Small Business Opportunities in Italy 2021

Small business opportunities in Italy
Italian Republic

Are you in need of profitable small business opportunities in Italy? Are you a foreigner and would like to start a business in Italy? If Yes, to be discussed below are top notch small business ideas and investment opportunities in the Italian Republic.

Historically, the Italy or Italian Republic is one of the founding members of European Union. While the capital city of Italy is Rome, it happened to be the largest in Italy too.

In fact, starting a business in Italy comes with lots of opportunities. The country is good for any form of business as it is ranked 5th on the list of the most populous countries in Europe.

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Small Business Investment Opportunities in Italy

While there are over 50 small business opportunities in Italy, it’s equally important you note that the Italian Republic is an industrialized and developed nation with an exciting economy.

What’s more, Italy is a mixed economy nation boasting number 8th world largest economy, 3rd in Europe and 6th largest manufacturing State in the world. These alone is enough as an assurance that starting any business investment in Italy is profit assured.

Also, there are numerous sectors with varieties of small and medium scale business ideas and opportunities in Italy that are contributing to the growth of the country’s economy.

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Some of these sectors include Agric sector, manufacturing sector, creative arts, automobile industry, service industry, fashion industry, innovative industry, tourism sector, etc.

Top Small Business Opportunities in Italy

Most often than not, Italy is considered as one of the largest wines and perfumes producing nation and ranked 6th highest center of tourism.

So if you reside in Italy or made up your mind to relocate to Italy and becoming your own boss, one of the following small business ideas and opportunities listed below might interest you;

1. Start a Frozen Food Business.

Opening a frozen foods store anywhere in Italy is one of the surest ways of establishing a passive income without much stress. In fact, as lucrative as the business is, it requires little capital investment to begin with.

Frozen food business Italy

It doesn’t matter if you reside in Rome or Milan, what is important is you getting the perfect products that people in your neighborhood want to buy. To know this, you will need to carry out a market survey to understand your target audience better.

2. Grocery Delivery Business

Grocery delivery business is another profitable small scale business opportunity in Italy. What this means is that, you’ll help your prospective customers shop groceries and deliver the shopped items to them in their respective homes, offices or anywhere they want it delivered.

This business idea in Italy gives you the opportunity to own a Grocery Store yourself if you are financially capable and you can equally run it without a grocery store of your own.

The gist of the matter here is that, know where to find quality groceries and how to safely deliver them to your customers at the appropriate time.

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3. Juice and Smoothie Bar

Without doubt, juice is one of the most consumed commodities anywhere in the world and as such, fresh juice sellers that manage the business well generate huge sales from the business year in year out.

Talking of one business that economic downturn doesn’t affects and Juice Bar cannot be overemphasized. After all, consumption of juice is very affordable when it’s even considered a better substitute for soft drinks.

So if you have all it takes to start this business in Italy, endeavor to look for a commercial area or school environment. The business requires frequent users if you must succeed.

4. Babysitting Business

Babysitting or daycare or nanny business is another small business opportunity that you can start in Italy and establish a steady and free flow of income through it.

Sincerely, babysitting agency services is one of the very few businesses that a buddy entrepreneur can start small in Italy using his or her functional home as office without necessarily breaking the bank for investment capital.

Babysitting business in Italy

So do you have no problem playing and taking care of kids and at the same time in need of profitable business idea? If yes, babysitting might be your calling, take a step today.

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5. Event Planning Business

Event planning business is all about helping government, groups, corporate organizations, and individuals plan their parties and execute it from the start to the finish.

Since people like partying in Italy, you can seize the opportunity to start your own side hustle and become financially stable through it. All you need to do if you don’t have the experience is to become an apprentice under an expert for free months.

Event planning business in Italy

Once you become your own boss, make sure you master the art of planning and budgeting; it’s very important in this business. You can’t plan the same budget for weeding event, birthday party, picnic or baby shower. They requires different strategic planning.

So your ability to understand the art of budgeting will help you a long way in building a profitable events planning business venture in Italy.

6. Become a Makeup Artist

Makeup artists are known for using their talents and tools to improve, transform and makeover people’s face or body. So if you have all it takes to do this business, why don’t you take a bold step today?

Also, if you will to venture into this business in Italy but don’t have the technical skills and know-how, you can read a comprehensive guide on how to become a Makeup artist online or even watch several tutorials on YouTube.

Truth be told, earning lots of Euros with these work is very feasible since it involves correcting imperfections, highlighting cheekbones for an important event, perfecting wrinkle eye for photo shoot, applying prosthetics for film or theatrical productions, etc.

That is to say, makeup artists are indeed artists in their own league. If you can combine your passion with the business in the Italian Republic, becoming an excellent makeup artist that charges his/her clients exorbitant fee wouldn’t be a problem.

7. Become a Barber

If you have the necessary skills and training, you can turn barbing salon business into small business opportunity in Italy and grow it into a profitable business venture.

This business idea is super lucrative anywhere in the country. Whether you are starting out in Milan or in Naples or in Rome or in Turin or in Palermo or anywhere in Italy; opening a barber shop with little investment capital isn’t a problem.

If you’re good, you will surely earn enough money.
Also, barber shop can be opened anywhere in Italy. If it pleases you, you can start out from a cubicle, kiosk, in a room, in a gigantic building or from a small shop.

What matters is that you make men look good with a nice haircut and keep your clients updated about trending hair styles.

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8. Sausage Cart Business

If you live anywhere in Turin, Genoa, Bologna, Venice, Bari, Catania or Verona, starting a sausage cart business is akin to hitting a jackpot if you do your home work well.

As easy as this small business investment is, you can set it up at any corner of a busy road, on a mobile shop, or in any commercial environment or strategic location without necessarily breaking the bank.

9. Grill Restaurant

A starting a grill restaurant in some part of Italy might not be easy to begin with, but you might want to be assured that it is a legit business that can be grown into a large scale business within a short period of time if positioned and properly managed.

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Be that as it may, people do think that opening a grill restaurant require no special or professional skills because it is a small scale business idea; why it’s not all like, you would have to learn how to prepare a tasty barbecues with grills, good customer relation, business skills, etc.

10. Start a Cosmetics Store

A cosmetics store or beauty supply store is another profitable business investment opportunity in Italy that can generate you a strigent flow of income in no time.

The reason is that, the cosmetics business or beauty supply store can’t possibly go out of fashion. This is so because it plays an important role in our society.

Cosmetics business in Italy

To capitalize on this cosmetics business, you have to define your business template to see how much you’ll be needing to flag it off.

Interestingly, you can start the beauty supply store as a small scale and grow it big in a short period of time of your life believe in reinvesting the profits you made back into the store.

11. Fashion Business

The fashion industry in Italy is very great so if you’re considering relocating to Italy to start your own fashion wear store, then congratulations for making such a brilliant decision.

You will agree with me that there are numerous fashion events being conducted in Rome and Milan and Rome with thousands of people around the world coming down to Italy to grace these amazing fashion events.

In fact, the local communities in areas like Scafati, Chieti and Sondrio also have great taste of fashion too. So, if you are considering starting your own small business in this niche, this article on fashion business ideas might be helpful.

12. Travel and Tourism Agency

The Travel and Tourism industry of Italy contribute immensely to the country’s annual GDP. On a yearly basis, countless numbers of tourists come down to Italy to explore many aesthetic places.

Specifically, the travel and tourism business niche make handsome money during winter when people are found of hiring tourism agencies for winter expeditions and skies.

If you love so much tourism and wouldn’t mind to start a side hustle in the industry, then now is the perfect time to start.

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13. Cleaning Service Agency

One of the most lucrative as well as profitable small business ideas in Italy is cleaning service business. This business idea comes with lots of opportunities and money.

Depending on your desired niche and startup capital, you can start this business as a post-construction cleaning agency and when you earn enough money, expand it to general cleaning agency.

While this business requires manpower and money to start, you can start small based on your financial capacity and still earn ends meet with it.
You might want to click this link to read a comprehensive guide on how to start cleaning agency in Italy.

14. Photography Business

You can’t really take photography business out of the show despite the booming of smartphones with a clean portrait camera. People still visit the photography studio till today.

If you have a clear vision and eyes for the camera, you can become a successful photographer in Italy within months of your business establishment.

Reason is, Italy is one of the centres of tourists attraction and millions of people visit the country on a yearly basis for exploration, fashion events, sightseeing, holiday and more.

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Hence, there will be need for them to take pictures in different aesthetic places in Italy for future reference. This is exactly where your work comes in.

Photography business in Italy

Alternatively, you can become a weeding photographer or wildlife photographer or travel photographer or whatever niche that suits you in the photography business niche.

If you wish, you can create a website where you upload your pictures for photo lover consumption. With patience and persistence, you can grow your photo studio into one of the best in the Italian Republic.

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15. Taxi Business

Running a Taxi business in the beautiful city of Rome, Bologna, Venice, Milan or Naples will really generate you a steady income if you know the route very well.

Taxi business is one of the prime business investments in Italy that are doesn’t go cold. Not everyone could afford a car and as such, taxi will always be needed ease transportation problem.

If you have enough investment capital, you can start a taxi agency of your own in Italy and if you can’t afford a car, you can register with any nearby taxi agency and become a driver under them.

All in all, don’t venture into this business if you’re new in Italy and doesn’t know routes that much and it’s equally important you have a valid driving license before you go into taxi business service.

16. Vending Machine Business

There are lots of circuses, recreation center, amusement park and social gathering areas in Italy, hence starting a vending machine business where soda or toy lovers will easily go to pick up one isn’t a bad idea.

This business requires little investment capital to buy vending machines, soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi and the likes, toys of different colours and categories, etc.

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While this business has several niches, it’s important to understand your target audience before you capitalize on a particular niche. A soda vending machine will do in an amusement park, so don’t go for the toy machine.

17. Coffee Café Business

Coffee café business is another small – scale business idea that a budding entrepreneur can start using a mobile shop or run in any corner of a lousy street without spending much.

The Coffee café or Coffee shop can be situated in any part of Italy so far people live or work there. Most importantly, if you will be running a mobile coffee business, you have the luxury of touching any place without restriction.

18. Video Game Lounge

If you like keeping young adults, children and even older folks happy and busy, the you should consider starting a video game lounge in the Italian Republic.

A video game business is one of the simplest and easiest small business ventures to start. In fact, people go to the gaming centers for several other reasons other than playing simulation games.

Some visit the game lounge to buy simulation game software, some go to rent the latest game cartridges that they can’t afford and more.

So if you will be capitalizing on this business, do your home work well and ensure you find a suitable location where your target audience reside the most.

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19. Gelato and Italian Ice Store

Similarly, the Italian ice and gelato store is another small scale business that you can start in Italy with little investment capital and no technical skills.

Gelato and Italian ice lounge

To make it big in this Italian ice business, look for a perfect location with enormous human as well as vehicular traffic to set up your business.

Also, endeavor to have several Italian ice flavours and ice dessert in your care, with this, it wouldn’t take time before you see people trooping to gelato shop to make purchase.

20. Bicycle Dealership and Repair

If you have some skills on bicycle dealership and repair and you really care to become your own boss, then you can establish a side hustle doing this business.

If, however, you don’t have any skills or experience on bicycle dealership and repair but would love to start this business, then you can enroll in bicycle repair training and you can also watch YouTube tutorials.

Plus, you should get yourself a good location, comprehensive tool box and get yourself an easy access to bicycle spare parts and develop a very good customer care skill.

What’s more, if your bicycle repair shop is situated in an area where there’s enormous human and vehicular traffic, and you can house different sizes, types and brands of bicycles in your care, your chance to be successful in due time is very bright.

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There’s more to starting a profitable business in the Italian Republic to having lucrative business ideas and opportunities. If you cannot be consistent and take risk, the business might not get to the promise land.

So make sure to couple persistence and consistency with the aforementioned small business opportunities in Italy, only will you be established a solid free flow of income.

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