Best Vocational Skills And Training To Acquire In Nigeria In 2021

Vocational skills and training
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Research shows that more than 70 million young and able Africans are jobless, so acquisition of vocational skills and training is an important step toward making entrepreneurship great in Africa.

Vocational skills acquisition in Nigeria has become an household trend that everyone is venture. Thanks to the non-chanlant attitude of our government in providing employments opportunities.

Most prominent and successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria all started by taking a bold step to acquiring certain vocational skills and training, they don’t become what they are today over night.

The bitter truth is that, most young millionaires in Nigeria today are what they are now through vocational skills. Hence, they’re are numerous vocational skills to learn out there that can make you into something.

Types of Vocational skills in Nigeria

There are different types of vocational skills list in Nigeria depending on the industry and sector in question. However, all the available types of vocational skills in Nigeria can be classified into:

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  • Formal Skills Acquisition

This type of vocational skills and training requires the applicant or apprentice to be literate. That is, the person must be able to read and write.

Reason is, the necessary skill set to be learned are purely Western and as such, regards must be given to that. Example include; graphic designing, Film production and editing, consulting business, among others.

  • Informal skill acquisition

Here, the apprentice doesn’t have to be versed in Western education. In fact, this type of skill acquisition doesn’t require reading or writing, all it takes to learn them is focus and determination. Examples are; Make up artiste, hair stylist, barbing saloon, event planning etc.

Similarly, as a Nigerian, acquiring vocational skills and training will aid you as an employed individual in the midst of millions of youths and graduates that are unemployed presently in Nigeria.

As such, this article will provide you with the top list of vocational skills in Nigeria that are worthwhile.

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11 Best Vocational Skills To Learn In Nigeria

This post will however list some top and highly patronise vocational skills and training that you can undergo in Nigeria to become your own boss. In case you need a guide on how to write an executive summary, kindly go here.

1. Fashion Designing

One of the industries that will keep prospering and soaring higher till the end of time is the fashion industry; so why don’t you acquire the necessary skills needed to become a good designer?

List of vocational skills in Nigeria

Fashion designing is more than a vocational training; it is a glamorous career that comes with lots of beauties and opportunities. Perhaps; it’s one of the trending vocational skills for ladies these days.

If you take your time to acquire the necessary skills and training needed to become a fashion designer, chances are that you’ll end up sewing dressing for celebrities and top models across the country.

Without prejudice, I’ll say fashion designing is one of the best vocational skills to learn right now.

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2. Hair Styling

While there are numerous vocational skills to learn in Nigeria, becoming hair stylist will be a decision well made.

Also, to establish your own income and stay as your own boss, you can go into the beauty industry to acquire hair styling skills and training.

Hair stylist is in great demand in Nigeria these days, so if you can take your time to acquire the necessary skills, the sky will be your beginning in the entrepreneur world.

3. Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry is another lucrative and profitable vocational skill and training you can acquire in the Nigeria beauty industry.

Becoming an apprentice in a make up artist studio means you’ll be learning how to bring out the best in people by making them look more beautiful and appealing to the eyes.

What’s more, Forbes had labeled the makeup artistry under the auspices of beauty industry as the goldmine opportunity for self-made women.

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4. Event Planning

The rate at which people celebrates one event to the other in Nigeria can never be overemphasised.

Ranging from weddings, birthday party, child naming down to house warming.

List of vocational skills in Nigeria

Hence, acquiring vocational skills and training as an event planner means you’ll be planning, managing and supervising events as they unfold.

Essence, one of the beauties of acquiring vocational skills and training as an event planner is that you’ll be able to know more about catering, baking, managing resources & personnel and more.

However, event planning job is rewarding and lucrative, yet it has been rated as one of the most heinous jobs in the world.

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5. Electrical Repairs

If you are the type that enjoy repairing basic electrical appliances at home, in your neighborhood, in school, etc., acquiring more in-depth skills and training in electrical repairs and installation isn’t a bad thing.

Types of vocational skills in Nigeria

Most importantly, electrical appliances are being used in almost every household, hence, making this skill acquisition one of the best vocational skills to learn in Nigeria.

6. Aluminum and Steel fabrication

The way Nigerian are building and constructing houses these days is amazing despite the economy situation of the country.

Hence, acquiring vocational training in the construction industry will help your financial stand at the end of the day.

Aluminum and Steel fabrication involve fabricating fascinating and appealing aluminum windows, doors, hand rails, roofing and others for newly built houses.

This job is profitable and ultra lucrative. In fact, this list of Vocational skills in Nigeria wouldn’t be completed without mentioning this skill set.

If you like, you can base your training mainly on windows and doors fabrication and if it pleases you, you can major in aluminum roofing, too.

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7. Automobile Engineer

Automobile engineer or mechanic as they are fondly called. Acquiring the necessary training to become an automobile engineering will be a decision well made.

Automobile industry is one of the few industries that can’t do without welcoming a client who’ll come for business or repair a day.

Vocational skills in Nigeria

While there are countless list of Vocational skills, this industry is rewarding and it comes with a lot of options too.

If you like, you can venture into car repairs, heavy truck repairs or specialize in certain model of car repair. E.g you may become a Toyota Corolla expert and still makes enough money at the end of the month.

8. Vulcanizer

Another vocational skill to learn in Nigeria right now is vulcanizer. As ridiculed as this business is, people are building houses through it, trust me.

All you need to do to succeed is to learn the skill and set up your workshop near a motor park or in a commercial environment.

9. Graphic design

Graphic designing is one of the vocational skills for students. This skill set is very lucrative in this digital world. If you are able to acquire all the needed skills, you’ll definitely be financially free.

In fact, this skill set is very lucrative as you can be making money through it from the comfort of your home. For more vocational training and home based business ideas, kindly go here.

10. Upholstery Work

People that work in this industry are often called Shoe Cobbler or Shoe maker here in Nigeria and of course; they can make good shoes if you pay them handsomely.

You can learn this trade, set goals and become one of the go-to entrepreneurs in Nigeria within few years. This is one of the best skills to acquire in Nigeria.

11. Carpentry Work

Worthy of mentioning is carpentry work, it’s another great skill to acquire in Nigeria if you really plan to be financially stable.

Vocational skills to learn in Nigeria


One of the best ways to tackle the huge unemployment rate in Nigeria is by acquiring different vocational skills and training to help reduce the weight off the government head.

Having a formal education alone in Nigeria is not enough these days as going to school doesn’t guarantee success. That is to say, acquisition of vocational skills in Nigeria should be made compulsory by our government.

While nobody is talking about it, complimenting your study with vocational skills and training is the best bet now. Take notice, please!

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