16 Profitable Travel Business Ideas and Opportunities for 2021

Travel business ideas
Touring the world

Do you love traveling and needs profitable travel business ideas and opportunities you can explore? Are you in need of business or businesses that allows you to travel? If yes, ride on!

Well, starting any kind of business doesn’t necessarily mean you stay in one place – even the so call brick and mortar retail store allows traveling.

So there are numerous businesses out there that you can capitalize on to take you places across the world. So put on your entrepreneurial suit and follow me on this voyage now.

Before then, be enlightened that there is a line of demarcation between traveling and having a business establishment. However, you can combine the two to establish a free flow of income.

How to start a travel business

Whatever the type of travel business idea and opportunity you’ll pick in the to-be discussed list below, you’ll definitely need guidance on how to start any of them.

Hence, it’s safer to say every travel business ideas needs a simple step-by-step approach which will be highlighted below.

Create your travel business plan.

The importance of writing a business plan for every new business lies in its future success. So create an effective travel business plan if you want your new venture to see the light of the day.

Market survey

Every single travel business idea requires a feasibility study. Even if you are taking the business internationally, doing a market analysis will let you know what is ahead of you in the business.

Get a brand

That you’re starting a travel business doesn’t mean you don’t need a brand. So it’s important you create a unique brand for your new business adventure.

Do all the paperwork

Save yourself the strength of dealing with the law over unregistered business or lack of license to operate. As such, it’s expected of you to do all the legal work involves in starting a new business venture.

Source for fund

If you have an intensive capital on ground to start your travel business, then good luck. But if not, you need to source for fund from investors, traditional lenders, banks, etc.

Choose your location

If you have all the above discussed ready, now is the perfect time to decide on which town or city or county to open or start that your dream travel business.

Launch your new business.

At this stage, there’s nothing more than to kick start the business and let everything be up and running.

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Business ideas for travel lovers

One of the evergreen industries on the planet is the travel industry. This business realm is like a pure gold with many industries to explore. That is to say, there are many business opportunities in the travel business world.

Informatively, the travel sector can be grouped into two main segments; international and domestic trips. Thus, tourism, exploration, fun and the likes make the industry bubble!

1. Travel agency.

Talking about profitable travel business ideas, the first business opportunity to come to mind is the travel agency. But to capitalize on this, you need to be a veteran traveller yourself.

Although this travel business sector is saturated already, but you can still make your way if your business instinct and entrepreneurial zeal are second to none.

Also, this travel business idea requires honest and insightful advice for it to thrive well. After all, your job is to help travelers plan their trips and vacations.

So if you’ll be starting this business, make sure you’re well acquainted with any city or country you’ll be advising your clients to visit. You need to earn their trust!

2. Traveling personal assistant.

Although there are many travel business ideas out there, but being a traveling personal assistant means more than a business. It needs passion too.

This business opportunity for travel lovers doesn’t require any investment capital to begin with. It is a business that work with intellect.

That is to say, many celebrities and prominent figures out there needs a personal assistant to run errands for them both domestic and internationally.

Besides, most celebrities or politicians do take their personal assistants with them whenever they are going on tour, traveling for official meetings or events cross countries, etc.

So if you’re very smart, have a great management skill, cool and very organised, you can open a personal assistant agency where people will be coming over to book for your service.

3. House teacher.

Teaching can be very interesting and full of fun for those that finds it so. Thus, If you derive pleasure in impacting knowledge to others, why not establish an end meats there?

Teaching and traveling are two separate entities that can become one. If you love adventure as much as you love teaching, you can venture into house teaching.

This can be best done by going to the near by town or city where you know they need your expertise. Of course, it requires some kind of research.

But whatever the kind of stress you go through, you’ll realize it worth it at the end of the day. There’s always light they say, at the end of every tunnel.

4. Cab/ Taxi business.

If you stay in a country or town that has tourist attraction centers, cab/taxi agency is one of the travel business ideas that comes with enormous profits.

You can start a taxi agency with three to four vehicles where you give them out to interested fellows on an agreed terms of payment between you and them.

But you should know that your travel agency can one see the limelight after you must have done all the processes discussed on “how to start a travel business” above.

You can equally do this travel business idea as a lone work if you have only a single cab. Travelers that are on holiday will need a cab to take them places and that’s where you make your own ends meat too.

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5. Real estate

Don’t be surprised that real estate is listed as one of the profitable travel business ideas and opportunities. This business is in fact one of the most lucrative in this industry.

Equally, there are numerous multinational companies, staff and foreigners (settlers) out there and as such, there’s always need for shelter.

Not everyone can afford a hotel and not everyone can stay up in a hotel with families for months and as such, they’ll need to rent an apartment from realtors.

So if you have a very fine and conducive apartment that you don’t occupy, why don’t you put it up for rent now to give yourself a financial freedom?

6. Travel blogger.

Do you have passion for writing and clicking the shutter? Do you like giving traveling tips and recommendations? If your writing skills are exceptional, you can start a travel blog and make money out of it.

Not every travel business idea can lead you across the world but with blogging, you can explore the universe with your helpful guides and information about town and cities.

However, it’s very important you understand that blogging is not an easy task; it’s difficult and time consuming.

You don’t make money immediately you start blogging but when you start earning, it’s sweet!

7. Travel Vlogger.

This business idea is similar to the above concept ‘travel blogger’. But here, you don’t need to be a writer before you can start it.
With a nice camera, you’re good to go…!

Vlogging is lucrative and profitable too and a travel vlogger only needs the YouTube channel to unravel his potential as he’ll be creating YouTube videos about exploring the world.

8. Online coaching

Online coaching is one of the not-too-common online and home based travel business ideas that comes with lots of money.

If you are very good in a particular field or profession; say coding or programming, you can organize an online tutorial class where you’ll be teaching people how to code for money.

This means, your coaching class business involves every living soul around the world that has interest in the service you’re offering.

You can create a website for this purpose and you can equally use any social media platforms that suit you the most to execute your online teaching plan.

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9. Social media influencer.

There many more things to do on the social media platforms than chit chatting, posting cat videos, exchanging pictures, uploading statuses, etc.

If you have an encouraging fan base following you on the social media platforms, you can convert such into a money making business by becoming a social media influencer.

As a social media influencer, you’ll be open to work with any legitimate company or brand of the world on certain terms that’ll establish you a steady financial stream.

To do this, you help companies sponsor and promote their products for a token. Sometimes, influencer are being paid by certain percent on each lead they generated.

What’s more, there are some brands and companies that’ll even sponsor their social media influencers abroad to attend meetings, events or to explore in commemoration to their brand.

10. Personal Trainer.

There are no much experience and qualified personal trainer out there and as such, people don’t care inviting an expert outside their jurisdiction over to help them train.

So if you are an experience yoga instructor with lots of commendations on your CV, you can start creating awareness of your service to people outside your state.

If you are very serious about it, people will definitely reach out to you with a (sum) tempting offers capable of giving you an everlasting financial freedom.

11. Photography business.

Handling the camera is a great thing for those that have passion for it. So if you need a profitable and lucrative travel business idea, photography business should be on your list.

As a photographer, you could travel round the world as you wanted and capture the beautiful scenes and sceneries with your Nikon camera.

These pictures you take while exploring the world can be sold to media houses for publications or documentaries or as art.

Equally, as a travel photographer, you can diversify a bit into wedding photographer. Reason being that people do weddings almost every day and they always need a skilled photographer to click the shutter in their destination wedding.

12. Disc Jockeying

DJing is no doubt one of the travel business ideas that comes with lots of fun and money. You’ll agree with me on this that top Djs out there are making millions of dollars from tours.

If you are too good in Disc Jockeying, artist will take you round the world to perform along side them on stage. And of course, it comes with money and other luxuries.

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13. Public speaker.

Are you an inspirational speaker or a motivational speaker? Whatever your expertise is in public speaking, you can take it to the wider world.

So as public speaker, if you are good and full or inspirations, people can invite you from any part of the world to give back prep talk or speech in consideration for money.

Other than that, as a public speaker, you can record your motivational speeches into CDs and sell them, record and put them on YouTube, write a book, etc.

Whatever the way, you stand the chance to travel far and near with this intellect business opportunity of yours.

14. Traveling event planner.

Traveling event planners are responsible for planning corporate and professional events, ceremonies and meetings. This business opportunity is one of the travel business ideas that requires a little capital for a start.

Usually, they plan and arrange accommodation, catering down to the selection of the event venue or location.

So if your organizational, networking and managerial skills are exceptional, you could explore and travel around the world with this business idea.

15. Translator.

Do you speak and understand multiple languages? If yes, venturing into a translation business could be an amazing opportunity for you to see the wider world.

A translators help domestic and international companies in translating words for globe trotting executives. Such is one of the travel business ideas that are easy to establish a steady income.

Every industry and business sector need the services of one or two translators now for them to cope with foreign investors or business partners.

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End Note!

There are many business ideas and opportunities out there that are waiting for people to explore them. There’s nothing like shortage of business opportunities.

So if you love adventure and want to make a business out of such hubbies, you will by now make up your mind on which business to go for.

That is to say, the above opportunities are travel business ideas for beginners that requires less capital investment.

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