon arrival.

Equally, you can also pay half of the bed’s price up front and make the balance upon arrival or few days after. Simply visit Wayfair official page to register for the its 12-month pay program.

2. Amazon

Amazon has different kinds of round beds compare to Wayfair have. So endeavor to view Amazon avalanche of indoor and outdoor circle beds before buying anything.

Amazon round bed

Here in Amazon, their round beds prices are quite higher than that of Wayfair. However, round bed is not all about price, it’s all about the luxury and elegance.

In the same vein, Amazon also allows return upon arrival if you found the delivered bed faulty. They also offer free shipping, too, just like Wayfair.

3. eBay

In the online marketplace realm, the biggest competitor to Amazon in all areas is eBay. From their service delivery down to prices, there’s nothing on Amazon that can’t be found on eBay.

While Amazon and eBay round beds prices are almost similar, eBay have wider variety than Amazon. eBay lists circle beds or round beds manufactured by different around the world.

eBay round bed

In term of shipping fees, be ready to pay $30 to $100 depending on your country, State and location. Some round bed manufacturing companies do offer free of charge shipping service, though.

4. Walmart

The best e-commerce website you can visit in case you don’t want to spend more than you could afford is Walmart. There isn’t much variety of circle beds there, but the few there are all priced above $700.

Shipping is free of charge here too, but their return policy says you get yourself a new bed in case you receive a faulty or damaged one.

Similarly, be informed that Walmart do alternate its online prices once in a while, so always compared their prices to in-store prices whenever you are there.

Walmart round bed

5. Ikea

When it comes to selling furniture, Ikea will always be a global brand. There’s no variety of beds you need that can’t be found on this eCommerce website.

Unlike other sellers, Ikea is arguably the cheapest or one of the most affordable places to buy furniture.

So whether you are there to shop for round beds, shelves or sofas, it’s very incumbent on you to find yourself a great deal on this popular Swedish store.

Ikea round bed frame


Now that all has been said, you’ll agree with me that round or circle bed blend with furniture plus other interior décor elegantly. A stylish bed can turn your bedroom into a place anyone would dream to live in.

So from the foregoing, it is left over to you to rate the round bed on a scale of one to five, with five being the highest. Please use the comment section and let’s hear your voice.

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